Review – Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty! (Switch)

It’s a strange world: The delicious new N! – is an innovative remake of the original game that started it all, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, who first decorated our consoles in 1997. It’s a strange world: The new N Tasty! was first released in 2014, but eventually arrived at Svitch. I didn’t play New ‘N’ Tasty when it came out, but I played Abe’s Oddysee when it came out, and I really enjoyed it. Now that it has reached the standard, I thought it would be the perfect time to try this updated classic.

A story in Wacky World: The new N Tasty! is exactly like Abs Oddiesia. You’re playing for Abe, the grumpy Mudokon workers at the Fault Farm meat processing plant. One night, as the ground grew, he heard his boss, Mollak Glukkon, announce his intention to turn all the mudokons into delicious delicacies, as a last attempt to save a demolished factory. Now Abe has to escape from prison and save his 299 fellow moddokon.

Scaling allows you to open gates, open your own garlands and even get clues from a swarm of insects.

The soundtrack and sound are redesigned, sharper and richer than before. The sounds of different beings and the sounds of the environment really help to understand the meaning of the extraterrestrial world. The soundtrack is good, even though not all songs are particularly catchy. However, each melody fits well in the corresponding scale. There is only the right mix of nerves for the melodies, that’s a trombone of the crazy world.

I’m starting to realize that the love for Oddworld games fades with time. Although I still like the characters, the strangeness and the dark satirical elements, the gameplay is always immersed in the atmosphere. After playing against a new platform player like Horace with his incredibly tough but honest management, it’s just not fun to play the old school game. Especially considering the fact that the game mechanisms are unreliable and touching.

It may be a difficult game, but there is a beautiful landscape.

Everybody’s crazy: New N Yummy! I did it, it upset me. Still, I’ve come to appreciate the management of Wacky World: Munch is more like a hiker. To be honest, if you’re new to this franchise, it might even be better to just switch to Weirdo: The anger of a stranger. In any case, these game mechanisms seem to be closer to that time. If you’re a fan of the crazy world, then… Abe Oddisee or maybe just a tighter and then maybe take a chance with Oddisee: New N Yummy!

The graphs have been significantly revised compared to the original version. They are sharper, more dynamic and have excellent lighting effects. Although the shortened scenes still resemble something from the PS3 era. This game is a 2.5D puzzle game with a side-scrolling puzzle platform. Although the controls have improved considerably compared to the original, they are still sometimes incredibly disappointing.
The sound effects are very good. Several mudokons speak and all sounds are charming and pure. Each song in the soundtrack fits well in each section, even if some melodies are not quite catchy. It is a beautiful remake of the original game with which it all started. But despite the fact that the governing bodies have been modernised, they continue to deteriorate. It’s hard to enjoy this story if you still want the anger to go away.
Phrase: 6.0

It’s a strange world: The new N Tasty! is now available for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android, Wii U and Switch.

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