How to unlock all the Illumina Pokemon

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Native plants called cristablums grow in the Lenthal. These powerful plants give some Pokémon a glow, and we call these Pokémon Illumina. These are more or less the end bosses of this game that mark important points in the story. You’re releasing the first one pretty early, but what about the rest? Find out how to unlock all Illumina Pokémon in the New Pokemon Snap game.

Illumina Pokémon are essentially progress markers in New Pokemon Snap. If you don’t want spoilers, we suggest you leave this page and play the game to unlock them yourself. Inevitably, you’ll unlock all of Illuminate’s Pokémon just by playing the game.

How to unlock all Illumina Pokémon in the new Pokemon Snap

  • Meganium
  • Volcorona
  • Vishiwashi
  • Milotic
  • Steelix
  • Aurus


Megane is the first Enlightened Pokémon you’ll meet. If you haven’t unlocked this game yet, you should start playing because you will get it after the first level. Reach exploration level 2 in Florio Night Park and unlock Illumina Orbs to get an Illumina Spot with Meganium.


To unlock Volcorona, you must unlock the Founja Jungle and defeat the Jungle (Day) and Jungle (Night). If you complete these levels, you will unlock two paths to Voluca and Maricopia. The Illumina Voluca Pokémon is Volkorona, as its name suggests. To obtain Volkoron, complete the Melting Sandys Day and Night quest to unlock the Fire River Volcano. Reach level 2 of the Volcano River of Fire exploration and you’ll unlock Volkorona.

At the end of the volcano area on exploration level 2, you need to take another path and search through some ruins to discover a deep cavern that extends beyond the arch. You will then have access to Illumina Spot. To get a good shot, hit Volkoron with a fluffer until the fire armor disappears.


Another way to get out of the Fuji jungle is to go to Maricopia. Complete the day and night sections of Blushing Beach and bring them up to exploration level 2 to unlock Maricopia Reef. Complete Reef Day and advance to Study Level 2. At the end of the Reed Day area, an alternative route leads to a large blue hole in the water. Once this site is discovered, the Lentala seabed will be exposed.

Complete an underwater level and make it to exploration level 2. If you have a picture of Lupus, you will find the claw at the end of the level. Throw a life sphere at him to activate the claw of the claw, which opens a new route. Choose a different route and take the track to unlock the Illumina and Wishiwashi levels. You need a picture of Vishiwashi in his school uniform to get through the story.


After passing Volkaron and Vishivashi, you will enter the Elsrua forest, an area north of the Funge jungle. Complete this area and bring it up to exploration level 2 to unlock the Illumina spot. In this area, you’ll unlock the Milotic Illumina Pokémon. Hit it with apples to take a picture as it rises above the water.


The next level, Steelix, is unlocked after reaching research level 2 in all other levels. You will then have access to the snowfields of Shiver. Fill the snowfield by day and night and take them to exploration level 2 to unlock the escape cave. Complete the cave and go to exploration level 2 to unlock the Illumina place with Stilix. Keep throwing balls at Stalix and keep scanning the area until you finally get a good shot.


When you finally have a picture of Stalix, RUins of Remembrance is unlocked. Complete the ruin and take it to exploration level 2 to unlock the final Illumina square. To make the statue glow, you have to hit all the crystal blocks with your balls. You have to throw balls at Eldegoss and Golurk to get them out of the way. Light up all the crystal blocks at the end of the level to reach the final level. We won’t tell you what the newest Pokémon is, but here’s how to unlock all the Pokémon in Illumina in New Pokemon Snap!

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