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In 2018 SYNTHETIC : Legion Rising was broadcast on PC Cult Conquest after overtime. A nice little cooperative game, developed by a small but talented independent team. Today, two years later, it has found its way to the consoles, but with missing content that could be a disruptive factor for some.

Assassin is my favorite because it’s a hide-and-seek.

SYNTHETIC: Ultimate is a double hardcore shooting game with some deceptive elements to keep things interesting. The restart is completely manual. Weapons can jam, too. It is a difficult and challenging experience that is always entertaining after several passages. In addition, stopping at the moment of aiming improves accuracy and facilitates the alignment of the shots. He is more tactical than other two-stick shooters, but remains fast and chaotic as the action unfolds.

Playing on the Switch was a fairly positive experience, except for a few drops and a text that was difficult to read on the small screen. I also find the game a little uncomfortable on regular Joy-Cons, especially when it comes to refining the goal. I strongly recommend the use of the Pro Controller or other Joy-Cons. Unfortunately, the consoles lack an important feature that the PC version has: Collaborate online with three other players. It was an important part of the game in the PC version, and the fact that it is not there is incredibly disappointing. Fortunately, most of them are SYNTHETIC: At the end of the day it’s always fun to play alone.

That’s probably the most amazing thing about the SYNTHETICS: The final point is the diversity of the game. From a good dozen classes with their own power-ups and playing styles, to a simple blaze that fits the standard two-stick shooting game approach that many will undoubtedly enjoy. And then there is the Assassin, whose game is more about attracting enemies and systematically eliminating them, equipped with a stealth device to help him out of trouble. There’s something for everyone here and for the SYNTHETICS: Ultimate does a great job by integrating different playing styles.

Stopping and starting the SYNTHETIC game is fun.

And then there are the guns, which make the Borderlands look like amateurs in their diversity. Here you will find the basic weapon classes, from pistols to SMGs, assault rifles, shotguns and much more. Most weapons in this category have a fair amount of different sensations and actions. In addition, there are random role options that radically change the feel of the weapon. It is quite possible that you never see the same weapon twice with the SYNTHETIC: I mean, come on. I’m impressed with everything here.

Graphically, the Switch version supports the PC version. It is not the most technically demanding game with simple graphics that make the action easy to see even in the most chaotic moments. There are some image drops here and there, but nothing is too drastic and still playable. The sound design is also pretty good, with a synthesizer soundtrack that never gets boring.

Aim for the head.

SYNTHETIC: Ultimate is a fun and fast two-finger shooting game with varied gameplay that will keep you busy for hours. While the Switch version lags behind the PC version with missing functions and some minor technical problems. This is another fully functional version that I recommend if you want to have fun in a chaotic solo.

Apart from a few minor textual annoyances, the Switch version seems solid. Fast, tactical, and a lot of fun.
The superb synthesizer-inspired soundtrack drives the action smoothly. It is the same synthetic game that PC gamers have come to love, but the lack of cooperative mode makes it a difficult game to recommend.

SYNTHETIC: Ultimate is now available on PC and Switch.

Copy of SYNTHETIC : The final version was provided by the publisher.


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