Guide: How To Improve Game Settings

Guide: How To Improve Game Settings

Playing video games on PC is a dynamic experience that offers versatility in the configuration of input devices, button setups, and tweaking graphics by improving game settings. The console counterparts offer the first two experiences, but they lack or limit users from fiddling around with the graphical fidelity. As a result, some of the video games pushed in the last cycles of console generation suffer gravely in terms of frame drop, textures loading times, and much more.

Improving the game settings on PC is one of the best features that allow players to get the most experience out of a video game. However, if your system obstructs your first playthrough by dipping fps every now and then, frequently crashing the game, and popping other errors, then you should immediately fix this by improving game settings.

Luckily, I have found eXputers game settings guide helpful in troubleshooting a providing a variety of game settings like Valorant Settings solutions that otherwise cripple your gameplay experience. Earlier, I used to run into game crashing errors that not only were a deal-breaker for me but also had toned down my hype while playing many launch titles. However, that is not the case anymore.

Problems With Improving Game Settings

Improving game settings will always be a luxury while playing video games on PC. It is because, unlike consoles, the PC games come with a wide range of video settings that can be tweaked to high or low settings based on GPU’s VRAM capacity. This liberty of altering how graphics look in video games does not always translate into a smooth gaming experience, as tweaking the settings causes crashes and sometimes renders the game unplayable.

Guide: How To Improve Game Settings

While most of the smooth in-game gameplay can be achieved by improving the game settings wherever required, the high CPU or GPU using video games sometimes conflicts whenever you change game settings. It is because some video games are power-hungry; hence they demand good GPU, CPU, or combined usage while others require a higher RAM or reduced background operations to perform smoothly.

Necessary Fixes for Improving Game Settings

Many users do not realize the simple fixes they could have found and fixed their video games from crashing to running flawlessly. While all video games allow you to change game settings from the main menu, most of them give you access to advanced graphics whenever you launch the game. Setting the game’s resolution to that of your screen fixes mostly the black screen issues many encounters. In situations like these, players only get to listen to the audio in the background, and the image does not appears because of the oversized resolution, which the display does not support.

Next up, the screen tears that many players get while rotating the in-game camera quickly can be fixed easily by implementing an easy game setting. If you toggle the V-Sync in the display or video settings, the GPU starts to render the whole image in a single frame instead of when the in-game camera moves from the left to the right or vice versa. By tweaking this easy-to-fix game setting, you will no longer face screen tearing issues that break the immersion of gameplay by splitting a single frame into two parts.

Should You Improve Game Settings As Rule of Thumb

Yes, you should always play with the game settings to improve not only the resolution and fps but also get the maxed-out textures, shadows, terrain, and other details possible. It all boils down to how much VRAM your system has as increasing settings beyond “HIGH” in graphic-intensive games such as open-world, fps, and other graphically-demanding video games will eat up VRAM quickly.

Guide: How To Improve Game Settings

However, certain video game genres such as 2D fighting, simulators, indie, and a few more consume less VRAM and are likely to be played at max-out settings without utilizing the complete VRAM. Regardless of the video game genre, as a rule of thumb, one should always tweak the video game settings after launching a game for the first time.

There are many ways your video game may be underperforming on the PC. It is why striking the perfect balance by tweaking and improving game settings will always be an essential component of PC gaming. One can always search the web for solutions. However, for me, Exputer works just fine.

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