Games to Play and Earn Bitcoin

Games to Play and Earn Bitcoin

In the world of online gaming, few developments have been as monumental as the invention of play to earn gaming. Play-to-earn gaming, or P2E gaming, as it is known, has revolutionized the gaming industry by introducing the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain to help players find equitable footing with game developers and publishers.

Earlier, in the gaming industry, there was an imbalance in this relationship as it was a one-way street. Game Developers and Publishers produced and published games, sold them to consumers at a price, and consumers were supposed to pay for the privilege of accessing the games.

According to, in this model, the progress made by a consumer and the time and money they spent on the game was static, and with the cessation of updates to the game by the developer and new editions of the games being released, all the money, time, and in-game assets that a consumer had were frozen and essentially wasted. However, P2E games, through the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain, have made this relationship a two-way street.

This has been possible because now players can earn in exchange for the time they spend playing the game and by selling their in-game items. Some P2E games even have a cryptocurrency as their in-game currency, and the cryptocurrency can be exchanged into fiat currency. This ensures that players of P2E games have a larger amount of agency concerning their gaming profile.

This agency and the fact that these P2E games are essentially paying gamers to play the game have led to a rise in their popularity and contributed to their adoption and acceptance among gamers. In addition, gamers have appreciated the ease with which their in-game tokens can be traded, as well as the fact that their efforts have tangible value now in the form of NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens representing their in-game assets.

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Currently, the top game to play and earn Bitcoin is one of the numerous online bitcoin casinos where you can bet bitcoins on traditional gambling games to get a payout. Some of these games also reward consumers with free Bitcoins and Satoshis as a signing-up bonus. In addition, casinos also reward you with free bitcoins if you manage to get your friends and family to sign up.

Besides Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies exist as well. P2E games have been based on the frameworks of these cryptocurrencies, helping power the game with the cryptocurrency. Some of these games are-:

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a P2E game that has been developed by Indian developers, mirroring the success of other Indian cryptocurrency development projects such as Polygon Matic. However, in this particular game, NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming have been combined to create a unique ecosystem that fits everyone.

This game’s special feature is the IBAT Battle Arena that it constructs, allowing people to experience the game immersively. This is because, with IBAT Battle Arena, players can play with each other and perform and watch the game, playing under the game’s virtual space.

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This game is primarily a battling game with the IBAT Premier League played in the IBAT Battle Arena, the USP of the game. You can play the game and access the associated marketplace to experience the game truly. This game is also secured against a rug pull( a situation where the creators of the game take all the resources and run away) as everyone is KYC(know your customer) verified. You can never get bored playing this game as you access the tangential worlds in the NFT marketplace to purchase and sell avatars, weapons, and photos, as well as make a passive income by advertising.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is one of the most popular crypto games as it combines the traditional lottery setup with the NFT gaming system. The game is a unique ecosystem that has been constructed on fair and transparent Play 2 Earn gaming models. Built on the blockchain protocol is a method of a lottery. In addition, the system has been made to provide safety and control over the whole process of gaming.

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