Icy Veins Masters Clash – Recap & Ranking Round 8

Dear Hero fans,

The eighth round of the Icy Veins Master Clash Championship was a great success! What a treat to see so much spectacle, thanks to the players and the spectators!

We can’t wait to see the best Heroes of the Storm competition on stage!

In Saturday’s first match, SoundLess took on the Hardos!
Very good contrast between the #1 outsider and the table leader!
The first game of the ToD was handled well by Hardos despite strong opposition! However, the second match was a
SoundLess special, which was a very good opponent. Although we thought Hardos should have won the game, a special scenario caused Hardos to fail his main 1% task, allowing SoundLess to take the win! Without a doubt, this game will be a milestone!
Frustrated by the loss, Hardos won game 3 on Cursed in 8 minutes!
4th game on BOE, with Hardo’s match point. This game was excellent and intriguing with some great end game twists TF. 2-2 tie!
It’s all about the dragon! Once again the show was on and the Hardo’s won with a great macro call!
SoundLess 2-3 The Hardos

The second player of the day was ArtasStreetHrum against Intring for Ruby
. ArtasStreetHrum was at the bottom of the rankings with two new players on their roster after the departure of Bishops and Ckill9.
The match was evenly matched with both teams coming out on top, 1-1! Just when everyone thought Inting would work for Ruby and win their first game, the team missed several opportunities against their opponents and some surprising moves.
ArtasStreetHram Wins 3-1 Inting for Ruby

Last Sunday, the show was fantastic!

Icy Veins Masters Clash

The opening match u/Chilly_Mountain vs Go Next may seem one-sided, but Go Next had very good momentum while

u/Chilly_Mountain struggled to get into the Top4.
On ToD, then Alterac, the first two games were very well handled

u/Chilly_Moutain, who took a 2-0 lead with no real problems.
Match point for

u/Chilly_Moutain on Infernal Temples. A very close game and Go Next won with the magical Tyrael (White) and Maeiv (Chelwyn)!

u/Chilly_Mountain dominated the game, but a great combo from Go Next with a big root from Malfurion (Skynox), coupled with Consecration of Tyrarl (White) and a huge Dragonblade from Genji (Chelvin) gave Go Next the win!
2-2, final match at Sky Temple, maximum pressure!

u/Chilly_Moutain won with a perfect game, and a very good 10-0 !

u/Chilly_Moutain 3-2 Next

Icy Veins Masters Clash

Finally, on Sunday night, the 3. Place against 2nd in the league, donuts against u/30kesports!
The first game was on Braxis! Both teams played with a lot of rhythm and movement! Very nice to see the u/30kesports won and took the lead!
Wolski was the second card to play! Donuts dominated the match with a Stukov / Zarya lineup that caused a lot of turmoil for u/30kesports. Ixir on Stukov carried it a few times with a whole lot of root/silence combo! Donuts 1-1 u/30kesports.
Game 3 was played on BOE! Both teams played well and tried to surprise their opponents. In the end, u/30kesports won with an unstoppable Daykwaza on Deathwing!
Game ball u/30kesports, damn, great game! Level 22 against 22!
The first game was for ukes/30kesports, but the donuts are back ! The TFs were great and gave the game an unstoppable tension. Donuts won (maybe?) the last TF, claimed a core, u/30kesports defended their cores at 5% and came back on Donuts’ core to take the win!
Donuts 1-3 u/30kesports

What a game! What a weekend!


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Icy Veins Masters Clash

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