The Best Magic Weapons & Staves in Old School RuneScape (Ranked) –

Weapons & Staves in Old School RuneScape

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Every player has their favorite type of weapon or staff, and each type has its ups and downs in terms of usefulness. The melee weapons are great if you want to get close to your target and unleash some devastating attacks, but they take time and effort to reach the enemy, and there is always the risk of getting killed in the process. Sorcery, on the other hand, is a great way to get rid of your enemies from a distance, but it is very hard to aim with a spell, and some of them have long casting times that make them unsuitable during PvP.

RuneScape is an online multiplayer game that was first released in 2001. The game is set in the world of Gielinor, a fantasy realm divided into different kingdoms, regions, and cities. As you travel through Gielinor you’ll be able to fight different types of enemies with various weapons. One of the weapons you’ll face are magic weapons. Here are the best magic weapons in Old School RuneScape.

The magic skills in OSRS are very important. And as your magic level increases, you unlock a number of useful skills and combat abilities.

Teleportation, turning objects into parts, powerful punches, and even the ability to freeze enemies can be unlocked by training a magic skill.

So, what should an experienced mage use as a weapon?

OSRS has a ton of wand options, some of which are so powerful that only the most experienced mages can use them!

But if you’re looking for ideas for your mage build, here are all the best OSRS magic weapons to look for.

10. Arima Personnel

The first staff on this list is the Arima Staff, an item related to Warrow.

This staff requires a minimum magic and attack level of 70 to wield. It has a +15 bonus to magic attacks and defense and a +5% bonus to magic power.

It’s not that bad.

Using this staff with a full set of Ahrims unlocks the effect of the set.

This gives you the chance to lower your opponent’s power level with each successful hit.

If you add the Amulet of the Damned, you can automatically summon ancient magic and have a 25% chance of doing 30% more damage!

Where to buy : It can be obtained as a rare item in the mini-game mounds.

Weapons & Staves in Old School RuneScape

9. Personnel of the dead

The Rod of the Dead is a dual-purpose weapon that can also be used as a proper weapon for battle, with stats similar to those of the Dragon Sword, making it unique among other magical weapons!

Just note that you need 75 magic and attack to use it.

But the staff has a +17 bonus to magic attack and defense, and a very powerful +15% bonus to magic power.

If you use a battle spell, there’s a 12.5% chance you won’t use any runes at all!

It’s a very useful stick for PvP and PvM, for sure.

In addition to all of the above benefits, the staff grants a special attack that halves all melee damage for 60 seconds. But he still needs to be equipped to take advantage of it.

Where to buy : This is a rare item dropped by K’ril in the God War dungeon at a rate of 1/512.

8. Twilight switch

Dawnbringer’s staff is actually the second most powerful in the game.

And the reason it ranks so low is that it can only be used in one place:

Phase 1: Sink into the theatre of blood.

But he has a very powerful magic attack bonus of +25, with a special attack that deals Verzik 75-150 points of damage per hit!

This consumes 35% of the special ladder and thus must be given to teammates to inflict enough damage to destroy his shields.

Where to buy : You can get it temporarily at the Théâtre du Sang. It can’t be taken out of the raid.

7. Master Bar

Finally, our first baguette on this list.

The wand has a magic attack and magic defense of +20 and requires level 60 magic to use.

It’s notable for being one of the few magic items in OSRS that can automatically summon ancient magic. That’s why it’s always been a pretty popular option for gamers.

Unfortunately, he’s locked behind the Mage Training Arena, which is just irritating.

I mean, this is really the worst content you can grind in OSRS. So it will take many, many hours of your time to get this stick.

Where to buy : Can only be purchased in the Mage Training Arena for points earned by completing Quests.

6. Age bars 3

Since the stats of the wand are similar to the stats of the staff, the wand can automatically cast normal spells.

It takes 65 units of magic to use it, 5 units more than the wand.

The special thing about this article is that it is a 3rd generation article. Ere, which makes it very rare.

He is so rare that he is worth about 140 million, while the master’s stick is only worth 3.5 million. Yes.

Persons in possession of this staff usually display it rather than use it in combat.

Where to buy : Available in the elite reference cabinets and workshops.

5. Trident Marshes

The swamp trident is probably the most commonly used staff in OSRS.

He’s pretty expensive, but less expensive than Sanguinesti’s staff – and still has enough to spare!

To master this trident, you must have at least level 75 magic.

He has a magic attack bonus of +25 and a magic defense bonus of +15. Without the bonuses, the maximum effect of this staff at magic level is 99 31. And this number can be increased to 38 by using the maximum magic bonuses.

Unlike the other sticks on this list, the Swamp Trident has a built-in spell. And the employees themselves must be energized.

So there’s really no need to wear runes.

The staff can also only be used in PvP, as it is currently banned in PvP.

Finally, this incredible staff has a 25% chance of poisoning an opponent. The chances of this happening increase to 100% if you wear a serpentine helmet.

Where to buy : You need to attach Zulra’s magic tooth to the Sea Trident.

4. Poison stick of the dead

It is now an upgraded staff of the dead with a magical fang attached.

However, you must have at least 75 attack and magic to use them.

This staff has the same stats as the Staff of the Dead, with an additional 25% chance to inflict poison on the enemy.

And as before, this chance increases to 100% if you wear a serpentine helmet.

As a result, this staff is usually used in risky PvP situations, as it deals quite a lot of damage. Especially if you use splash spells.

You also need to load the stick with the Zulra ladder, which takes about 1.3m for a full load.

Where to buy : You need to attach Zulra’s magic fang to the staff of the dead.

3. Harmonized Nightmare Bar

To wield this powerful staff, you need at least magic level 75 and 50 health points!

This is the most expensive magic weapon on this list, its value is 840 million rubles.

But it is very useful in PvP, as it is a 4-tap weapon with no initial lag, making it one of the fastest weapons in OSRS.

This special attack is activated when you use offensive spells from the regular spell book.

Combine the speed of this staff with +16 magic attack and a +15% bonus to magic power and you have a truly powerful weapon. No wonder it costs so much.

And it can also work in PvM, where it is used against bosses like Zulra, Nightmare and Kraken.

Where to buy : You need the Nightmare Staff and the combination with a very expensive Harmonized Orb.

2. Sanguinesti Headquarters

I’ve talked about this before, and it’s a familiar choice for a magic weapon.

Sanguinesti’s staff gives a +25 bonus to magic attack and a +15 bonus to defense. And its features are similar to those of the Marsh Trident.

The trademark of this rod is its strong passive effect.

The chance of successfully hitting an enemy is 1/6, and it heals you from about half of the damage inflicted.

And the staff has a built-in spell that you can carry with you.

However, it must be provided with blood runs, which makes it very expensive to obtain and maintain.

A fully charged staff requires 20,000 blood runs, costing about 22.6 million. As a result, each spell costs about 1.1k runes!

Because of its high cost, the Sanguinesti stick is usually used by very rich people or for extreme niche activities such as robberies.

And if you want to buy it, start saving. This bar usually sells for a very high price of 70 million!

Where to buy : It’s like a rare piece of blood theater.

1. Coda stick

Our first place goes to the almighty Kodai staff.

The Kodai is said to be the best magic weapon in OSRS, with a bonus of +28 to magic attacks, +20 to defense, and +15% to magic power.

Note that you need 75 magic points to use it, so it will take a while for you to take it.

But it can automatically cast old and common spells!

As if this weapon couldn’t get any better, the staff gives you an unlimited supply of water runes. This makes it easier to cast ice spells and saves space in your inventory.

It’s also quite expensive, $86 million. But if you can foot the bill (or get it elsewhere), it’s probably worth it.

Where to buy : You must obtain the Kodai badge in the Rooms of Xeric, which are very rare. After you obtain it, you must combine it with the magic wand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mage weapons?

If you’ve ever played a game where the protagonist is a wizard, you know that there is always that one powerful weapon that does crazy amounts of damage. When looking to acquire the best magic weapon, you have to ask yourself, is raw power more important than ranged power? Should the weapon be thrown, or is it better to hold it in your hands? What about the aesthetic value of the weapon, does that come into play? If you’re looking to take out enemies that were once considered “impossible” to defeat, check out our list of the best mage weapons. The best magic weapon terraria is the most powerful weapon in all of Terraria. It usually consists of the most damage, the greatest knockback, the best damage against specific types of enemies, and the best melee speed. The best magic weapon terraria is a difficult weapon to create, and many players use it for the majority of their Terraria experience. If you are looking for a new weapon to play Terraria with, and you are a fan of magic weapons, it should be your next choice!

What is the easiest magic weapon to get in Terraria?

When it comes to actually creating a magic weapon in Terraria, you have three options: the Staff of Regrowth, the Leaf Blower, and the Reaver Shark. You can get the Staff of Regrowth from the Dryad NPC, who will be available to you once the player has obtained the Dryad’s Sword, a magic weapon that can be crafted using 15 Hallowed Bar. There is a wide array of weapons available in Terraria, from swords and bows to magic wands and guns. But of course, everyone has their favorites. Some prefer the raw power of the chainsaw or the hammer, while others prefer the versatility of magic weapons. With more than a dozen different magic weapons, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. That is why we are here to help. We have chosen the five best magic weapons in Terraria, and we will tell you everything you need to know about them.

What is the best weapon in Terraria 2020?

Terraria 2020 is a 3D sandbox action-adventure video game released in December 2028, which is a sequel to the hugely popular game Terraria. The game itself has been well received by critics and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. One of the most important aspects of gaming is the weapons you use. As we all know, Terraria has tons of amazing weapons and armors, but which one is the best? In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the best weapons in Terraria 2020. In the current version of Terraria, the best weapon to farm the underworld for loot is the Tungsten Broadsword. It does 9 damage per hit, and it has the high knockback that makes it easy to take out bosses like the Eater of Worlds. Even if you don’t have the broadsword, the best way to get loot is to fight the Eater of Worlds. It drops a lot of valuable items, like the Shadow Armor, which lets you destroy the torches above the underworld and access some of the best loot in the game.

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