Instagram Marketing Tips to Stream Your Gaming Experience

Instagram Marketing Tips to Stream Your Gaming Experience

As a gamer, we are passionate about showing off our skills while we master the game. We are proud of our achievements and want to show them off, whenever we get a chance. Streaming is a way to build an audience who is privy to your every move. If you’re talented enough, it’s more than likely that you’ll begin to cultivate a following. But that only comes with the perseverance, some hard work and an unmatched talent at your game of choice.

If you are interested in taking in the skills that it requires to use social media effectively to stream your games, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Instagram?

Now, here comes the fun part. Creating that sense of community extends far beyond simply hoping that your audience will join an upcoming game. It’s about reminding them that you’re out there. This is best accomplished on social media – especially on Instagram where you have the potential to leverage photos and videos with over a million followers. 

Instagram is an effective platform for multimedia marketing, with video performing significantly better than static photo moving into 2022. This is perfect for streaming, which is all video-based content. Not to mention, the bulk of its proponents are generally within the 13 to 33-year-old age gap, the ideal age bracket for stream viewers.  Instagram is the perfect tool to boost stream views, increase revenue and gain attention of potential sponsors. Thunderclap contains valuable ideas about Instagram growth.  If you are looking to grow your Instagram, consider the following recommendations.

Instagram Marketing Tips to Stream Your Gaming Experience
Instagram is here to stay!

Plan and schedule ahead

The secret to a strong social media presence is careful planning and execution. It is about creating a visually-appealing, curated feed that looks good and speaks to your target audience. Instagram is the perfect place to tell stories both through your photos and video and beautifully written captions.

Some post examples that perform successfully for streamers include:


  • Divulge your favorite gaming secrets
  • Set up short tutorials on gaming best practices
  • Offer a video tour of a day-in-the-life behind-the-scenes of your gaming

Some tools that we use to plan content in advance are:

1. Airtable
2. Trello

We would recommend that you create content at least a week ahead of time to ensure that you are being proactive with every post. Once you are satisfied with the content that you have created, schedule it. One tool that we enjoy is Later, coined as “the world’s favorite Instagram marketing platform”.

Develop a strong graphic presence

Instagram is nothing if you are not executing a strong visual identity. Start by considering your branding and how you want to convey yourself. Unsure where to start? This guide from Hubspot is a good spot!

Once that’s settled, be sure to create graphics that fit well into the look and feel of the feed. PosterMyWall is a one-stop graphic design solution for devising social media posts like a pro. The platform offers many tools for small businesses, including thousands of templates where you can drag-and-drop in content with ease. This results in beautiful graphics in minutes!

Instagram Marketing Tips to Stream Your Gaming Experience
Presentation goes a long way!

Create a portfolio

Think about Instagram as your portfolio. It is actually one of the best places to share your highlights. Unlike regular Instagram Stories that disappear within 24 hours, highlights remain on your profile permanently. Consider streaming yourself playing live and then include snippets of your best moments on your highlights reel. This is perfect for those who have missed a stream where you performed exceptionally well.

Don’t forget that short videos that are a minute long can be shared as a post or better yet, an Instagram Reel.

Collaborate with other gamers

Instagram is known for its influencers, otherwise known as gamers with klout that are well-recognized for endorsing products or services on their account. Connecting and building relationships with influencers will not only potentially snag you an awesome new match-up for the next round but will continue to build your community.

Creating an awesome streaming presence is all about networking – who you know and how you connect with your fans. To make your way to the top, you’ll have to shuffle amongst the big-wigs of the gaming world.

To find influencers, we would recommend searching through some of the hashtags listed below and engaging with the accounts:

  • #streamer 
  • #twitchstreamer
  • #youtubestreamer 
  • #youtubegaming 
  • #facebookgaming

Pro Tip: While you might be inclined to simply spam through the accounts leaving a comment like “cool pic,” leave a thought-provoking question instead. It’s much more likely that you will receive a response this way!

Instagram Marketing Tips to Stream Your Gaming Experience

Wrapping it up

A strong Instagram presence is all about having a plan and executing. Start with a strategy and be consistent about implementing it. Having strong graphics and a video presence that showcases what you’re best at is key. Don’t forget to collaborate with other gamers to build that presence. Have fun getting creative!

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