PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Help you Win the Match

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Help you Win the Match

Since its launch, PUBG mobile has continued to be one of the most popular games around the world. Millions of players have been playing this game since 2018. According to a report, PUBG mobile is the most played battle royal game, beating others from the same genre. 

So, if you are playing PUBG mobile and willing to polish your skills, this article may be helpful to you. Some useful tips and tricks are mentioned here, which will help you get more chicken dinners and win every battle. 

Best PUBG mobile tips

All these tips are carefully collected from professional PUBG players. Since they have been playing for a long time, their suggestions can help any new or seasoned player.

Selective looting

As you move forward in this game, you have to be selective while looting. You can spend a lot of time picking items. Making quick decisions and grabbing the best things are absolutely important. Moreover, always keep moving while picking the items. 

If you stand still and collect all items one by one, you may get attacked. If you are looking in a risky area, always grab some weapons and protective shields first.

Ammo collection

At the beginning of the game, you should collect as much ammo as possible. But in later stages, managing your ammo can become difficult. You have to drop the extra ammo for making space in your bag. 

When you are dropping any extra ammo, do not forget to mark it so that anyone from your team can pick it up if needed. Other than that, always keep your guns fully loaded whenever you get time. It will save your time during battles.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Help you Win the Match

Sharing your items

Sharing in PUBG mobile is a must. As you are playing with a team, you should share your extra items with the team. This will make your team stronger. There is no point in collecting items and not using them. So, share your looted items with your team and help them to gain more power. This is one of the best pubg hacks to help you make an unbeatable team.

Best graphical setting

The best thing about PUBG mobile is, it works smoothly on mobiles and tabs. For the best experience, you have to set the graphics to their highest level. 90fps is the currently available height graphical setting. It will offer you smooth game play. The game works faster when using the maximum frame, and you get a quick response to your commands.

Quality headphones

PUBG mobile is not only about gunfights and graphics. You have to stay alert and use different fighting strategies to survive in this world. PUBG mobile has high-quality audio features. So, any movement made in this game becomes audible. That is why players need to be quiet and careful. 

When you have quality headphones, you can hear every footstep and vehicle movement coming towards you. You can also hear the gunshots fired near your location. These are more than enough to make a player aware of his surroundings. So, always use a set of good headphones while playing PUBG.

Voice commands

PUBG mobile has a pre-set list of voice commands that can help you communicate effectively with your teammates. You can easily access them and guide your team. With some commands, you can also drop a marker which is helpful for your other team members to locate a particular spot. 

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Help you Win the Match

Voice chats

Good communication with your teammates is important to win PUBG battles. Here comes the role of in-game voice chats. You can turn on the mic and chat with your team. But make sure that you are sitting in a quiet environment. 

Too much background noise can distract other players. There is also a compass on the top part of your screen for giving directions. So, you can share your plans and make new strategies with your teammates by using the voice chat feature.


These are some of the best tips and tricks that will help you win every match in PUBG mobile. Practicing the game and learning from your mistakes are the two most important things you must keep in mind. Never be disheartened after initial losses. You need to keep trying and use different strategies. Once you get a grip on PUBG mobile, you will become invincible. So, keep playing and do not forget to have fun.


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