Shadowlands: All covenant class abilities

All covenant class abilities

The Shadowlands brings a lot of new content to World of Warcraft, and that includes four new alliances you can join.

During your adventure you can work with each of the Kyrie, Venture, Necrolord and Night Fae to get a sense of what they represent. Later in the game you will be asked to go to a higher level, allowing you to acquire new skills.

While some of these skills are available to you regardless of your character, others are only available for certain classes. These skills will have an important impact on the alliance you choose to join, that’s why we have all the unique classroom skills here for you.

Knight of Death

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The chains of the Unworthy

With this unique targeting capability, the affected enemy can do you 5% less damage, and your fugitive attacks spread DOT to all enemies in the vicinity.


Dew mist

This AoE attack gives you a 10% avoidance bonus and instantly gives you 8 seconds of AoE damage around you. While the possibility is doing damage, 3 runes of power generate up to 15 runes of power every second.


Merzol Leg

Another AoE possibility that causes good damage around you every second, as well as shooting an enemy more than 8 meters within melee range.

You will also be assigned a role based on the specialisation you currently use:

  • Blood – creates 3 charges of bone shield
  • The prince is under the spell of Rome.
  • Ominous is a runic corruption spell.

Night Fae

Death penalty

This Death and Decay replacement is a targeted AoE attack and corrupts enemies in a specific target area. While you and your target are under Death’s Due, activate the Rune Giver of your specialty to prevent enemy damage and increase your powers.

Depending on your specialization, this is an authority for your rune donors:

  • Blood – Heartstab now hits 3 other targets.
  • Frost – The engagement will hit an additional target.
  • Unholy – Scourge Strike/Claw Shadow and Necrotic Strike have now hit a total of 4 targets.

Demon hunter

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Decree of the Elysée

Place this badge on the ground, which explodes to cause AoE damage to enemies in the area and break 3 fragments less than a soul.

Smaller soul fragments also have additional effects, depending on their specialization:

  • Devastation – Cures 20% of your maximum health with Shattered Souls, and gives you 30 rage if you are gifted in Demonic Appetite.
  • Revenge – cure you with 6% for all the damage caused.


Mark of sin

Aim at an enemy, bouncing his damage over time, while reducing his attack and throwing speed by 30%. You can then activate the Metamorphosis and the ability to spread to nearby targets.


Flame injection

This charge evokes a demon that only you can kill and releases the demon soul when it is defeated. Soul Consume increases damage by 30% and reduces all incoming damage by 15%.

Night Fae


This is a movement feature that allows you to attack, damage and carrot your target for 1.5 seconds. They also cause damage over time to up to 5 targets located between you and your charged target. The final advantage is that all attacks on your loaded target for 30 seconds will heal a percentage of your damage, depending on your specialization.

These differences in specialization:

  • Devastation station – cures 25% of the damage caused.
  • Revenge – cures 50% of the damage caused.


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Good mood

This capacity consists of two parts:

First you can contact one of your allies. The link does not give you an immediate advantage, but you can allow it for 10 seconds every minute, which gives you an effect depending on your roles:

  • Damage, balance or sharpness – 20% of the damage treated forms a common fund that your partner can spend on repairing damage, treating allies or absorbing damage.
  • Tank of Guardian – 40% of the damage suffered by your cellmate will be referred to you, unless your condition is less than 20%.
  • Healing or recovery – 30% of all healing you do is transferred to your suture partner.

If you are not connected to an ally, empowerment is only based on your role:

  • Balance, or Wild – 15% extra damage for 10 seconds.
  • Guardian – 10% reduction in incoming damage for 10 seconds
  • Repair – 15% more damage for 10 seconds


The wolf accelerates in

The cooldown capacity gives you hurry, damage and healing depending on the druid spells being cast while the capacity is active. If you interrupt pouring for more than 2 seconds, you will suffer damage equal to 1% of your maximum health and you will be knocked out.


Adaptive sample

This possibility can be used on an ally or an enemy. When used on an ally, the ally is healed for a while and when used on an enemy, the enemy is damaged for a while.

It then jumps to the opposite goal (i.e. enemy to ally, ally to enemy) and continues until all three piles of skills are exhausted.

Night Fae

Spraying spirits

The other capacity is a reload that activates 16 druid capacities for 4 seconds (12 if you specialize in recovery). Spells are determined by your specialization:

  • The most common spells are rejuvenation, restoration, moonfire and anger.
  • Libra – Beginning of the stars, shooting stars and full moon.
  • Wild – Wild biting, raking, shredding, tiger rabies and wild madness.
  • The Guardian is mutilation, iron debris, meat and spraying.
  • The recovery – Swiftmind, Wild Growth and Flourish.


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Resonance Arrow

This cooldown capability marks a point in the terrain that causes damage to any enemy within range. You and your pet can attack any of these enemies, even if they are out of your sight. These attacks have an extra 30% chance of causing a critical attack.


Low absorption

This possibility is a targeted attack that damages the opponent for a short period of time. With each DoT-tick you have a 10% chance that your next deadly shot will be free and immediately usable.


Death circuit diagram

This feature allows your character to launch a chakram that will damage an enemy seven times, and even bounce other enemies when they are present, for a total of 7 damage events. Each bounce adds 15 seconds of damage while 3 bonuses are awarded.

Night Fae

Wild spirit drinks

When you aim at the ground with this ability, you create an area that damages any enemy who enters its borders and applies the Hunter’s mark. Any damage you cause will cause additional damage to up to 5 nearby targets.


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Light spark

Radiant Spark causes immediate damage and is treated over time. Each target affected by this possibility also absorbs an additional 10% of your direct damage. It ends after 4 spells.


Mirror of Agony

This spell evokes its target with a rejection of 3 stacks. Each time an opponent throws, attacks or uses an attribute, he consumes a pile, slowing down his movement and attacking speed. The last pile roots the opponent and silences him while he does more damage.

Each battery, once exhausted, gives a special effect according to your specialization:

  • Arcane – wins 4% mana
  • Fire – hypothermia in case of fire 4 seconds reduced explosion
  • Freezing – slowing down the freezing of the brain.



This cooling transforms you into a skeleton magician and increases your enchantment damage by 10%. Your primary destructive ability also allows you to hit two other targets. It depends on your specialization as follows:

  • A secret explosion.
  • Fire – Fireball
  • Frostbolt.

Night Fae

Breaking capacity

This ability damages your enemies around you. Casting this spell will shorten your casting times by 10 seconds.


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Weapons control

This skill will allow you to increase your skills for a good period of time, while each specialization will give you an additional advantage:

  • Brewmaster – Keg Smash’s cooldown is immediately reset and the enemies hit by Keg Smash suffer 8% damage for the rest of the life of the Order’s Weapon, rising to 32%.
  • Mistweaver – The cooling of the Essence Fountain is reset immediately, and you will radiate healing to 6 closed allies at the beginning and end of the Essence Fountain Channel for the rest of the life of the weapon of the Order.
  • Windwalker – Kick of the Rising Sun reduces the cost of Chi by 1 to 5, and Kick of Darkness reduces the recharging time of Kick of the Rising Sun and Fists of Fury by an extra second for the rest of the life of the Order’s Weapon.


Cases order

With this ability you slowly summon a legion of monk spirits to help you for a short time by causing damage or healing. You also authorize allies corresponding to your specialization:

  • Brewer – Cattle allies attack enemies with a breath of fire.
  • Fog – Crane allies heal allies through transformation fog.
  • Windwalker – Tiger’s allies attack allies with fists of rage.


Beer dust

By focusing on the ground, this charge pushes the allies back into the area while repelling all enemies. So your ability to have a 50% chance of success has an efficiency of 35%.

Each specialty has an additional advantage:

  • Brewmaster – Tiger Palm and Barrel Strike reduces the cooling time of your beer by an extra second when attacking enemies covered in Bone Shock Brew.
  • Miss Weaver. – Domination: A fog burst heals allies who are covered with an infusion of bone dust at an extra cost.
  • Windwalker – Spidering Crane Strike returns 1 Chi by hitting enemies covered with Bone Dust Brew.

Night Fae


This ability activates an AoE frontal attack that damages up to 5 enemies and heals up to 5 allies within 30 meters. Each capacity used in Faeline has a 6% chance of resetting the Faeline Stop reload.

Each specialisation has its own advantages:

  • Brewer – Stagger is 5% more effective against enemies trapped in Fae for short periods of time.
  • Mistweaver – Up to 5 allies are treated with a petrol bolt when touching wildlife.
  • Windrush – Extra Damage Deals 5 extra damage to enemies trapped in the fairy.


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Divine Collection

When you use this feature, 5 replicas of the main feature will be released on each ally or enemy within a radius of 30 meters. This possibility is based on your specialization:

  • Saint – Saint Choc
  • Protection – Avenger Shield
  • Compensation – Conviction


Ash reserve

A targeted possibility that allows you to define an area where allies or enemies are healed or damaged. If you are in this area, you can use the Wrath Hammer on any enemy, regardless of their health.


Vankian Hammer

When you use this feature, you treat damage to a specific enemy and improve a feature based on your character’s specialization:

  • Holy – Your next word of glory automatically activates the dawn light.
  • Protection – Your next word of glory automatically activates the Justice Shield.
  • Retribution – Your next Templar sentence automatically triggers a divine storm.

Night Fae

Blessing of the seasons

This ability will help your ally by giving him a very big chamois before he continues with another one next season. Each buff lasts 30 seconds, while the loading time is 45 seconds.

The following types of fans are provided for each season:

  • Blessing of Spring – Bless an ally with 10% more healing and 20% more healing.
  • Blessing Summer – Bless an ally who calls his attacks for an extra chance to cause sacred damage.
  • Blessing of the Fall – Benefits of an ally so that their colds regenerate 30% faster during buff.
  • Blessing of Spring – Bless an ally who calls on his attacks to do additional damage and apply stackable debauchery to his movements and speed of attack.


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Disaster to Boone

This long cooldown, when activated, is replaced for 10 seconds by the Ascended Nova, which damages AoE and heals up to 6 nearby enemies while giving an Ascended Buff stack. In addition, the destructive power of the core is transformed into a rising explosion that causes damage during launch. It also heals close allies and gives 5 bonus stacks to the ascended loved one.

The replaced competence is based on the following specialisations:

  • Discipline and Holiness – Smith
  • Shadow – Playing the mind


Thinking sports

Puzzle games inflict damage on the enemy in advance, and if the enemy continues to attack, this damage is inflicted on the ally as a cure. When the damage is repaired, your specialty will be given a number of remedies as follows:

  • Discipline and Holiness – 4% Mana
  • Shade – 20 La film


Immaculate new

You can attack an enemy, an ally, or yourself with this ability. If he is hit, he heals close allies according to the number of allies, and does the same for close enemies. In addition, the damage caused by bloodless transfusions is treated for a short period of time. When allies damage enemies affected by Unnatural Transfusion, they are cured for a small amount of money.

Night Fae

Fae Guardian

With this feature you can call up three fairies who will give you useful buffs and go to new targets depending on the spells you cast. The buffs that each fairy offers, and their possibilities, are as follows:

  • The attacking fairy follows the target of your last shadowy word: Pain and recover a small amount of mana or madness for each of your direct attacks on that target.
  • Defensive Fae follow the goal of your last word of power: and reduce damage by 10% upon arrival.
  • Magic Fae follows the goal of your last Lightning Cure for Saints or Shadows for Discipline and Shadows, increasing the recovery rate of basic skills by 100% when charging.


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Current Reprimand

This feature handles temporary damage to generate two combo points and then blows up one of your combo points in 45 seconds.



When you use this feature, you treat three minor damages to your target and hit it with a 20 second kickback that accumulates for every first hit.



This capability consists of three charges that, when used, bleed an opponent to infinity and generate a combo point for any currently active bleeding of the jagged bone peak.

Night Fae


This possibility allows you to spread the damage briefly over time and create a combo point. If the target survives the entire DoT, you win a buff that allows you to use any option that requires stealth for 5 seconds. If the target dies, the capacity reload time is reduced by 30 seconds.


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Vesper totem

This option allows you to aim a grouse at a grouse that places the totem pole in a certain area. When you use a damage possibility, the totem will treat AoE damage to 6 nearby enemies. And if you use the healing power, it sends the healing to 6 close allies.


Chain harvest

As you can ignore it in his favor, the Chain Harvest triggers a chain ability that damages enemies and heals allies. Any enemy or ally severely affected by this ability has reduced their cooldown by 5 seconds.


Initial wave

This capital has unique effects based on specialisation as follows:

  • Restoration – Primary Wave is a cooldown capability that causes temporary damage to an enemy and applies a Fire Shock or heals an ally and applies Tidal Wave. Your next wave of healing will also hit all the targets hit by your riptide at 60% of normal healing.
  • Elementary – Primary Wave is a cooldown capability that causes temporary damage to an enemy and causes a Fire Shock or heals an ally. Your next lava burst will also hit all targets hit by your flame shock at 80% of normal damage.
  • Enhancement – Primary Wave is a cooldown capability that causes temporary damage to an enemy and causes a Fire Shock or heals an ally. Your next bolt will also hit all targets hit by your shock flame for normal 100% damage.

Night Fae

Conversion of Fae

Designates an area that absorbs the health of all enemies within its borders between up to 4 targets. Enchantment Shamans also receive 3 stacks of Maelstrom for each completed channel. When you reactivate the Fae Transfusion shortly after the end of the channel, you radiate the healing to 6 closed allies.


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Scratch of the tenth

When you attack an enemy with this ability, you treat the preliminary damage and follow them in time for 18 seconds. If the target dies while DoT is still active, generate 5 soul bursts. Of course, when the DOT expires, the capacity is immediately renewed.


Impending disaster

You send a cloud that moves towards your opponent and causes damage to other enemies he encounters. Once the target is reached, the cloud explodes, causing damage to the target and nearby enemies. All enemies who receive the DOT have the curse of weakness or the curse of tongues, depending on the type of crowd.


Destruction bolt

After inflicting preliminary damage, increase the damage of your next 3 spells by an amount equal to your specialization:

  • Suffering – Shadow bolt or drain Shower (if good)
  • Demonology – Demonstration
  • Destruction – Combustion

The greater the damage, the lower your target’s health.

Night Fae

Poor mouth

When used on a selected enemy, this option causes damage over time and another half-value DoT attack on 3 other nearby enemies. Drain Life also works on all enemies affected by soul decay, and costs nothing.


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Bastion lance

With this soil capacity you can call up rabies 25 times, cause temporary damage and do damage for a short time. All opponents involved are also connected to the zone.



This skill uses the Wrath capacity instead of the Execution capacity, causing temporary damage and weakening enemies. If the target survives, the weapon and defense warriors win 20% of the cost of rabies.

It can only be used on enemies whose health is more than 80% or less than 20%.


Conqueror banner

With this possibility, plant a banner where you stand to mark an area where you and 2 allies get a 20% health bonus and 10% critical strike chance for 20 seconds. Using anger and killing enemies in the region you will also stacks of glory, the cost of each anger pile, depending on your specialization:

  • Weapons and Defense – 20 Rage per battery
  • Rabies – 30 rabies per pile

Night Fae

Old replica

This possibility releases a frontal cone that treats preliminary AoE damage to 5 enemies, causing them to fall to the ground. Then the replicas enter the area and damage 5 enemies for a short period of time. This creates anger with every blow and constantly brings the enemies down.

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