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There’s a bit of a debate in the Sims community about which is better: Sims 3 or Sims 4. Both are pretty similar in terms of gameplay and content, but Sims 4 has a more realistic art style. It also has more tools for builders, allowing for more intricate houses and scenes.

As we’ve already discussed in this year’s Sims 4 furniture guide , the number of mods and CC (custom content) items has been growing at an exponential rate. While some of these items are of a higher quality than others, I always recommend that you download items from reputable creators. (Not every mod or CC item is safe for your game!) That’s one of the many reasons I’ve been rooting for a new store, Sims 4 Downloads, to come up with a clean, user-friendly site that lets you search for and download mods for free (with new items added each day) . The store has finally launched, and you can have a look at it here .

If there is a better way to spend a day than a picnic, humanity has yet to find it.

It has all the good stuff in it. Food, company, fresh air, maybe music or games when everyone is done eating.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for your Sims to survive this wonderful time. There are no picnic baskets or blankets, little appropriate food, no decorations.

Unless you get a CC.

Simulators around the world have already filled in the gaps. So don’t forget to send your Sims to the ground to rest and eat…. if time permits.

Functional picnic basket

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

First, you should have a picnic basket.

If you don’t, the whole thing is moot.

Unbelievable, but Fire2icewitch has created a functional option. This is a re-release of The Sims 3, and I love that the cute wicker basket is back.

It looks the same, but it’s better than ever because it’s functional now.

Your Sims can store and transport food! This means that you decide what they will eat at the picnic and hire them to cook it.

Larix Picknick Set

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

This set allows you to fully immerse yourself in the aesthetic of a picnic.

If you’ve ever tried to picnic or sit down in The Sims 4, you know that a lot depends on your imagination. There are not many typical decorations.

This is no longer true. That’s all there is.

There are colorful triangle tags like those found at every community picnic, a classic plaid picnic tablecloth, a decorative picnic basket and much more.

It also comes with a new grill that I really like.

There’s something about a round grill on wheels that makes a picnic fun.

CC Picnic set

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

Here are some great new options for picnic poles, tablecloths and baskets.

This Simmer has created a modified version of the Outdoor Retreat baskets, where not only is the mesh a little nicer, but it’s also smaller.

Isn’t that great?

I don’t know why many official articles are so massive. Cute, nice decor, but too big to really use.

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this way, because I see things diminishing all the time.

The tablecloth here still has the iconic gingham pattern in calm tones. Just having a tablecloth makes me happy – I’ve been complaining about its absence for years.

Picnic products

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

This is real American picnic food.

Lemonade, chips and sweet treats are the triumvirate of joy around here.

These are perfect little sets that can be laid out for any sim, regardless of age, to really get in the mood for a summer day.

Whether in the garden or in the park, everyone likes to gather around the picnic table, drink coke and eat cookies.

Picnic for two couples

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

As with everything in this game, you have to use poses if you want a perfect picture.

And then take a picture.

With this Cat Fresh kit you can take the most beautiful pictures you could wish for. A picnic date, that’s all you can ask for, right?

Some people may strive for more. But it’s still a great way for a couple to spend time together and a great idea for a date with Sim.

Here are five poses to see if you lovebirds are really….. in love.

Picnic area

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

It’s clear that the idea of a picnic date appeals to a lot of people, including Simmers, because there are many poses dedicated to the idea.

There can’t be too much of a good thing, right?

Your Sims can cuddle, eat strawberries, and sing songs with a guitar.

It’s a good day.

Sims use way too little floor space. Apart from occasionally getting down on their knees to watch TV, they only rest on the furniture. It’s certainly convenient, but in real life, people use the floor all the time.

These poses make your Sims look more real than ever.

Individual picnic set

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

This custom set now gives you a few more ways to push the boundaries and decorate your picnic area.

To create an impromptu atmosphere for sitting and eating, you can put shirts on the floor for your Sims to sit on. They’re even wearable!

And if you think your Sims are the type to want something more comfortable, there are pillows for them too.

But if you need a regular picnic, don’t worry. There are again several quilt patterns, always with the classic gingham pattern, but also many new patterns.

Kawaii Outdoor Picnic Collection

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

Fresh fruit and baguettes, real sliced cheese and pretty cakes….. This, you have to admit, is a step up from most picnics.

The decorative items available here will add a new dimension to your Sim’s day. Such a bizarre discrepancy is beyond our reach.

And I know some people will laugh at me if I call fresh fruit and cheese on a plate chic, but hey, some of us live on soda and chips, right?

But at least it’s a way to diversify your Sim’s picnic food.

We’re all tired when we see the pan de muerto and the sausages and beans on the table, aren’t we?

Picnic tables

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

This set of poses lets you see how your Sims hold a picnic basket!

This is a really great idea, because with this game you can do many parts of the picnic. You’ll have to customize everything yourself, but you’ll also have to force your Sims to participate in the game. So it’s a nice trick to get them to hold the basket.

You can even invite a couple of Sims to walk hand in hand, with the basket on the free side.

Isn’t it romantic?

Picnic tables #1

Sims 4 Picnic CC, Mods & Poses (All Free)

Check out this AC.

These poses truly embody the precious memories that can be made at a picnic.

You can take pictures with food or drinks in their hands and they look like they are really enjoying themselves at that moment.

And who would say no to eating strawberries and washing them down with champagne on a beautiful beach?

Well, the beach area is not included.

But I have to admit, looking at these photos of the designer makes me want to have a picnic at the beach instead of the park.

Of course, the choice of where your Sims live is entirely up to you.

And no matter where you put your sets and poses, whether it’s in Sulani or Newcrest, it will be a great day for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a picnic basket in Sims 4?

The picnic basket is a new object in Sims 4. It contains a picnic blanket, drink and plate. The object is bundled with the Get Together expansion pack. If you don’t have the pack, you can download it separately The Sims 4 is a fun and popular life simulation game, but it doesn’t really allow you to do much that you couldn’t do in real life. For example, you can cook food and eat it, but there isn’t an option to cook a picnic, and then eat it outdoors. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to remedy this. The simplest way to bring a picnic into your Sims 4 game is by using a mod, which is a small mod that changes one small thing about the game.

Can Sims 4 cc give you a virus?

If you’ve used cc in The Sims 4, you probably know that cc itself can’t give your computer viruses, but some of the custom content people make for it can. Most viruses in The Sims 4 come from custom content that modifies the game in ways that can cause problems. Specifically, look for custom content that lets you disable game security features, like the anti-virus software that comes with Windows. A number of simmers are worried that cc for the Sims 4 can give them a virus. This makes sense, as a virus is a program, and cc is a program, and you use cc to modify the game, and you can use it to modify things that aren’t yours too. However, this is a common misconception, and cc is probably perfectly safe.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your The Sims 4 gaming, there are many different mods that can help. These mods can make the game more interesting and even more fun to play. However, if you aren’t careful, you can get caught up in the world of Sims 4 mods and end up spending way too much time and money on them. It’s no secret that we love Sims 4 mods here at Undergrowth Games. But, some of you aren’t sure whether or not they’re legal, so we’re here to answer all your questions. First, a bit of background: fans have been modifying games like The Sims since the series first debuted in 2000. Since then, players have created mods of all shapes and sizes, from wacky to essential and everything in between. Sometimes, though, downloading a mod isn’t quite as straightforward as it should be. For example, while many players link directly to the mod creators or sites that host the original mod files, in some cases, a download button or link will direct you to a different site where you have to download a separate program,

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