They really ruined Silver Sable (rant).

(May contain one or two spoilers, just in case).

Ho boy…. I know I wrote about how they ruined Catwoman’s look in Arkham Knight. Now, I haven’t even played it. But since I love the Arkham games so much, and love Spider-Man as much as I love the Heroes franchise, I wanted to find out more about the game. So it looks like this game is going to catch on again with the whole Sarkees de-sexualization story. You were wrong about the Black Cat, but I admit it’s still beautiful. They’ve made things worse for Mary Jane and I don’t know if I can forgive that…. But that’s small compared to what they did with Silver Sable. My God, what were they thinking! Sable isn’t really my favorite character, but they really took care of his appearance.

Let’s start where we need to be:

this…. is Silver Sable!!!!


Tight swimsuit (…. and that time she wore that dress….oh my God….) Long, voluminous hair…. (there were times when it was shorter, but it was more elegant). Also note the star dagger thing…. The tea, I believe it’s called… She has a human being inside her. It’s not a fetish or anything they’re just cool, it’s a trademark of their costume.

When I saw Silver Sable for the ps4 game, I got sick to my stomach. I mean, yes, she’s still an attractive woman, but compared to her old self…. it’s DANGEROUS!

They give him a suit that doesn’t fit him and, worse, is only grey without a shirt. They give him a Karen haircut with a pambi pambi ass. And Sable is wearing a …. jacket, but not a fucking TRENCH COAT! (Well, I saw a picture of her in a trench.) And you couldn’t do it in MONEY?

This all screams of an extreme attempt to de-sexualize her, to take away as much of her male gaze as possible. The massacre is a courtesy of the Sarkisianites.

En INB4 U jUT WanNa fAp 2 VidyA GaEm …….

Congratulations, girls wake up, by removing what made her sexy, you also removed what made her ALWAYS POWERFUL, COLD and LOW!

You can’t wear a shiny suit because it looks too much like a latex fetish, so you get grey marten pajamas instead. I don’t want her to look like a porn star …. So, instead of a shiny haircut: I’m too much woman for you, you’re turning her into a fucking soccer mom. They put a trench coat over it so men literally can’t stare at her ass, but if this coat can be cool in the Matrix…. it’s not Silver Sable!

Dick flies away, she’s so WHITE! So DRAB!

And from what I read, a lot of players didn’t like them very much. They seem to have a problem with Spider-Man getting beat up by normal women without much ability. Maybe it’s because she seemed too normal for her character. Now OG Sable… More than a sexy schmexy… That look says she’s the kind of bitch who can take on Spidey.

Look, sexy women have always been part of the entertainment value of comics, I’m not ashamed of that. This nonsense just makes everything confusing. It’s just not the same. But what really leaves a bitter taste in my mouth is that all this is happening in the name, IMO, of a terrible ideology.

OK…. Now, take your fingertips off the keyboard. Before you hate me: despite my vitriol…. is ONLY MY OPINION. If you really think this is a better view, I’d like to hear your explanation. I’ll give you my opinion. I don’t mind a difference of opinion, as long as you don’t directly attack my character.


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