What Does this Mean for The Future of GameStop?

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The recent news of GameStop’s decision to close 150 stores comes as a shock to many gamers, and poses a troubling question – What does this mean for the future of the beloved brick-and-mortar retailer?

Since its founding in 1984, customers have flocked to GameStop storefronts throughout the United States and abroad, looking for the latest video games, consoles, and peripherals at reasonable prices. But with competition from online retailers becoming increasingly fierce, GameStop’s profits have dwindled. This has forced the company to shutter hundreds of locations in recent months.

To find out what this means for the future of GameStop, it’s first important to understand why it’s in this position and how it may attempt to recover. In this article, we will explore these topics as well as possible strategies that could help GameStop remain competitive in a crowded market:

GameStop Hearing With Robinhood, Citadel and Reddit CEOs

On January 28th, 2021, GameStop Corp. was invited to appear at a hearing with the United States House Committee on Financial Services. This hearing included the CEOs from Robinhood, Citadel, and Reddit. It was in response to the events of late January when the stock prices for companies like GameStop skyrocketed due to a surge in Reddit-driven trading.

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This hearing was a chance for the House Committee to learn more about the situation and assess its impact on the stock market. In this article, we’ll discuss the implications of this hearing for the future of GameStop:

Overview of The GameStop Stock Trading Saga

The GameStop stock saga began on January 11, 2021, when a group of mostly amateur traders began speculating on the stock of the United States-based video games retailer GameStop. The group’s activity significantly increased the stock price – at one point up nearly 1300% from its pre-saga level – with some signs that this had been deliberate market manipulation.

An analysis by S3 Partners found that short interest in GAMESTOP had risen to over 140%, continuing a nearly decade-long trend. As such, professional investors were betting heavily against temporary surges in GameStop’s share price and investing heavily in put options. Through this approach to the market, retail traders sought to drive up the GameStop share price to cause losses for these hedge funds who then needed to buy back their stock at higher prices.

Meanwhile, Wall Streeters and banks such as Goldman Sachs benefitted from “exploiting existing arbitrage opportunities” and scooping up as much of GameStop’s shares as possible before retail investors noticed the increase in value too late. Therefore, this situation may mark an important turning point for small individual investors and indicates “a revolutionary moment for how stocks are traded on Wall Street” yet remains uncertain.

The Role of Robinhood, Citadel and Reddit

The discussion around GameStop’s stock price has involved three key players pushing the stock to unprecedented levels in recent trading sessions. The first is Robinhood, a popular US trading app used by many amateur and day traders. However, Robinhood has been criticised for allowing traders to buy highly leveraged call options contracts on GameStop, which has contributed to the extreme volatility of the stock price.

The second is Citadel LLC, a hedge fund that has served as a market maker in various stocks including GameStop. GameStop is one of its clients and it has been alleged that Citadel LLC had a role in influencing the rising value of GameStop shares through its parent company, Citadel Securities. In addition, a recent class action lawsuit claims that Citadel’s market manipulations caused “abnormal” levels of buying activity on GameStop’s shares.

The third player involved is Reddit’s WallStreetBets subreddit, pioneered by amateur investors looking to buck conventional wisdom and make risky investments from home. Through its discussions and Reddit posts, WallStreetBets users identified an undervalued asset in GameStop and created a buying frenzy similar to what happened with Dogecoin earlier this year. The Redditors’ coordinated efforts pushed the price up significantly over several days much to the shock of institutional investors who were shorting GameStock for much more money than it was worth at this time thanks largely in part to those same shorts created by large investment firms betting against it within an unregulated sector of finance known as “naked short-selling”.

These three forces created a perfect storm which plunged amateur and professional investors into unknown territory: astronomical returns or total losses depending on whether they got out at the right time.

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As news spreads regarding this case, there have been calls for greater transparency regarding short-selling practices. In particular, should existing regulations be upheld or strengthened against naked short-selling? Only time will tell whether regulation reforms come into play leading into future high-stakes trades like those seen with GameStock – making these questions essential ones going forward when considering investing controls beyond retail investor education initiatives put forth by industry leaders such as Karen Finerman’s organisation Remarkable (Remarkable Investing Academy) which promotes better understanding around longer-term investments for amateurs seeking knowledge beyond just social media forums such as Wall Street Bets but from reliable sources such as genuine professionals who specialise in quantitative investing like Vanguard or Howard Marks from Oaktree Capital Management despite Masterclass displays given by billionaires linked directly with billionaire owned businesses started from their inspiration though Buffettology exists among other forms too such as Intuition Investment School For all age groups.

Implications of The Hearing

The hearing with the Robinhood, Citadel and Reddit CEOs has left investors with more questions than answers regarding the future of GameStop.

On one hand, the hearing has shed some light on the broader implications that the events of the past few weeks have on the capital markets and retail investor’s access to those markets. But, on the other hand, the hearing did not provide answers as to the future of GameStop and its current financial position.

In this article, we’ll explore the implications of the hearing and what it might mean for the future of GameStop:

Impact on The Stock Market

The recent congressional hearing concerning the volatility of GameStop stock in January 2021 generated important questions regarding the state of the stock market and its effect on retail investors. The hearing highlighted positive and negative implications that could arise from this event, but ultimately left the overall effects on the market somewhat uncertain.

On one hand, increased scrutiny into stock trades may lead to greater oversight of Wall Street trading, which could benefit all investors regardless of their stake size. Additionally, these hearings may have brought more attention to equity trading and opened access to a wider array of investors on both Main Street and Wall Street.

On the other hand, if further regulation is imposed upon equity trading it could stifle competition among financial markets and limit investing opportunities available to retail investors. Furthermore, increased attention and oversaturation may harm retail investor interest in equities if they feel wary or burdened by regulations or large financial institutions dominating certain stocks.

Ultimately, it is hard to say what direction this discussion will take. Still, ultimately it has reignited national conversation around reforming equity markets to better protect small-scale investors. So, depending how this event shapes future policy we may see:

  • More restrictions put in place
  • Economic benefits extended to all stakeholders involved with equity markets including brokers and individual retail investors.

Impact on Regulation

The outcome of the GameStop hearing is likely to have far-reaching implications for how the markets are regulated going forward. GameStop has revealed how deep retail investor involvement in Wall Street has become and regulators will be forced to adjust existing rules and create new ones to accommodate this unrestrained investing done by individuals, who don’t necessarily have the same level of financial or market background as professional investors.

Further, online brokers that allow for easy purchasing of stocks without necessarily checking who is buying them may face tougher laws regarding stock manipulation and other securities fraud. There may also be additional regulations introduced by exchanges aimed at curbing certain types of stock manipulation activities.

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The GameStop saga revealed important gaps in the current regulatory framework, which needed to be addressed and acted upon before another breakout event on markets that could further shake investor confidence and cause disruption. Although the ramifications of this particular event for the company remain unclear, there are plenty of lessons to be drawn from it that should form part of future regulations governing financial securities markets.

Impact on Small Investors

In the weeks following the January 28th congressional hearing, small investors will carefully monitor GameStop stock to track how much it fluctuates. The hearing has been described as “a turning point” and could have important implications in the stock market moving forward.

The congressional hearing marked a historic moment for the stock market, with lawmakers raising questions regarding retail investors’ ability to compete on an equal footing with institutional investors. The question of who, if any, should be held accountable for extreme swings in share prices is still being debated.

For small investors, this focuses extra on their involvement and decision-making in the stock market. As such, it appears there will now be increased public scrutiny on these individual investors from financial regulators. How retail investors respond in such cases is key – especially when a company’s share prices take an unexpected dive – though it might not necessarily spell success or failure for these smaller players just yet. In the days following the hearing, what remains certain is that short-selling strategies pose quite a risk for those who use them – and time will tell if potentially profitable rewards truly warrant these risks in the future.


In conclusion, it’s safe to say that the future of GameStop is uncertain. While many investors remain hopeful that the business will be able to stay profitable, others are more bearish on its prospects. Despite the uncertainty, a few trends could shape how the company moves forward.

  • The first is the shift toward digital distribution and away from in-
  • store retail. This could benefit GameStop as it allows them to establish online storefronts and adapt to customer preferences.
  • Additionally, they could focus more on selling used and refurbished products which may provide better margins than new products.
  • Lastly, they could explore new revenue streams such as esports or streaming services to diversify their product lineup and appeal to a wider variety of customers.

Ultimately, only time will tell what the future holds for GameStop. However, there still seems to be opportunities available for them if they are willing to make necessary changes and meet customer demand.

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