Nintendo Direct November 2020 Leaks, Timing

Nintendo Direct November 2020 Leaks, Timing

Today, all players are excited about Nintendo Direct in November 2020 because some of the leaks can be found on the Internet. Recently, on the 28th. A Nintendo Direct Mini Session was held in October 2020, and players are now looking forward to a Nintendo Direct Mini Session next month.

Here you can find information about the leaks at Nintendo Direct in November 2020, the expected timeline, announcements and other details. Let’s follow up this information immediately.

Nintendo Direct November 2020 Leaks, Timing

Nintendo right November 2020 Leaks

As we all know, the maintenance of Nintendo Switches takes place before or after Nintendo Direct. Nintendo Direct is expected to be completed after maintenance in November 2020. The Nintendo Switch online service will be launched on the 3rd. November 2020 at 9:00 p.m.

According to the leaks, Nintendo Direct will be adopted in November. Players can expect a lot of announcements at the upcoming Nintendo Direct exhibition. The Nintendo Direct Mini Show also took place on 28 March. October 2020. During this showcase several announcements were made. We have provided their details below. Before announcing the release of Nintendo Direct Nivember 2020, you should check out the mini-show.

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Nintendo Direct Mini Stick 28. October 2020. Display

There are many announcements of new games for Nintendo Switch in this showcase. We have provided information about all the games announced below. You can find the full announcement here.

We need to be notified of all Nintendo Direct Mini announcements prior to the release of Nintendo Direct and the start of sales in November 2020.

  • CONTROL ULTIMATE EDITION (CLOUD VERSION) – This game is now available on the Nintendo Button. You can also try this game before buying the full version.
  • HITMAN 3 (CLOUD VERSION) – Enjoy this game on Nintendo Online in 2021. It has now been confirmed that it will be available to play Nintendo Switch via a cloud-based data streaming service.
  • NO MORE HEROES 1 & 2 – Now you can enjoy the two original games on the Nintendo Switch.
  • BRAVELY DEFAULT II – This great game is played on the 26th. February 2021 release for Nintendo Switch. Since the release date, all actors have been enthusiastic about this product.
  • PART TIME UFO – This great game was released by the developers of Kirby. You can now enjoy the game on the Nintendo Switch.
  • FOOLISH WARRIORS: AGE OF THE CALAMITY – A demonstration of this game is available in the online shop. You can now load it onto your Nintendo Switch. The data is also transferred by the main set.
  • MORE HEROES 3 : The new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch game. You can view the new game trailer on the official Nintendo YouTube Channel.

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These are complete announcements as part of the Nintendo Switch Mini showcase in October 2020. Players are now looking forward to the Nintendo Direct Showcase in November 2020. It has not even been confirmed whether or not it will take place in November. As the maintenance work progresses, the players expect this work to be dominated by this next showcase.

At the moment we don’t know exactly when this next showcase will take place. It will be updated after the window advertisement, if it exists.

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Don’t forget to give your opinion on the next Nintendo Direct exhibition in November 2020 in the Feedback section below. We’d like to hear your opinion on this.

Conclusion: Nintendo Direct November 2020

Finally, we hope that you have received full information about the data leak at Nintendo Direct in November 2020. So get ready for this event. If you have any questions or requests regarding this upcoming showcase, you can ask them to us in the comments section. We are here to help you clear up all your doubts and questions.

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