Valheim Yagluth Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating)

Jaglut is the fifth boss you’ll encounter in Valheim as you progress through the ranks, and comes after Moder. The battle of the Jagluts takes place on the plain of Biom.

You can prepare for the fight with Jaglut once you find the Plains Biom and make your way to the Fuling Totem Camp.

It is recommended to fight Jagloot as the fifth boss after fighting the previous bosses to effectively equip the fight.

Jaglut can be harder than the other bosses, but it is possible to fight Jaglut alone, and it is much easier when you are in a group.

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Location of Jaglut Altar

While most vegetarians reside in dungeons or abandoned buildings, you’ll find the site of the Yagluth Runic Stones in an open field.

Search the plain for a grave that looks like a Viking tomb, surrounded by stones that form a circle.

You will notice Wegvisir as you walk by, for he sits right next to the grave, in full view. After interacting with Wegwizard, find the location of the boss Jaglut.

Valheim Yagluth Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating)

How do I call the Jagloot?

Jaglut can be summoned by collecting the five floating totems and bringing them to the mystical altar revealed by the wizard Jaglut Veg, or by finding him randomly in the plains biome.

The mystical altar is easily identified by the round altar in the center of the large columns that seem to bend toward the center, like a giant hand.

Once you find the mystic altar, interact with the five locations to place the floating totems, then activate the altar and summon the Jagloot.

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How to get totems

Pirate tokens can be found in the level’s biome as you make your way to the pirate buildings or their larger, scattered colonies.

Sometimes there are no totems on site, and you will have to look for other examples of plains biomes.

You’ll need a total of five, and you should be wary of any enemies in the area, as the fullings can be deadly.

The victorious Jaglut

It’s almost impossible not to get burned by this boss, as he will burn you if you get close enough and attack him, even with a mêlée weapon.

All of his skills cause burns, so the only way to avoid that is to use a bow and keep your distance, which can take forever.

Jaglut’s fist glows red when it hits the ground, causing meteors to fall from the sky that do damage upon impact and burn you over time.

Another of Jaglut’s attacks is his fire breath, which shoots a beam of fire in a direction that you can dodge by sprinting.

You can dodge both attacks by running in the opposite direction, away from your last position.

If you get too close to Jaglut, he raises his fist, which glows with a blue aura and hits the ground, creating a nova that damages you and sets you on fire.

This can easily be taken care of with high health and a range of barleywine flame resistance, or you can flee if he launches an attack.

Valheim Yagluth Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating)

Jaglut vulnerability

Jagloot is not dead and will take damage over time if Silver Weapon is used against him, but if you keep Blackmetal, you can do more damage for maximum damage.

Draugr’s fang, equipped with Frost Arrows, can do good damage, but it doesn’t help when it comes to slowing down Jagloot.

For the most damage you should use the silver weapon or the black metal weapon, and for better survival you should have at least the wolf armor set or the padded armor set.

Council MembersJaglut

Jagloot is very slow, but his attacks can be quite devastating, and they all do fire damage, hence the need to get resistance.

To get the fire resistance, you need to make the Fire Resistance Barleywine to get rid of most of the fire damage.

For more information on making fire barley, see our Valheim Watering Trough Manufacturing Guide.

Jaglut is large and has difficulty moving through the area, making it easier for you to avoid him and enjoy the area around you.

Medium therapeutic mead, refractory barleywine, and top-notch equipment are a good plan, as well as healthy, wholesome food for enthusiasts.

To learn more about food lovers and the best combinations, check out our Walheim Food Guide.

You can either set up a good gear and keep a close eye on Jaglutu, or keep your distance and take him out with Frost Arrows.

Jaglut Drops

After defeating Yagluth, he drops the Yagluth trophy and 3x the Yagluth thing, which currently has no use.

The Jaglut thing may be needed later in future updates, but the Jaglut trophy may be a mount on the right altar in the starting point.

Jaglut Power

Jaglut’s slashing power gives your character resistance to various types of magical (elemental) damage.

It reduces damage from fire, lightning and frost for 5 minutes and has a cooldown of 20 minutes.


Jagloot is one of the hardest bosses to fight, due to his distance attacks and deadly ability to burn at close range.

It’s pretty easy to outsmart this boss though, as you can use the sticks to protect yourself from meteors and fly kites with Jaglut.

A lot of frost arrows and Draugr fangs can be very effective, but melee attacks can also help take out the boss easily.

Preparation is the key to defeating Jagloot, and it’s also important to pay attention to your surroundings, as Fullings and Deathly Hallows could be all around you.

frequently asked questions

How can I beat Jaglut in Walheim?

Game Guide

How to summon the last boss of Valheim?

To summon Jaglut, you must first find his summoning altar somewhere in the plains, or a rune that points the way. Then collect five totems from the villages of Fulling and Fulling Berserker to sacrifice on the altar and complete the summoning process.

Valheim Yagluth Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating)

Where can I find Jaglut in Walheim?

Jaglut is invoked by placing five floating totems in the center of the mystical Jaglut altar. In the middle of the altar are five circles where you can interact and place totems while on your toolbar.

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