Rugby PlaFamous yers and Their Love for Poker

Rugby PlaFamous yers and Their Love for Poker

Rugby players all around the world are famed for their love for intense sports. It is because they have a higher level of skill and determination in the game. Therefore, it is no surprise that famous rugby players also love poker games like Hold’em Texas and Omaha hi-lo. Some famous Rugby players who adore enjoying a fun session of Poker are Sebastien Chabal, Mike Tindall, David Susigan, Shane Williams, and so more. 

Here, we have discussed the six most popular types of Poker games that are loved by Rugby players. So, if you are interested, make sure to read till the end. 

Texas Hold’emTexas: 

Hold ’em is the first name that comes to mind while discussing Poker games. In Australia, Texas Hold ’em is also a widely popular variation of poker card games throughout the world. This card game encompasses a few simple rules and strategies, just like many other poker games. 

The best part of Texas Hold ’em is that being widely famous; it can be found on every casino site. Additionally, the rules are pretty simple. So, find out about this Poker in the best rated casinos in Australia and start playing today! 

Rugby PlaFamous yers and Their Love for Poker

1. Omaha Hi

The second popular Poker is Omaha Hi. Being played as a pot-limit game, this Poker is also called Pot Limit Omaha or PLO. When it comes to the rules of Omaha Hi, the rules are similar to Texas Hold ’em. However, this Poker incorporates four hole cards instead of two. The punter, who makes a five-hand card in the first place, wins the game, like most other poker games. Another perk of this poker game is that the chances of winning become higher in this game since the players are dealing with more cards from the beginning.

2. 2-7 Triple Draw 

2-7 Triple Draw is another famous poker worldwide were all punters have to deal with their 5-hand cards. The catch of this Poker is that no players are allowed to see other players’ cards. In short, 2-7 Triple Draw does not allow any exposed or face-up cards. Playing this Poker is simple as long as you know the rules and winning strategies. In this Poker, each punter get3 draw attempts where they try to make the best “low” hand for winning the round. The unusual yet straightforward rules make it a unique and different game. 

Rugby PlaFamous yers and Their Love for Poker

3. 5-card Omaha 

If you are already a pro-Omaha Hi player who knows almost all the necessary rules of the game, you should give 5-card Omaha a quick try. Unlike other games, all players receive 5 cards at the beginning of this Poker. As a result, the chances of winning increase since you are dealing with one more card in this game, unlike regular Omaha. Like the standard Omaha hi, this game is also played in the pot-limit format. However, you can find the no-limit format of this game as well. 

4. Razz

Many poker players enjoy playing Razz, another popular variation of the game. I think it’s one of the top five low-power aces. Unlike most other poker games, punters in Razz have to deal with seven cards throughout the hand. Only the player with the best five-card hand wins.

Rules for Razz include Ante, Third Street (or Fourth Street), Fourth Street (or Fifth Street), Fifth Street (or sixth Street), Sixth Street (or seventh Street), and Showdown.

5. Pineapple 

For players, who are well aware of the rules and strategies of playing Texas Hold ’em, Pineapple is an excellent game for them. The rules of Poker, being similar to most other conventional poker games, are easy to learn and easy to play. However, an extra hole card at the beginning makes Pineapple different and more exciting than Texas Hold ’em. 

Rugby PlaFamous yers and Their Love for Poker


These were pretty much all about the different types of popular poker games that are loved by Rugby players of the world. Enjoy playing as much as these players by knowing about the common rules and regulations of the game. 


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