HITMAN’s greatest missed opportunity – the Handler

Hitman4 is Hitman's biggest missed opportunity - Handler.

I love the very simple stories and characters in Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2. It is mysterious, elegant and suggests that there is enough action behind the curtains to guess. There are about 3 real characters in these games, two of which are 47 and Diana. Their connection is something like the emotional core of the story.

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So I don’t understand why the developers didn’t translate that into gameplay through mission plots. At first, I played the game with the highest level of difficulty because I really wanted to work with the mechanics and tried to get some smart shots. But the fact that the objectives of the mission were incoherent completely ruined it. Because I always feel that these mission goals – especially for newcomers – are the most fun and exciting ways to play. The problem is that the objectives to reach the end of the mission are sometimes a bit confusing and cannot be understood without a HUD.

A very simple solution would be to have your manager, Diane, respond to your earpiece to suggest how to continue each mission story instead of just showing you the destination. So instead of hearing you say that Helmut Krueger seems to be 47 years old and suddenly the lens tells you to intercept it, Diane can tell you to look at the lens and tell you where to look for it. You’ll get a clue from her (maybe by introducing the mechanic to each mission where you do a side mission to give Diana access to some files, so she can give you more detailed clues about the mission stories) and you’ll have to figure out how to complete the mission story.

I thought it was a little weird, because it would have been:

  • has allowed me to make a difficult first breakthrough without being aware of previous breakthroughs;
  • Diana the handler is integrated into the gameplay (instead of just 5 lines in each mission);
  • combines gameplay and character development and shows us how well 47 and Diana work together;
  • It is no longer necessary to translate mission stories into glorified goalkeepers, which goes against what I think makes these games so interesting;
  • Removing mission parcels somehow negates the free style of the game and leads above all to the series of tasks to be performed;
  • Make mission stories more like achievements (such as players who have yet to solve), rather than being a simpler, pre-determined way to kill.

What do you think? I’m sure I’m not the first to feel that way.

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