UltraGoodness 2 Review (PlayStation 4)

UltraGoodness 2


UltraGoodness 2 tells the story of the battle between good and evil. With the help of his faithful cat companion, the player must break through the forces of Satan and leave behind oceans of his own blood and mountains of demon corpses in the name of good!

UltraGoodness 2 is a top-down shooter in which the prehistoric man and his faithful cat shoot down all the enemies on the map. You will also encounter additional obstacles, such as bombs and cannons fired from the walls, and other traps waiting to kill you.

UltraGoodness 2

The game has a dual joystick variant mechanic; for example, to execute R2 on the PS4, you must press the Set button, but you must aim with the right joystick, much like in a FPS game. It doesn’t work as well as you’d expect; this game was really meant to be a two-handed shooter. As you kill enemies, you can also get temporary bonuses as a boost to your weapon.

Fortunately, when your special meter is full, you can kick your enemies’ asses by dropping bombs on them, pausing time and picking a target; this is a really handy mechanic that can easily get you out of trouble. In addition, your pet cat can be taken to a new lethal level. The game has a SUPERHOT-like feature where enemies move and shoot when you do, so you can stop and try to strategize your next move.

UltraGoodness 2

The biggest problem is the orders. While the controls are generally good, they do feel a little slippery and you move pretty fast, making it difficult to dodge fast-moving enemies in your path or enemies hiding behind tree leaves that you can’t see unless you shoot at or bump into them. This is a dubious spelling error that should not be overlooked; at least let us walk among the leaves of the trees, so we don’t feel like we’re doing something random.

The other problem is that the game doesn’t really explain when a level is finished. Normally the level ends automatically or when you kill the boss. You can see the finish line of the level fairly early on here, but you can’t move on until you’ve covered every inch and crevice of the level and killed everything. The problem is that some enemies are hidden and the game doesn’t tell you that. Just when you think you’ve done everything, you need to check that you do. Otherwise, you’ll have to re-explore the entire level to find all the missed enemies.

UltraGoodness 2

UltraGoodness 2 is a colorful novel. Although the levels have a similar color palette, each world you visit has its own theme. There’s also a good variety of enemies, and the fast-paced action is quite fun, but it can also be easy to get lost between enemies and their projectiles. The biggest problem with the visuals is the blinking of your character every time he shoots; there is no epilepsy warning, so players who are sensitive to blinking lights should beware. The soundtrack is a boring dubstep-influenced electronic affair; it sounds really uninspired and overly familiar.

UltraGoodness 2 is a breathtaking and replayable experience. While the time manipulation gives the game a unique approach, it’s not enough to set it apart from other mindless shooters, shmups or twin-stick shooters. The fast pace of the action, combined with the somewhat loose controls, is frustrating at times. It’s fun for a few levels, but the fun will end long before you complete the 20+ levels presented here. Purchase at your own risk.

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Developer:   Publisher: Rattalike SL
games -Platforms : PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5,
Verified platform: PlayStation 4 PRO

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