How to Edit a Video If You Are Not a Video-Editor

How to Edit a Video

Video editing is the most crucial part of video production. Without editing a video, it can’t be rolled out to the floor. Knowing video editing tips and tricks will let you produce fantastic videos. Though video editing seems easy, it is a tricky process, and it needs an ample amount of dedication, patience, skill, knowledge, and creativity.

When you are tasked to film a movie or a short documentary, this is only half of the rest of the task. Therefore, it is crucial to educate yourself regarding video editing and know the tricks and techniques to edit a video properly.

Here are the best video editing tips that every beginner should know.

Use a fast PC

The faster your PC, the easier you can edit video. Video editing is a lengthy process and requires the latest configuration. Video files are huge, and they need a capable processor and enough disk space to be stored. If you are still using a conventional system, upgrade that with a faster storage drive that allows you to access the files and software faster and helps to speed up the rendering process. Additionally, make sure that the computer’s RAM is a minimum of 8GB and install the appropriate video card and processor according to your editing software.

Choose the right editing software

Choosing the appropriate software is another crucial step to complete before editing the video. If you don’t know which type of software would rightly meet your requirement, then you search for them from various authentic sources. This kind of editing software offers everything you need for your editing task.

How to Edit a Video

One thing is to keep in mind is to choose such editing software that will meet your needs, not only the latest one listed on various sites. Apart from editing software, you can also use a free video cutter that can rightly help you to trim the unwanted part of the videos. This is because trimming videos is an essential part of the editing job, and a dedicated video cutter can rightly meet your trimming needs.

Spend some time watching video editing tutorial videos

You can find plenty of video editing tutorials on various platforms, including YouTube, dedicated websites, and blogs. They help provide you with overall knowledge on how to edit videos like a pro. Most of these video tutorials elaborate the video editing techniques precisely with a live session. You can also adjust the software settings according to the tutorial, and in this way, it will be easy to produce greater videos.

Speed up the scenes

People don’t have enough time to stick with the lengthy videos. One thing is to keep in mind that, when you are doing the editing task, always keep the scenes short. If you found something extraneous in the video, remove that immediately. A video editor has to become his critic, and without that, he can’t locate his own mistakes. Therefore, be brutal to your task and trim out the extra fat. In this way, the scenes will be shorter and more interesting, attracting the viewers until the end.

Cut middle of the action

When you want to cut any unwanted part of the video, always apply the cut when the action is running. In this way, the video will look smooth, and viewers won’t get any sense that a cut has been applied. For instance, if a character is strolling around the room and then he sits down on a chair, you can trim the strolling part slightly to make the video shorter but impactful.

Use colors in the video

Adding color to the character is a part of the editing process. Editors mainly focus on two types of colour editing processes. One is color correction, and another one is grading it.

Colour correction is all about adjusting the clips to look better. Shots are often taken from two cameras, and different lighting looks jarringly different when they are both placed for editing. This issue can be rightly smoothened and fixed by adjusting brightness, white balance, and contrast.

Meanwhile, you can give a particular look to the scene in color grading. You can change the scene color according to the situation. It needs creativity while choosing the right hues according to the scene requirement. It provides an interesting look to the scene, and the audience will be stuck to it for a long time.

Apply cut to the music

Music plays an important role in making the videos interesting and enjoyable. It also helps to make the visuals real. So, editors also have to emphasize music while editing their videos. Sometimes, inexperienced music editors do wrong because they don’t mix up the beat of the music while performing the editing. To come out from these issues, it is important to listen to the track carefully and then synchronize that according to the demand of the scene. This is crucial to make the video real.

Balance the audio

Sometimes, the music or background sound eclipses the speech of the character. It harms the entire spirit of the scene. Sometimes, editors also mix different visuals with the different volume levels. They all should be balanced. You need to balance the speech and other audios carefully. If there are any other audio elements present on the scene, you need to adjust them using the audio control panel of the editing software.

How to Edit a Video

Put the story in front

The story is the spirit of the entire video. No matter what you are doing during the editing, make the story unaffected. This principle applies not only to fiction movies but to various other movies. Editors must think about the storyline and ensure that it is being maintained according to the requirements of the movie.

Wrapping up

Editing a video requires the right amount of dedication, skill, and technical knowledge. If someone wants to edit the video in the first place, he has to

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