The Best Farming Games on Switch

The brand new story of Seasons: the pioneers of the town of Olive will be released on March 26. But since there’s still a long way to go, you might want to play the farming game on Switch now. So let’s take a look at the others that have already been released on Switch!

Now, I haven’t included any game with a little bit of agriculture in it. When I look around online, I see named games that may have a small element where you can plant one or two crops, but to me it’s not a farming game. In farming games, taking care of your farm is one of the most important elements of the game. So games like My Time at Portia or The Cloud Catcher Chronicles are not included. But we have a list of the best simulation games that you will definitely find there!

The games are not arranged in any particular order, so you have to choose which game you want to use your green thumb on! All tested by our team!

History of the seasons: Friends of Mineral City

In 2003, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town was released on the Nintendo GameBoy Advance, and it quickly became a fan favorite. Fast forward to 2020, and a remake of this game and its sequel More Friends of Mineral Town is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Friends of Mineral City Seasons follows the history of these two old games and updates them to adapt them to the gaming age. It has brought new graphics, the choice to play as a child or a young adult, and the choice between an old-style avatar and the new cute giant farmers. The entire game has been graphically updated, allowing new farming games to be integrated.

Of course, the basic gameplay is still the same as the old Harvest Moon games. Still, it would be a good idea to go there while waiting for the Olive Pioneers. Want to know more? Here’s my review, “The Story of the Seasons: Friends of Mineral City” (Nintendo Switch) in review.

The Valley of the Stars

This game has been a fan favorite since the early days of its appearance on Steam. It really feels like Harvest Moon of yesteryear, with retro graphics. So if you like Harvest Moon, you should check out Stardew Valley. Besides the good gameplay we like at HM, they threw everything away and the sink! Not just farming, but parallel research, finding things for people, making things, spelling things to make them interesting, mining…., too much to mention.

Compared to Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley adds an RPG element to farming and data. In addition, Stardew Valley offers more options in terms of gender, ethnicity and appearance. And you can marry whoever you want!

Want to know a little more about the game? You can find it here.


In Farm Together, you get a piece of land and lots of seeds to build a beautiful farm. Enlarge it into a huge farm that extends beyond what you can see with the naked eye. Unlock new items to place in the farm, unlock animals and even more seeds. Follow the rhythm of the seasons and put all your creativity to use.

Visiting and farming with friends is fun and works well because what you can do on your virtual friends’ farm is predetermined. So no problems with accidentally uprooting plants or anything like that.

When I looked at the game, it reminded me of HayDay, a mobile game I have played for many hours over the years. Farm Together has the same immersive atmosphere as HayDay, but better, without the need for microtransactions and with a much, much larger playing field.

Rune Factory 4 Special Edition

Fleece Factory originated as a series of spin-offs from the original Harvest Moon (Bokujou Monogatari) when it celebrated its 10th anniversary. Animals were raised, fed and cared for, but these games also had a good plot and role-playing element. That’s what makes them so unique. The series was released in several installments on the DS and 3DS, as well as two console games (Frontier and Tides of Destiny).

The version on the Switch is now a port of the game to the 3DS. However, since there was no dual screen, the user interface had to be almost completely redesigned. The Switch version also includes updated character models (as well as their 2D equivalents), updated animations, and a new Japanese voice cast.

You can also play the “Newlywed” mode, where you marry your game partner and play together, focusing on the newlywed couple. Moreover, there are even new scenarios that you can enjoy with every character in the game. Rune Factory 5 is also a brand new game coming to the exchange market. But if you’ve never played a Rune Factory game before, you’ll love it: it offers the best of farming and crafting combined with the best of role-playing games!

The history of Doraemon’s time

The first Story of the Seasons game to appear on the Switch was a Doremon Wedding and SoS game. It was made for another farm game, and it was Doremon’s first game in the West.

This charming and highly addictive rural role-playing simulator has a beautiful watercolor style and classic gameplay elements from the previous Story of Seasons games. Not only is there farming, but there are also gadgets and puzzles. Beth has published her initial thoughts on the game here.

Is it better to turn on the switch or PC in Stardew Valley?

Due to its success, there are Stardew Valley ports on most platforms, but not all versions are as good as the PC version. … The Switch version of Stardew Valley also offers better cursor control with the right stick than the PS4 or Xbox versions.

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