Star Citizen Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Setup & Review

With the Toby Eye Tracker 5 you can sniff out worms even more intensively thanks to the extended sight function. This gives you a wider field of view, making you more aware as you explore the universe and improving your navigation.


You can find help configuring your hardware and associated software on Toby’s website:

Toby Games – Set Up

Supports Toby’s visual tracking

Once the hardware and software is installed and configured on your computer, we will look at the basic configuration options below that will help you expand your capabilities and interaction with the version.


Follow these simple instructions to control the Tobii’s head and eye tracking sensors in the game:

  • Enter the resilient universe.
  • Press Esc to open the game system menu.
  • Choose Options in the window that appears.
  • Click on the Comms, FoIP and Head Tracking tab in the upper right corner.
  • In the list, find the Header Tracking option – General – Baseline.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select Tobii from the available options, as shown in the screenshot below.

Star Citizen Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Setup & Review


In the same options window where you enable headtacking for Toby, there are a number of other options below that allow you to customize the hardware in the game.  All main tracking options – general work with Toby’s sensors.

Tobii has created a handy page on their website where you can adjust the settings for each game to get the best results, which you can view here:

Star Citizen with Toby’s Eye Tracking.

While all of these settings ultimately depend on the user’s preferences, we want to make some specific configuration suggestions here:

  • Head Tracking – General – Use Position Offset in Cockpits
    Set this option to Yes to allow movement in the playing field based on the position of the head.
  • Main Tracking – General – Switching – Deactivate in seated position
    Set to no to activate the main tracking in seated position.
  • Main tracking – General – Switch – Disable during FPS
    Set no to enable tracking during walking.
  • Main Tracking – General – Switch – Disable during mobiGlas
    Set no to enable main tracking when mobiGlas is open.

The Global Head Tracking Switch allows the player to manually disable the stapler in any of these specific scenarios if necessary.  See the next section for instructions on setting up this feature.

To further enhance your experience, you have additional Toby-specific options for fine-tuning your hardware tracking. Tobia’s support page describes exactly what each device does for you.  Here is a list of default options.

Star Citizen Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Setup & Review

Depending on your personal preferences, this is where it works best, but if something is set oddly and it seems impossible to correct, you can always reset your defaults with the Reset button next to the Back button in the bottom left corner of the Options screen.

Note that this will reset all key assignments and other parameters!



You may find yourself in a situation where it is best to temporarily disable the sensors and tracking on Toby’s head, and the easiest way to do this is to attach a link to him.  A short press to update the sensor is also helpful.

The options are listed below and can be found in the Key Layout tab of the Options game menu under Advanced Control Settings.

Star Citizen Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Setup & Review


For the hardware to work optimally, you need to use a specific screen size and resolution.

  • Main tracking – No limitations
  • The maximum visual tracking is 27″ for the 16:9 format and 30″ for the 21:9 format.


The sensors of the eye-tracker cannot be placed on the monitor.  Make sure the sensors have a clear view of the head, both for calibration and general use, and that there are no objects blocking them.


As with our FoIP feature, the environment you play in can affect the performance of your hardware.  Check out this list to see if you can make any improvements to your gaming environment to get the hardware working optimally.

  • Trim your facial hair so your lips are visible when using FoIP.
  • Glasses should be worn in a way that does not interfere with the eyebrows or, if possible, should be removed completely for best results.
  • Avoid lighting that blinds the lenses of your glasses when you are wearing them.
  • Turn on the light if it is too dark to see your face in the video stream.
  • If there is a lot of glare on your face, try to dim the light.
  • Adjust the lighting so that it does not cast deep shadows on the face.
  • Avoid lighting settings that illuminate only one side of the face.
  • Frame the face so that the upper part of the forehead and the lower part of the jaw are always visible in the frame, with plenty of room for small movements.
  • Make sure you calibrate yourself with a neutral facial expression when looking at your monitor/game screen, as you would when playing a normal game.


If you have any questions about the Toby Eye Tracker 5 hardware itself and related software not related or limited to Star Citizen, please contact Toby Citizen for assistance.

If you encounter other technical issues with Toby in the game, please contact the Issues Board and attach a report so our teams can investigate further.  We recommend that Toby be included in the subject line of the Publishers Council report to facilitate searches.  Make sure your issue has already been reported before reporting it again!

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