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I’m not late. You’re late.

Household economy

  • Gift from Lotus Alert: Legendary core (alarm active until the weekend)

The official Warframe Discord server has opened new channels!

Tennobaum is live! This year the donation goes to Children’s Aid Phone.

  • The deadline for applications for Cycle 20 of Tenogen is 15. February 2021.
  • The second part of the 19th round of Tennogen will soon be on the consoles.
  • The year 2021 begins with a rather heavy body.

Hull lift on rail


Team Intrusion

unknown - Devstream #150 withdrawn

  • unknown - Devstream #150 Summary

will be published with Leverian

  • Obligations: The orbs of energy and versatility give Lavos an immunity status for 10 seconds. Maintain any capacity to synchronize the next capacity with an additional elementary state.
  • Ophid bite: A breath of poisonous serpentine is launched into the target to cure Lavos. Maintain the following capacity with the capacity for toxin damage.
  • The Bubble Rush (Helminth Ability): Race to the front, tear up the enemies and leave an icy trail of broken bottles in your wake. Hold to absorb the next power launched with cold damage.
  • Transplant probe: Launch a probe that converts health and energy orbs into universal orbs that supply both, and an ammunition collector into a universal ammunition collector. The probe strikes the enemies nearby. Each enemy killed by electrocution reduces the charging time of the other skills by one second. Grasp the power of the mains to absorb electrical damage.
  • Catalyze: Catalytic probes gush from Lavos and immerse the fighters in deer gel. The damage is doubled for every object that hits an enemy. Stay tuned for the next opportunity launched with fire damage.
  • Lavos has no power. The capacity saving is based on refrigerators. Efficiency is increased by reducing the cooling power via the transmutation sensor.
  • unknown - Devstream #150 Summary

Press and hold the capacity keys to select and mix objects for the next throwing capacity.

  • Signature weapons: Sedo. A shotgun that can fire an elementary sword.

Operation: Gift Orfix

  • Presence of the PC during the week
  • Use Necromaechs on regular missions to disable sensitive body openings that your combat cadres can’t reach. There will be a travelling Nekramekhi, so you don’t have to own one to participate.
  • unknown - Devstream #150 Summary

a new adaptation of Nekrameh: Helmets

Company remuneration includes

  • Helmet plans Lavos, helmet plans and helmet plans.
  • Cedocard and details
  • Nekrameh CryptanautHelmet
  • Sheets for the 3 non-criminal weapons
  • Elongated glyphs
  • The new models from Nekrameh
  • Return of the Spear Scale awards (Ceti Lacera, Basmu, Ballroom Simulacrum, Clan Sigillen, Stance Forma and Arcana).
  • unknown - Devstream #150 Summary

the new nekramek?


  • unknown - Devstream #150 Summary

Premium Eyewear for Titania, Inaros and Nezhi

  • Requiem for Wildcard: You know the first two funerals of your Lich? Throw a porcupine in the last box and you’re done.
  • Corpus railjack, queenpins and team may not arrive in the same update, but they’re pretty close.

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  • A deadly mission The death count system is something I’ve always tried to use to my advantage, but in the end it didn’t work out. This system is a remnant of the old Legendsliga and needs to be updated. I have a few suggestions, but as long as it’s up to date, I don’t care. Death must…

  • 2019 Seasonal Sequence Overview

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The Devstream #150 recap for the Warframe game.

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