Every Bow & Greatbow, Ranked –

Dark Souls 3 offers a wide range of combat options, but the longest is the highly skilled bow.

The use of arches requires good timing and the search for maximum efficiency. Some players even take on the challenge of running with a simple bow!

Whether you’re on your way to becoming Robin Hood or you’ve just made your choice, you’ll find all the bows and big bows in the game, ranked from worst to best!

10. Black Month Rainbow

Black Month Rainbow Dark Souls 3

When I first saw this bow, I was very excited.

The idea of using Gwyndolin’s bow with the new DS3 weapon got me thinking about the possibilities they gave it as a weapon in the last episode.

Unfortunately, this is a waste of potential.

In addition, the damage is considered the worst of all arches, its unique arrows are too expensive, and it has scale intelligence – which means you would use it on a model that has access to a wide range of options, such as soul arrows and spears, among others.

Considering all that, I really don’t understand why you chose that gun, and that’s why it’s in the bottom of our front trunk.

Where’d you get that? The conversion of Aldrich’s soul.

9. Long arc

Longbow or Dark Souls 3

The next step is a long bow before the start of the game.

The longbow is one of the first bows you can get your hands on, it’s actually quite strong, although it’s disappointing in the middle of the game.

But it can’t go wrong in the beginning!

It has decent damage, good range and lots of good cheap shooting possibilities.

Where’d you get that? Found at the end of the path to the right of the first campfire on the high wall of Lotrica.

8. Short arc

Screenshot of Dark Souls 3

Another option for the early game, a short bow is generally preferable to a long bow.

This is due to his fast attacks – special movements exclusive to smaller arches that can be woven between throws and reversals to keep the DPS light on his feet.

That’s why it’s also very popular in PvP, although the best options are usually only available in the middle or at the end of the game.

Where’d you get that? Material for the thief, or bought from Greirath after his return from the Undead colony.

7. White birch boat

White Birch Arch of the Dark Souls 3

The White Birch Arch, one of the arches in the City of Rings DLC, has the same fast attacks as the Short Arch, but requires the highest Dex.

This is not a problem because it is probably the last arc you will encounter in your first match, but because of this it will not be used much for NG+ at best.

The unique ability to shoot invisible arrows is cool in the idea of shooting an almost invisible arrow, but has little use in reality.

It also has great damage, a good dex scale, and is a good choice for players who want to stay fast when they do damage!

Where’d you get that? In the annular swamp of the city, dug by the monks from the hill on the left.

6. Dragonfly Arch

Dragonfly Slayer of the Great Bow Dark Souls 3

Players in the original Dark Souls will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder by watching this film.

The Dragonfly Great Bow is the first of these grandiose arches and despite its enormous size actually has more elongation in Dex than in Power.

It has incredible damage and a penetrating ability that will shatter enemy lines, as well as the inherent satisfaction of seeing your opponents lay!

Where’d you get that? Taken from a corpse in Irithill, home of the Silver Knights, who use the bow.

5. One-piece arches on man size

A grand arch of Dark Souls 3

Another great arch, the monolayer has the longest range of any arch in the game!

But in exchange, it’s a majestic arch that does the least damage.

However, the lowest majestic arch is still quite high, and it has the same incredible penetrating power as the dragon slayer, as well as a fantastic B scale in dex to hit!

Where’d you get that? In the desecrated capital, on an arch over a broken bridge.

4. Dragon Arch

Dark Souls Dragon Rider Bow 3

The Dragon Rider’s Bow is a fantastic choice, and frankly, you can sit comfortably in the first place.

But sometimes it’s a little weird.

It is the best non-grabber in the game at a 40/40 strength-to-weight ratio. This makes him an excellent option for most close combat.

But because it is a long bow, it lacks the excellent fast attacking tail that makes it very useful in PvP.

It is also heavy enough for a bow, and has been improved with titanite weights that may be difficult to obtain before the end of the race.

Where’d you get that? Found in a burning lake, halfway down the stairs to ballista.

3. Composite sheet

Screenshot of 3 arches of Dark Souls together

The composite bow is the most common choice for PvP duels.

It’s a fast attack bow, which makes it amazing to divide and punish enemy attacks, and the scale in Strength and Dex means it fits perfectly into any quality melee construction.

It takes some skill to use a bow tie exclusively, so it is best to use it freelance or in exchange.

For constructions with only an arch, the composite arch can be considered the ultimate target for fast battles, just like the dragon’s arch for encounters at greater distances.

Where’d you get that? Sold by a young girl from the Firelink shrine after she got the ashes of a dreamer.

2. Large-leaved wood

Sawn timber in large slabs Dark souls 3

The windmill is one of the most emblematic arches in the whole game.

And not for nothing! It is a basic element for carrying out long-term invasions and one-off shenanigans.

This is due to the ability to pierce the ground, causing your next arrow to explode after a short delay.

This leads to pointless damage, which is amplified by the formidable A-force scale.

But because it has the shortest range of all arches, it must be used in combination with a falcon ring if you plan to use it remotely.

Where’d you get that? In the painted world of the DLC, to the left of the ruins, outside the destroyed tower.

1. Black Pharisee Arch

Pharisees with the black bow of dark souls 3

Faris, the favourite of the original Dark Souls fans, is just as impressive this time!

It has the longest range of all dexes thanks to the B graduation, which does not do much damage.

He’s at the top of our list because he can attack his enemies from a distance and take them out with a few shots!

Although it’s a long bow, it can also be used at close range thanks to its ability to fire three shots, making it a kind of onion rifle against punctual enemies!

Where’d you get that? Planted by one of Groo’s three elders in Farron’s dungeon, standing in a circle around the poisoned gemstone.

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