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If you are looking for games like Plunder A Pirate’s Life, go ahead and ask yourself what similar games you would like to play next. The goal is to gain ten points initially, which can be achieved by conquering islands, sinking enemy ships and burying treasures. In exchange, you draw a resource map for each island you own. Trade and manage your raw materials (wood, iron, rum, gold) to build and upgrade your fleet with miniatures and herring. Ships pass a roll on an open map and move. Fight enemy ships and conquer islands with dice.

To make this list, we’ve broken down the plunder of a pirate’s life for what it is. It’s a Victory Point mission where you take control of a fleet of ships that share a hired movement to die and give you actions that allow you to conquer islands, find treasures or defeat your enemies. If you’re looking for something like this, you’ve come to the right place. We took all this into account and made a list of 5 board games, such as Plunder a Pirate’s Life.

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Star Wars Imperial board game Stormtroopers

#05 | Star Wars: Imperial Attack

Star Wars: Imperial Assault makes a list of games like Plunder A Pirate’s Life, because if you’re looking for a miniature movement on a modular board with a cool theme, you should look at a first class game like this. It’s a much bigger jump in intensity, but if it’s part of the game you like and you want it up the stairs, then it has the resemblance you’re looking for.

Imperial are actually two different games. The Pit the Limitless Troops and Resources of the Galactic Empire campaign game takes on teams of elite rebels trying to destroy an entire galaxy of assets, while the Shootout game challenges you and a friend to form attack teams and battle conflicting goals. For 2 to 5 players the matches last 1 to 2 hours.

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Downhill in a dark board game

#04 | Market launch: Travelling in the dark

The descent: Journeys in the Dark is on the list of games such as Plunder A Pirate’s Life because it contains global searches and elements of miniature battles and treasure hunts – all in the form of competitive dungeon tracks. It is a different genre, which is generally a fairly linear discovery compared to the open world of looting, but there are many similarities, and in this area it is a good choice.

You and other heroes undertake quests and enter dangerous caves, ancient ruins, dark dungeons and cursed forests to fight monsters, gather riches and try to stop the prince in his gruesome plan. It uses a unique dice system, where you build up your pool of dice based on your character’s skills and weapons, and each dice in the pool contributes to the attack in a different way. For 1 to 5 players the game takes about 2 hours.

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Table game of traders and moradiers

#03 | Dealers and marauders

Merchants & Marauders makes a list of games like Plunder A Pirate’s Life because it’s another great pirate game where you have to make different moves on a large board in the open sea to get the best car and beat the other players. This game has fewer miniatures and more developments, but still mixes many of the same elements.

In the game you can live the life of a powerful merchant or a terrible pirate in the Caribbean during the golden age of piracy. Seek your fortune through trade, gossip, missions and, of course, theft. Customize your ship, buy impressive ships, load deadly special ammo and hire a special team. You are the captain of a small ship in the Caribbean and you are the first one trying to become famous. For 2 to 4 players the game takes about 3 hours.

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Board game on the island

#02 | Island

Islebound makes a list of games like Plunder A Pirate’s Life, because even if it’s not exactly a pirate game, you can use it to do all the things that make the good old life by the sea possible. Here you collect treasures, hire a team and set off to conquer the islands of the archipelago or make friends with them.

You take command of the ship and its crew. You sail to island cities, collect raw materials, hire a crew and build buildings for your capital. Each building has a unique capacity and your combination of buildings can greatly increase your strength as a trader, builder or intruder. You also recruit pirates and sea monsters to conquer cities that offer free city action after conquest, and attack your opponents when they want to use them. For 2 to 4 players the game takes about 1 to 2 hours.

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Catan Starfarers Copyright © 2020 Matt Halvorson. All rights reserved.

#01 | Katan: Spaceships

Katan: Spaceships are at the top of the list of games such as Plunder the Life of a Pirate, because this development encounters a breakthrough into the unknown. It is interesting to think about the fact that space explorers and pirates have their peculiarities, but are generally interchangeable. Swimming in space between different planets is like swimming in water between different islands.

Twenty years ago settlers left for the depths of the galaxy to discover unknown planets, the unexplored universe that lay before them. Maybe they find planets with good ore or carbon deposits – or maybe they only find bare ice planets. They can meet strangers and engage in a lucrative business, and pirates and wormholes will be a constant challenge for them. For 3 to 4 players the game takes about 2 hours.

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