How to Beat Nightmare Dragon Ango

Ango Natsume is the acclaimed author of 5 Strikers in Persona, who is known for his novel and won a literary award. But there are unlikely things behind his success, and he turns out to be one of the evil personalities like Alice Hiragi. He turns into Ango’s Nightmare Dragon when you finally come face to face with him. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat Ango Natsume in Persona 5 Striker?

How do we defeat Ango the Nightmare Dragon?

Ice and Bean skills is the best line of attack against Ango in the game. If you use other attacks, you won’t do much damage. Ango is resistant to fire, electricity, wind, nuclear and the curse. Yusuke, Haru and Sophia must be on your side if you want to win the battle. Make sure Yusuke and Sophia are above level 20 before you enter a Dragon Mogul battle. You can also buy restorative items from the store.

Phase One:

How to Beat Nightmare Dragon Ango

Angus’s Nightmare Dragon is a slow target, so you’ll have plenty of time to hit him. Plus, you’ll be able to dodge his attacks faster. At first, he will use a magic attack and look for ice crystals around him. Use this to stun Ango, he will then be stopped for a while. This is the time to attack him with all kinds of punches.

The Nightmare Dragon Ango also uses shockwaves, but there is no reason to worry. At first, Ango will use special abilities that are not easy to defeat. Once activated, he will be engulfed in flames, which increase his attack and defense. The only way to defeat this boss is to break him when he is back on the field. Slide the dragon over the ice cube and continue attacking.

Make sure he is close enough, then mark the dice to cause an explosion. This is ice damage to the nightmare dragon Ango. This attack will freeze it for a while, just stand there and keep attacking it. This is your chance to do maximum damage to this boss. Use a mix of combos and magic attacks to destroy it.

Ango Dragon Nightmare is also weak against holy magic, so switch to Yusuke or Sophia. If you can do this during the phase when he is frozen, you will have more damage. When he is back on his feet, stay away to avoid a claw attack. You should do this until he is halfway to health.

Phase Two:

How to Beat Nightmare Dragon Ango

In the second phase of the Ango Natsume, he began to use buffs to increase his attack and defense. If you can’t stop him, you’ll face his powerful AOE ice magic attack. Use Phantom Strike when you see him floating in the air with a blue sphere above his head. Don’t let him charge or you won’t be able to dodge this attack.

If you manage to get it out before it launches its magical attack, you will see piles of swords on the ground. You can do the same with the dragon and the fight will begin. The sword attack inflicts holy magic damage and also stuns the dragon. Concentrate only on this type of attack to make sure it doesn’t fly away. Every time you are in the air and attack with the sword, and if you are close enough, hit him with magic attacks and combos.

This pattern of attack will continue for some time. Be careful to dodge the attack and continue attacking when you have a window. Continue until he has about 20% of his health left, which is when Ango will be more aggressive. Nothing special here, just use the same strategy. Dodge and attack when you get the chance, use swords on the ground to knock him out.

How to defeat the nightmare dragon Ango in Persona 5 Stryker. The fight is small if you can do everything at the right time. More tips and tricks for the Persona 5 Striker can be found here, and this link for more details on boss fights, scouting money and more.

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