Things to Know When Making Homemade CBD Dog Treats

Things to Know When Making Homemade CBD Dog Treats

CBD is a term that can be heard more and more often among pet owners but also veterinarians. This hemp derivative is a natural supplement that has been in human use for a long time. Since a couple of years ago, it has also found its application in the animal world. CBD is not just hype but something that has firmly grounded facts that point to its many health benefits.

Cannabidiol may help your pet relax and cope with stress better. Also, it can help your furry buddy withstand fears and things that make them anxious. On the physical side, this hemp derivative is an excellent painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent. It can also be beneficial for your dog’s skin.

You can find pet-friendly CBD in many forms on the market. But most owners prefer treats for dogs for their four-legged friends. These products are an effective, tasty, and convenient way to provide your furry buddy with this natural supplement.

Sure, commercial treats are a great option when your pup needs their cannabidiol dose fast. But if you have some spare time and will to prepare these yummy bites at home, you’ll do many good things for your pet. Homemade snacks are usually tastier and healthier than store-bought ones. Just make sure to follow some simple rules when making these at home.

Use Dog-Friendly Food

There are several things to know before making homemade CBD treats. Before making any snacks, you must check the ingredients list of dog-friendly ingredients and eliminate unnecessary ones. These foods should be free of fillers as these can trigger allergies.

Try to use foods that are minimally or not processed at all. These are various fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, certain grains like oats, rye, rice, etc. But all this should be used in moderation. By combining all the foods your dog likes, you can prepare tasty snacks they will adore. Also, you can make them perfectly safe to eat if your dog has some food allergies.

You should also make sure that homemade dog treats don’t contain artificial flavors or sweeteners. Instead, you can sweeten them up with honey or maple syrup. If you plan to use sugar alternatives, try erythritol. Studies showed it’s perfectly safe for dogs. But again, use it in moderation.

Use Quality CBD Oil

Homemade cannabidiol-infused treats are healthy and wholesome for your dog, and you don’t have to worry about the cost. You can make these yummy bites using any CBD oil. Well, not just any oil because not all products are pet-friendly. For example, you should avoid full-spectrum oils because they contain THC, which can negatively affect your pet.

Instead, opt for broad-spectrum oils or even isolates. You can even make your own CBD oil or cannabutter, which comes in handy for preparing dog treats at home. Aside from being tastier than store-bought edibles, these snacks contain less or no THC and other harmful substances.

Buy quality and pet-friendly oils from reputable retailers and always ensure they come from reputable manufacturers. Cheap CBD oils can be low-quality and even dangerous for your pet. On this page, find some tips on purchasing hemp goods online.

Baked, Raw, or Frozen

You can make yummy CBD-infused bites for your pup in many forms. Depending on what your furry friend likes best, you can opt for frozen popsicles, biscuits, or raw treats. You won’t need ‘heavy equipment no matter what you make.’ Just a bowl, blender, and eventually, the oven.

For frozen treats, pour the mixture into the ice cube tray and freeze until firm. These are excellent for hot days when your pup needs some refreshment. You can make baked treats in many shapes with a cookie cutter. You can keep them in a well-sealed jar for days. On the other hand, raw CBD treats are the simplest to make. But they can’t and shouldn’t last long, so don’t make large quantities.

Things to Know When Making Homemade CBD Dog Treats

Bake at Low Temperatures

If your bake treats, do that at a low temperature. That way, you’ll avoid burning them and preserve CBD potency. High temperatures can tarnish the flavor of the food and destroy cannabidiol molecules. But, of course, that’s in case you added CBD oil to the dough directly.

You can add this product later if you don’t want to risk exposing it to high heat. Just soak the baked treats with desired amounts of cannabidiol oil to make them more nutritious and more digestible for your dog.

Be Careful with Amounts

When making dog treats, you should note that the CBD amount will depend on the oil potency and your pet’s needs. Higher potency oils may be more cost-effective for making homemade dog treats, as smaller amounts will yield better results.

Before preparing the treats, you should determine their dosage. But before all that, you must be aware that CBD doesn’t work the same way for every dog. So start with smaller amounts and watch your pup’s reaction. Be patient and always consult a vet before giving any form of CBD to your furry buddy.

More on the health benefits of cannabidiol read below:

When you administer CBD to your pups in the recommended dosage, they will enjoy many benefits of this hemp derivative. In the form of treats, you just make this compound more palatable to them. Let’s be honest – no dog will ever refuse a snack.


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