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Zelter creates a survival game that takes place in the apocalypse of retro-looking zombies. She took an early approach and tries to win the hearts of the players.

When I have downloaded the game, the main menu starts with a large cold and dark screen. After evaluating the main menu longer than expected, I started playing the game. With a small selection of hairstyles and colors you can create a hairstyle that survives. Then comes the zombie apocalypse. I immediately warmed up for the regression.

Ladies Gamers You can choose from a small selection of hairstyles

Survival of the Horde

From there you enter Zelter with your weapon and some basic supplies. I started the game stupid enough to play it like I was running a gun and shooting and hitting the zombies I saw. But before I realized I ran out of ammo, my hero fell asleep and a huge horde of zombies chased me forever. I loved the way the music got tense when that dazzling horde of undead fell on me. In the end, I was pushed into a corner and my game ended pretty brutally. Oops.

So you probably shouldn’t play this game.

At this stage, early access does not set any targets or indications. You’re expected to survive somehow. In a way, I liked this project because it contributed to a general tension of uncertainty in this ruthless world. Undoubtedly the manuals and objectives will come with future patches, but I hope that it will be possible to play the game from scratch, as in this version.

Source collection

When I decided to play Zelter intelligently, I soon realised that you’re more confident of survival than before. I found an empty house where I could sleep on the couch. I soon discovered that sleep also saves the game. From there I spent a lot of time looking for resources and creating all kinds of practical things, such as crossbows with arrows, a bed to sleep in and a coffin to store all my random resources. You have to make sure you are well fed, moistened and rested, with a few useful counters on the menu. There is also a day/night cycle. Strengthening the basis of your choice is important, for example for barriers. After a short night’s sleep it is not uncommon for a zombie to find my hiding place at random.

Time to build a ship at night

It’s risky to look for a lot of supplies. Zombies don’t come down easily, they usually shoot at least three times with a gun. They never stop following you, either. Even if you walk away, they’ll chase you home, even if you close the door behind you. As I discovered in my first game, meeting unknown territory often means that more and more zombies follow you and create a terrible zombie snowball effect. There are also different kinds of zombies, the funniest one so far is the one with a box on his head.

I’m glad I’m on this side of the fence.

Zelter shows a lot of potential, but in its current state there are still a few hiccups to be done. For me, the game collapsed, which was especially painful after spending a lot of time collecting and creating new resources. The game really wants you to play with the mouse and keyboard. You can play with the controller, but it is not suitable for this method, at least not yet.

Zelter is now available on an Early Access PC. I wish the developers the best of luck in development and hope that in the future we’ll see how the game finds its way to the sunny shores of the Nintendo Switch. I want to send this apocalyptic adventure on its way.

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