Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Release Date, Leaks, Weapons, Roadmap, Quests, and Exotics

Season 14 of Destiny 2 will bring players an exciting new challenge. But the release date of Destiny 2 Vault of Glass was unknown to players, which we will cover here.

We discuss Destiny 2 Glass release date, leaks and weapons….. and more.

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen has been very surprising for players, but now players are looking forward to the next challenge. The next challenge for Destiny Season 2 players is the glass jump. This challenge will introduce transmog and more.

Below you can find out more about the upcoming order such as Destiny 2 Vault of Glass release date, transmog, weapons, exotics and more. But before that happens, you can take a look at : Destiny 2: K1 lost disclosure area, K1 logistics, K1 crew quarters and K1 communications points

Destiny 2 Glass Warehouse Release Date

The Glass Vault Challenge is going to be awesome. And in case you’re wondering what the release date of Destiny 2 or Glass Warehouse will be, according to the official information, the 13th part of the game will come out. Season or redemption of elected officials on the 11th. Late May. This also means that season 14 is not out yet, but we think it will come out on the same day.

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As for Destiny’s Tale season 14, that story is currently in limbo. It’s also likely that our Guardians will come into conflict with Savatoon, the Witch Queen, and there’s always a chance that Bungie will delay the next expansion.

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Destiny 2×14 : Glass safe

Season of the Chosen was excellent and added much more content to the game than Season of the Hunt. Season of the Chosen brings a new rope, as well as the 2 old kicks that were in Destiny 1. We should also get some new legendary lost areas in other zones, and we’ll also have a lot of new weekly challenges.

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As for the Glass Vault, this is Destiny’s biggest expansion in Season 14. However, it is unclear if the raid will get new content, secrets and twists. It’s very exciting for all the fans who have been waiting for it. Since the Glass Vault is already confirmed, we also know that the setting is on the planet Venus. We also expect a new region to be unlocked in the upcoming season of Destiny 2.

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When it comes to transmog, you can fall back on an armor set, or fall back on stats, but you’ll definitely find a garbage monster.

Destiny 2 season 14 will introduce transmogrification, or you can say transmog, which is also called armor synthesis. To get your favorite armor in your arsenal, you have to fulfill the bonuses for Ada-1.

Destiny Season 2 Episode 14 Price

The biggest question about Destiny 2 season 14 is the price. A player wants to know the price of Destiny season 2 season 14. So, if you own the deluxe version of Beyond Light, you’ll have access to the entire season of Witch Queen, that is, seasons 13, 14, and 15.

You can also buy a season pass, which costs about $10, but then you also get a lot of content for free.

So everything has been said about Destiny 2 Vault of Glass release date, leaks, weapons, roadmap, quests and exotics. I hope you like our approach.

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frequently asked questions

Are they bringing back the glass vault?

Previews of upcoming content include a sneak peek of Season 14 and the long-awaited return of The Glass Vault. Bungie has been hinting at the possibility of exploring the depths of Venus again for a while now, but now it’s been confirmed that Destiny 2 players will get their chance this summer, in Season 14.

In which season did the glass vault come out?

Bungie is not only reviving the legendary Glass Jump for Destiny 2 Season 14, but also announcing that the world’s first race is coming.

Is the selected season free for Destiny 2?


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