How to Farm Bloodbags in Valheim

How to Farm Bloodbags in Valheim

Blood bags are a key element to survival and play a big role in the middle of the final game in Walheim.

These are items left behind by leeches in a swampy biome that you can use to create different items to help your character survive difficult situations.

Blood bags are not easy to find at the beginning of the game in Valheim, but it gets easier over time as you learn how to harvest them efficiently.

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How do you culture blood bags?

How to Farm Bloodbags in Valheim

If you’re wondering how to get a blood sac or blood sacs, they are hunted by a leech, but they can be quite difficult to kill because they can poison you.

In addition to the initial hit, the leech bite can cause 20 penetrating damage and 60 venom for a level 1 variant.

You can try to kill him in melee, but it’s better to use your bow to avoid the prolonged poisoning that eventually kills you.

You can easily take out leeches with a bow and even with the most ordinary arrows, as soon as they catch sight of you, because they are usually waiting for you on the shore or in the water near the land.

The technique of leech cultivation consists of attracting many leeches, as they have a large clumping range, and stacking them all close together.

If several leeches are stacked on top of each other, you can make a barrier to prevent them from escaping and kill them one by one.

Use of blood bags

Leeches have traits that belong to leeches, which is probably why they can survive in the swamp and most creatures in Valheim.

There are currently several blood bag recipes you can make that will be useful for later use in the game.

The following options are available for the use of blood bags:



  • Meade Base: Frost resistance
  • Meade Base: Average recovery


The mead base products must be added to the fermentation vat to produce their specific mead and the processing can take up to two days.

With a frost-resistant mead, you can go into the mountains to tame wolves, collect money, and more if you don’t have warm clothes (capes).

Medium Healing Mead is a good item to have when facing tough enemies or bosses, or when you need to recover quickly after being poisoned or about to die in the game.

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How to Farm Bloodbags in Valheim

For the mountain biome you need a frost-resistant mead, but another option would be to grow lox fur in the plains, which can be laborious.

Leeches tend to follow you around, but usually stay in the water, which you can use to your advantage when collecting blood bags.

It is best to avoid contact with leeches and check them out before traversing certain areas of the marsh biome.

Besides the leeches that are a threat, there are also Draugr, skeletons and Sirlings that can make things difficult for you.

The best way to kill leeches is to use your bow and shoot arrows at them until they are dead, but be careful of those that are close, and they may also surprise you if you are looting blood bags.

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