How to use Hexes in Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, the killer has a few tools at his disposal to hunt, track, attack and ultimately sacrifice the survivors. One of these special tools is in the shape of a Hex. Using the land gives the killers an even greater advantage in preventing the survivors from escaping.

What does Hex do?

Hexes are a special kind of bonus that assassins can learn. These advantages are generally stronger than others because they can be challenged by survivors. The hexes rest on totems scattered throughout the map. One of these totems will be on fire, it is the totem of the hex and the source of your power. As long as this totem pole holds, your Hex is in play, with a few exceptions.

Six advantages

A benevolence to blood

When a survivor is hit by a primary attack, all pallets within 16 feet of the entity are held for 15 seconds and cannot be lowered by survivors.

Hex: Blood Favor has a cooling time of 60/50/40 seconds.

The hope of the devil

When a survivor is rescued by a hook at least 24 feet away, the Devil’s Hope receives a token.

2 pennies: Get 3/4/5% haste condition effect for 10 seconds after connecting a survivor.
3 tokens : Survivors suffer the effects of exposure.
5 tokens : Allows you to kill the survivors with your own hands.

Hex effects last as long as the corresponding hex exists.

Enchanting country

The two captured hexagonal totems will multiply in court. If any of the captured hex totems are cleared by a survivor, all survivors are suspended for 40/50/60 seconds.

The hexagonal totem pole that remains captured immediately becomes a silent totem pole.


Survivors receive a 2/4/6% penalty if they do not control their dexterity during healing or repair. Each time a survivor is hanged, the hunter’s cradle grows stronger and stronger. This affects the alerts on the healing and skill recovery checks:

  • 1 to 4 runners: Reduces the delay between the warning sound and the proficiency test.
  • Five chips: Warning tone No proficiency test.

Hex effects last as long as the corresponding hex totem exists.

Nobody walks away from death

Once the Exit Door is activated, this hexx is applied to a drill totem that remains on the map if present. See you, Hex: No one escapes death, survivors suffer the effects of exposure, and travel speed is increased by 2/3/4%.

Hex effects last as long as the corresponding hex totem exists.


Each survivor coming out of a nasty totem pole has the effect of forgetting 35/40/45 seconds. When you remove a hex totem, including this totem, the auras of all survivors are revealed for 10 seconds.


When a generator is not repaired by a survivor, it immediately and automatically drops to 100/150/200% of its normal regression rate. The destruction affects all the generators.

Hex effects last as long as the corresponding hex totem exists.

The third seal

If you make a survivor attack with a basic attack while the Totem Hex is active, the effect of the blindness condition is applied. This effect applies to the last 2/3/4 survivors affected.

Hex effects last as long as the corresponding hex totem exists.

The thrill of the hunt

For every pesky totem pole and totem pole square on the map, you get a token.

  • Earn 10% more blood points for Hunter class actions for each token.
  • The survival rate is reduced by 4/5/6% for each token.
  • Be warned if anyone starts working on a hexagonal totem pole.

Hex effects last as long as the corresponding hex totem exists.


See you, Hex: The immortal is active, survivors within 2 meters of a totem pole detect his aura for 4/5/6 seconds.

If another hex totem is cleared, that hex becomes an available blunt totem, with all counters lost.

Counter Hex Destroying a boring totem pole.

While hexes can cause major problems for survivors, they do not mean the death of those they affect. Hexes can be eliminated by destroying the hex totem. Once the hex totem is destroyed, the associated effect is cancelled. The only exception to this rule is the Hexagon, Immortal, which remains until all totems are destroyed.


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