What is the Average Real Money a Person Can Make Gaming?

What is the Average Real Money a Person Can Make Gaming?

When experts said people should follow their passion, professional gamers understood the assignment. They get paid for well… playing games.

How long does it take to make approximately $15,000 an hour as a gamer? According to Benjamin Lupo, a well-known Youtuber that streams video games every week, about two years, working 40-hour weeks. He did this while also holding a full-time job, which shows his dedication to his skill. It wasn’t like he wasn’t making any online earnings during this time. Lupo’s incremental earnings were looking good but not enough to rely on fully.

How do you Make Real Money from Gaming?

$15,000 per hour sounds like such a good deal, right? How do gamers do that?

Poker Tournaments

One of the highest paying games at online casinos is Poker since the returns are higher than with other games. You want to register an account with online casinos real money before scouting for the best Poker options. You want, among other things, to check the casino payouts at a site and the types they have since there are various Poker options. 

After registering an account, you could start with free games to learn strategies that will enable you to compete with seasoned players. You then want to keep an ear out for tournaments that target newbies and seasoned players. Winners make tons of money at these annual events. 

Video Game Streaming

Video games do not pay that well, so you may want to try being a Twitch streamer for the big bucks. Apart from Lupo, others who have made it big in this space include Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, who made $10 million from streaming video games on YouTube. Since these games amass large followings over time, big brands rush to advertise with them during these live streams. It’s worth noting that you have to create a faithful following and build a brand before you start bagging these big endorsements. 

What is the Average Real Money a Person Can Make Gaming?

Massive Jackpots

You can be among the luckiest players that get to take home jackpots from progressive slots such as Megah Moolah. Several online casinos have these games that seem easy since they are games of chance, but they can also pay handsomely if you are lucky. Even with these games, you want to check into an online casino regularly if you are to stand a chance of making bucks worth talking about. 

The Risks Involved When you Play Games to Earn Money

Here are some things you want to remember.

Earned, Not Given

There are other areas of gaming that people fail to dwell on when they talk about it as a sport or professional game. First, it takes time and patience to master the games that will pay you the returns discussed above. Those who rise to the highest levels spend money and time perfecting their skill. If you are not willing to invest in it, you won’t come close to the earnings we speak of here.

Not all Rosy

You will have days at the office – that is just a fact you want to come to terms with, regardless of your expertise level. One of the risks involved in playing for real money is losing most of it from time to time. Unfortunately, you lose even more when you fail to take lessons at bankroll management. If you get discouraged after losing the first time or two, you may never get to pro levels.

What is the Average Real Money a Person Can Make Gaming?


When you gamble for a living, it becomes a constant in your life. You are always either gambling, learning new tricks and strategies, or thinking of gaming. You may take it so seriously that you end up being a loner.


Professional gaming is the ultimate form of entertainment to earn money, but it takes a while to get really good when you choose skill games. You may want to learn all the free strategies that online sites provide since they are tried and tested. You may also want to read books on such options as poker because experts have shared skills that you may find helpful. If you are ready to spend some time learning, you will reap the rewards that come with consistency.  











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