Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse delivers the laughs, and the frustrations – Hands-on impressions

From online comics to animations and card games, Cyanide & Happiness has truly cast a cultural spell over its subscribers in recent years. She continues this trend with cyanide and happiness: Freakpocalypse, the new point-and-click adventure game. Humor and connections are ubiquitous, and the animations rival any short film you’ll ever see online. Think of it as South Park: Stick of Truth feels like an episode of South Park – Freakpocalypse has a similar feel.

Considering how prevalent point-and-click adventure games were in the 90s, it’s amazing how little we see of them today. LucasFilm Games used to be pretty much the leader in the genre, but these days you only find them in the form of reissues of old games. Overall, Freakpocalypse stays true to the genre, for better or worse, while providing raw, disgusting entertainment you’d expect from a film called Cyanide and Happiness. (Freakpocalypse isn’t even the first game, though the 2018 battle royale game Rapture Rejects was forgettable. At least I feel like I’m playing a series of games in the C&H universe. )

Cyanide and luck: Frickpocalyze follows Coop, a loser who attends Netherton High School. In the purest tradition of C&H, humor is visible and audible at all times. Almost everyone in this world thinks very little of Coop. It’s not just his classmates, everyone in this town has something derogatory to say about the redheaded nerd. Even Coop himself joins in on the occasional joke.


Freakpocalypse delivers the laughs, and the frustrations

I’m happy to say that I never got tired of hearing Coop complain about his difficult life. Having him interact with every person and object enhanced his human aspect, which surprised me. He’s a punching bag, but he’s our punching bag. The way he interacts with the world around him is what makes this game for me.

While the gameplay in Freakpocalypse offers nothing new, it does help you get under the skin of Coop. Click on an object and you can look at it, touch it or talk to it. Research is mostly just a way for Coop to explain what it is. Tap to add items to your inventory or to get funny phrases from him. After a while, conversations will start with both people and objects. It could just be a self-deprecating joke or a good play on words, but every time you go into something, you get something unique, and it’s often very funny.

Freakpocalypse’s humor is similar to that of C&H and fits well into the adventure genre, but the puzzle games are very random. One of the reasons point-and-click games have become so rare is that players get tired of the obscure puzzles in every game presented, and this game is no exception.

All too often, I found myself stuck in a puzzle where I had to spend hours clicking and reacting to every object on every screen, only to find the small object I had overlooked in the environment. Every search provides a clue to the solution of a problem, but even if you have an idea of what to do, you may not find the right tool to tackle it. It’s an unfortunate experience that would make me want to pull my hair out if I had any.

Freakpocalypse delivers the laughs, and the frustrations

Cyanide and luck: Freakpocalypse is a fun game that feels completely at home in the point-and-click genre, even if the feeling of being lost for so long and having no idea how to proceed is brutal. If you are a fan of comics or cartoons, you should definitely try this game. But I’d probably wait for guides – or better yet, read some of us – to help you when you inevitably get completely lost.

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