Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

With so many quality games, it can be a needle in a haystack to find the right one. Game Pass gives you access to some of the craziest games out there, and we’re here to give them all a try! We already know you’ve played legendary games like GTA, Witcher, Halo, etc. In this article, we’ve focused on some of the best games for Xbox Gamepass that you may have missed. This list of the best games to play with Xbox Gamepass 2021 includes a variety of games from all kinds of genres to activate your gamer mode.

The best single Xbox Gamepass games of all genres

Here’s a list of the top 10 Xbox Gamepass games of 2021. A swipe at the weekend killers.

10. Ark: Survival Evolved (Action/Adventure/Shooter)

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

Ark is a survival game in which you must survive hungry dinosaurs. Plus, they are joined by their other prehistoric friends who want to devour you. It is an open world game with a third person perspective. The theme gives you access to some old school weapons like darts, Calm, blunt weapons, etc. Players can also form tribes with other players in the game. Overall, the game forces you to fight to survive.

9. Rush: A DisneyPixar/Family & Kids Adventure

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

Something for all our little kids who need family content is Rush. Everyone from kids to adults will want to keep playing, because let’s face it, we’re all becoming Disney characters. The game offers many puzzles, challenges and the opportunity to play as our favorite Disney characters. What else do you need? The game begins with the creation of a child character and takes you to a Pixar theme park divided into six worlds: The Incredibles, Toy Story, Cars, Finding Dory, Up and Ratatouille.

8. Fe (platform)

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

Fe is an adventure game that takes you on a fascinating journey through the northern forests where everything is alive. Players take the role of a fox and protect the forest from the Silent Ones. The character can sing differently depending on the creatures, flora and fauna of the forest. The game’s hypnotic soundtracks and landscapes make for a beautiful game in which you can easily lose yourself. The developers point out that everything in this world is connected, and they wanted to emphasize that in the game.

7. Mass Effect (Sci-fi shooter)

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

The Mass Effect series is a third-person shooter set in the year 2148. Playing as Commander Shepard, who you can customize yourself, you travel through the galaxies to discover new species. Some form an alliance, others become enemies. There are 6 character classes to choose from and they have a branching story. The game reveals the concept of betrayal, hope and determination with each discovery and revelation. Note that this game is not suitable for children because it contains a large amount of romantic content.

6. Mirror’s Edge (Action Platformer)

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

This first-person shooter is set in the near-futuristic city of Glass. You play as Faith Connors, who is an independent parkour courier. The game revolves around your character discovering the murder and false accusation of the victim’s sister. Faith traverses the city to help her sister and the rebels against the government. Swinging is a very important part of the game, as there are several stunts in the game, such as jumping on rooftops, using lightning to move from one building to another, and fast running steps. The aesthetics of the game are intriguing, and the game has a concept called Runner Vision. This feature changes the color of objects to red as they get closer, to help the player find their way.

5. Evil Within (Survival Horror)

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

The Evil Within series is a third-person shooter set in a dark and nightmarish atmosphere. The scent of fear hangs over the screens as our hero Sebastian Castellanos treads dangerous paths. The game offers visuals that will haunt you for a long time, morphs with deformed bodies that surprise you. The game requires players to use their environment to survive. You have access to various weapons and must stay out of traps during the game. The game also features several third-party mini-games, which puts it at number five in our list of the best games for Xbox Gamepass 2021.

4. Horizon Forza (racing)

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

This open world game is a car enthusiast’s dream. The game is simple, just win the race. If you don’t want to get involved, you can drive along the beautiful roads of fictional Britain. The game focuses a lot on the environment, which changes according to the season. Our favorite season is winter. Home to over 700 licensed cars, Forza is a car enthusiast’s paradise. The game is simple and compelling, and entertaining in its true form. A special mention for the game’s music, which is very cool.

3. Sea of Thieves (Action-Adventure)

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

Sea of Thieves is a first-person multiplayer video game that offers a complete pirate experience. It is an open world at sea, and players take on the role of a pirate who embarks on a journey to become the ultimate pirate legend. Players interact with each other in the game by completing quests, launching attacks, obtaining loot, and forming alliances. The game is a beautiful cinematic world that makes you feel like you are immersed in this world and you can almost feel the ocean breeze blowing in your face. The game is like a breath of fresh air and the scouting is relentless. With the Krakens in search of the hidden treasure, do you feel like Jack Sparrow?

2. Super Hot: Clear Mind Control (Sagittarius)

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

Superhot is a first-person shooter that started out as a prototype browser game, but has since grown considerably in the market. The game is minimalistic with gameplay that has only shades of white, black and red to keep you focused. Super hot work on time factors. The player is attacked by bullets and weapons, and time runs in slow motion until the player starts moving. As soon as the player starts moving, everything returns to normal. This allows you to assess and avoid attacks. The player receives a ball and must start the level from the beginning. The game has also released a virtual reality version which multiplies the experience of this game many times. This is definitely one of our favorite games on Xbox Gamepass 2021.

1. Genesis Black (Action-Adventure)

Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

How far would you go for love? Could you, time, prevent energy from killing the mass of the universe? His character, Nobody, does it metaphorically in the style of a cop. This game is a masterpiece in itself, and the storyline will make you feel something new at every step. We won’t give any spoilers about whether or not No Man creates a universe, but you’re really experiencing the game, not just playing it. A dark and brooding atmosphere with an absent love interest is balanced by the process of the creation of the universe and the Big Bang. This game is a personal favorite, and words cannot describe how well this black and white game can express itself.

So that was it for our list of the best games to play with Xbox Gamepass 2021. If you’re wondering which puzzle games to play, check out our list of the best puzzle games.

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