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Meatballs attract more people

the boys make the shield healthier.

The Iron Bride moves better and has a catapult that sucks up heavy attacks.

Press and hold 5 to pass to mechatronics

Have fun reading this poorly written post, some videos help to understand things.

Operation Poison gave me the opportunity to use the Necromecs much more and learn more about the effectiveness of their abilities. Bonewidow is the one I’ve had the hardest time with, so I’d like to suggest a few things to maybe improve it.

Meat hook

Have the Meathook take down a few enemies as they line up. It’s not too different from what it is now, because you won’t find many enemies in line, but it will give the line of fire another reason to use it.

It may be necessary to increase the gripping area so that this power can work and feel good. You may also need to adjust the healing on larger enemies so that Bonewidow doesn’t become too invulnerable.

Shield Handmaiden

This capacity is superfluous and takes less than 10 seconds in missions over 40 or possibly 50 years.

Healing Meathook gives you back about 1k+ hp per pulse, depending on the enemy you’ve captured. Moreover, Meathook cannot be used with a top-to-bottom shield, which makes it even more useless because there is already a possibility that keeps you much better alive.

To improve him, why don’t you give him some interaction with Meathook? Makes it possible to use Meathook with a shield girl, by stabbing the opponent on the front of the shield. Cutting the opponent complements his shield with HP and increases his health with as much HP as the opponent has (probably under the influence of the Force). When the shield damages an enemy, Bonewidow gives him health based on the damage taken in addition to the momentum.

These changes make Bonewidow’s chances of survival higher than Hollow’s and require more work.

The line of fire

isn’t very useful on its own.

Little has changed, the line of fire has pushed the opponents right in front of Bonewidow. Changes in Meathook will be in synergy with this capacity.

The Iron Bride

The Iron Curtain is not going well for several reasons.

First the jet blocks you in one direction until the animation is over.

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Secondly, you will be locked during swinging and can only move at the end of the animation, blocking your direction of movement for a short time. I know some types of melee weapons do this, but they do not require that the animation ends completely to allow movement again, while the Ironbride, even with the attack speed models, seems very slow and too clumsy to be fun.

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Thirdly, there is not much reason to use it on Arquebex because of its lower damage, attack speed and range.

To improve this, you can improve the movement with the Iron Clamp by removing the motion lock from the animation and allowing free movement when swinging. This makes the use and vocation of the Iron Bridle much less cumbersome and more user-friendly. Titanfall 2 is an example of this, Ronin the Titan is able to use his sword with little impact on their movements while feeling very heavy and powerful.

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A second improvement would be to quickly switch from your Archangel to your Iron Bride, as can be seen in this post. This mechanism already exists in the game with the fast scrum, it even works with all the sublime possibilities of the scrum, why shouldn’t it work with the Iron Bride?

The third improvement is the introduction of more damage to enemies hit by the Iron Bride, as well as the addition of a heavy attack, possibly a rotation attack. Rotating attack increases the range of weapons, as does the full load rotating attack in Breath of Wildlife, ragdoll, and draws enemies to Bonewidow when the ability begins to load a heavy attack. This change gives Bonewidow a new damage option, some CCs, and encourages players to use combos.

Honestly, I don’t think these changes will be enough to make it as useful as the Arquebex without just being old-fashioned.

And while we’re at it, let the player immediately switch to a non-scramble by holding down the 5-key. I find it rather annoying when I have to run to Nekramekh to change the frame, or have to get away from my boys to check the frame again.

This change allows you to choose which screen you want to switch to without having to consider the distance between the screens.

but I think that’s it.

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