How Have Online Casino Games Evolved Since They Were First Created in 1994?

How Have Online Casino Games Evolved Since They Were First Created in 1994?

The technology that we use continues to develop, and this has been seen recently in the realm of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is now one of the most popular forms of gaming out there as the quality of games on our phones improves, and phones themselves have been made to make gaming easier in mind.
It is alleged that a small company headquartered in the Isle of Man and known as Microgaming were the first developers responsible for creating the software used for online casinos. This was created back in 1994. Since then, this software has been considered the foundation upon which other platforms could build their online casino websites and games. Since 1994 though, there has been an increased reliance on mobile gaming, and as such, this article will consider how that has affected the development of online casinos.

How Have Online Casino Games Evolved Since They Were First Created in 1994?

How the Online Gambling Industry Got the Dice Rolling

It’s hard to believe how far the industry has come since 1994. What was once unexplored territory is now an incredibly popular industry filled with various games on different platforms such as slots, poker, and online bingo at Paddy Power. These sites are now available on many platforms, with games like bingo seeing a resurgence due to their availability and accessibility. In this sense, technology has allowed the online casino industry to flourish.
Only a couple of years after that, the industry already started to become reasonably crowded as software developers made a habit of publishing new content frequently. As a result, gamblers became overwhelmed at the number of options available to them.

The Development of Online Casino’s in the Face of Modern Technology

Fast forward to the modern day, and not only has the technology that goes into creating games evolved but also has the way that we consume such games. As such, the online casino needed to evolve to continue to be used by gamblers in the means that they are becoming used to. The most common ways that people are playing online casino games are:

Mobile Apps

Due to the huge increase in the popularity of mobile gaming, it is no surprise that online casinos have adapted to be played on mobile devices. The highest number of gamers today much prefer to play on portable devices, which is why so many software developers are trying to be more mobile-friendly with their tech. These games are usually downloaded from respective app markets or accessed directly from gambling websites.

Downloadable Software

In most online casinos, you tend to find they are compatible with the likes of Microsoft Windows-powered PCs. So all people need is to download their game from a wide array of different options to get started.


There is also now the opportunity for gamers to play their favorite games just on their browser. This is possible without them having to download anything. It is common for the software involved to use Adobe Flash, which means it can be enjoyed on an array of different devices.

How Have Online Casino Games Evolved Since They Were First Created in 1994?

How Has the Online Casino Industry Evolved?

Since its creation in 1994, the online casino industry has had to evolve to meet the consumer’s needs in a constantly technologically evolving world. This is seen most recently in the increase in the popularity of mobile gaming. As a result, online casinos have now been made to be a lot more mobile-friendly, which means they can be played on the go by gamblers worldwide.

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