The Ultimate List (All Free) –

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

The building and purchasing items in TS4 are fantastic, but when you’ve built over 20 houses and decorated countless rooms, the most popular furniture can sometimes get a little repetitive.

Especially if you don’t like them all.

Something you might need? End of the table! Use them in the bedroom, living room, study, hallway, bathroom….

Wherever you use them, don’t always use the same thing! It’s getting older and older.

So to save you from the endless cycle of vanilla bullshit, we’ve created this list of other side tables that are custom made and look great wherever you put them.

10. End table for individuals with no history of asthma

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

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This small table is ideal for children’s rooms, offices and compact living spaces.

It may be small, but big things come in small packages!

There is both a drawer and a shelf, plenty of room to display and store your things here.

With two natural wood patterns and a modern white pattern, this table from CC Creator Wondymoon will fit into any design, whether rustic or modern.

9. Table without tip

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

Consult this CC

Doesn’t it hurt to have a place to organize your stuff, but also to display it? Well, now you can!

Go to the Lion 4 Sims jewelry table!

Perfect for a teenager’s room, there’s room for everything on this beautiful table.

It is also available in a wide range of bright and elegant colors, making it completely adaptable to any room.

Plus, white is great in spacious bathrooms because it provides a convenient place for all your toiletries, soap and shampoo or any other CC mess products you may have!

8. Threshold channel – end of table

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

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When I first saw these offices, I immediately thought how nice they would look in an office.

Then I started imagining them in teen or baby rooms, bathrooms …. and realized how versatile these storage cabinets really are!

With handy storage and a large display area at the top, these tables not only look good, but also offer convenience in almost any space imaginable.

The table is designed by Ung999 and is available in five different colours: three plain and two with a fun pattern on the front. Maybe also for those who want to spice up their space a bit.

7. Children’s Heart Chamber Table

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

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This adorable table in pastel colors is the perfect addition to a little girl’s room.

Small, but lots of storage space. This bedside table will certainly appeal to your children who love their newly decorated bedroom, but especially to those who love tidying up.

With cute hearts and four color options, this CC storage table from Severinka is one you’re sure to fall in love with.

6. Conclusion table of my test

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

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Contrary to what you may think, these beautiful side tables are definitely not for those still in school.

These tables are for any sim who finished writing, got an A+ for each, and now has a well-paying job that allows him to spend all his money on fancy tables.

With its modern glass top and classic wicker leg, this side table from SIMcredible! is a charming choice for both modern homes and those who like to live by the beach (ahem, anyone who lives on an island?!).

5. Super simple final scene

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

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This beautiful two-tiered table reminds me a bit of a lamppost made from a bag of little critters.

Since it’s already one of my favorite lights in the game, I just had to add this adorable counterpart!

This super simple side table from sjane4prez is available in 51 different models and offers plenty of space to display your stuff.

4. Kaden Final Table

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

Consult this CC

It’s no secret that wooden patterns are everywhere in the game. And it can be annoying if the table you need doesn’t match the colors of the rest of the room.

Well, with this charming little table (reminiscent of Tiny Living), you can choose between two natural woods or a modern and elegant white finish.

So if you don’t have this particular package, but you like this table, or if you just want a wider choice of colors, this 3 legged side table from SIMcredible! is worth the download.

3. Live Drop + Consoles

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

Consult this CC

Are you looking for something rustic and very expensive?

Well, your sim should be loaded, but look no further than this wooden canopy table from Gelina.

With its polished yet rough exterior, this side table is ideal in modern outdoor spaces, next to large windows or even on exposed brick walls.

Take a piece of nature in your penthouse at the height of the sky.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, this table also comes with a matching coffee table!

Now everything in your modern loft-style home can be rustic and elegant when presented in this amazing duo!

2. Christmas 2018 End of Table

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

Consult this CC

The creator of CC Wondymoon brings Christmas early with this beautiful addition to all your modern home decor needs.

The name says it all: This small, simple round table, with a glass lid, is a surface for all seasons.

And it can be the perfect table for any elegant living room, but it can also look cute in the corners of a hallway as a great show table.

1. Silicon end table

The Ultimate List (All Free) –

Consult this CC

I (like many others) find that there is a lack of round tables in The Sims 4. You’re welcome!

Everyone loves a small round table, right?

But this charming SS man is here to save the day. This round table by Wondymoon, with its modern and rustic look, will look perfect anywhere in your home.

Simple and practical, I dare say this beautiful side table will look best in the heart of your home – perhaps in the living room, as a shelf for your treasured family photos next to the sofa.

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