How To Use A Mindmap Maker In Designing Games

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There is a wide range of tools you can use to play around with mind maps. A mindmap maker, as the name suggests, allows you to create mind maps that can then be manipulated or shared online.

Today, I want to take a look at mind map software and how it can be used in the design of games.

As opposed to linear layouts, which provide you with a start and an endpoint, a mindmap provides you with a central concept, from which a network of interrelated concepts spring forth. The benefits of using a mindmap in game design are numerous.

1) Getting Started On Mind Mapping

When starting on a game design, you can use mind mapping tools to create concepts for your game. Using the concept of the central theme as well as how it connects to other elements of your game, you will be able to visualize gameplay mechanics and story elements quickly. Mind maps provide a holistic picture: they allow you to see not only the core elements but the connections and relationships between those elements as well.

Using a mind map, you can quickly create various gameplay mechanics and story elements to your liking. As you develop them further, they may be connected or split into smaller units. The tools allow you to see these events as part of a larger whole as well.

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2) Keeping Track Of Everything On Your Mapping Chart

Once your game design gets bigger, mind maps can help you keep track of everything. The earlier the problem is noticed, the easier it will be to fix it. The use of mind maps can prevent issues before they become problems or bugs in your game.

Using a tool like Venngage, you can create a map of your game and store all the assets and elements you will be using for it. Using different colors, shapes and symbols allow creating connections between them: this way you can see what resources are needed where as well as how they connect. Along with a mindmap, you can also create a process flow chart in keeping track, especially of your game story.

3) Highlighting Core Elements On Your Mapping Diagram

Mind maps can be used to highlight those elements that are core to your game. These elements can be used as reference points to keep your design on track whenever it becomes too overwhelming.

Having all the essential elements placed in one place, your game will have a central hub of sorts, making it easier to remember what you are working on while keeping an eye on the overall design.

4) Showing Relationships On A Mind Map Template

By creating links between various gameplay elements or story elements, mind maps allow you to see how they are connected. This gives you insight into your game’s structure, which can then be used to create a proper flow of events.

Mind maps allow you to see the big picture and how different elements are connected, creating a holistic view of your game’s structure. This allows you to have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t work about it.

5) Different Mind Map Examples For Different Needs

Different user needs require different mind maps. Since mind mapping tools provide you with a wide range of functionality, you can create multiple layouts that will better accommodate your needs. This also allows for the inclusion of all the elements that are important to you in one place.

For instance, if I am designing a game aimed at children, I would create a map that will include inherently child-friendly things as well as those elements that kids find engaging. I can even use different maps for separate parts of my game or separate levels.

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6) Innovation

Mind mapping ultimately leads to the creation of an innovative product. It allows you to see all the little details and connect them. This means that your game will convey an original, unique feeling. Mind mapping also lets you see the various ways in which different elements can be brought together to form something new and interesting.

7) Better Design Decisions

Using a mind map allows you to visualize the effect of different design decisions. This way, you can see what works and what doesn’t work for your game. It lets you spot flaws in the system early on so that it is easier to fix them before they become a real problem.

In my own experience with mind mapping tools, it has led to the creation of better game designs. This is because I can connect various elements in a way that makes sense while also creating an interesting system that surprises me with its originality.

Final Thoughts

Mind mapping tools are very versatile, allowing you to create maps that are both simple and elaborate. It helps you keep track of all the smaller details as well as see how they interconnect. When used properly, mind mapping tools can help you design the next great video game. The use of mind mapping tools makes it easier to create innovative game designs that are truly one-of-a-kind.

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