Hitman 3 The Talented Mr. Rieper

Learn how to take on the “Mr. Ripper Talent Challenge” in Hitman 3 here.

Hitman 3 The Talented Mr. Rieper

Finishing the hitman 3 The talented Mr. Rieper is one of the easiest tasks in the game, even if it ends with a shootout with the guards. All you have to do is be patient. You will have to wait a long time in this mission to meet this challenge. To complete the “Talented Mr. Reaper Hitman 3” challenge, you must talk to Diana three times in your standard costume, without any other disguise. This will prompt Tamara Vidal to invite you to a private meeting at the movie theater. Once you are there, the challenge is complete.

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How do we meet the talented challenge of Mr. Reaper Hitman 3?

The talented Mr. Reaper tells us about his feat: “meeting Tamara Vidal alone in the cinema” and nothing more. Some will find this task difficult because Tamara always follows Diana throughout the quest. Your task is to separate her from Diana and go to the movies with her. However, this is quite easy to do.

Let’s see how you can handle the talent challenge of Mr. Ripper Hitman 3:

  • Make sure your starting point is the parking lot.

In other places of departure, you will be given a mission disguise. We need to be in our usual costume. If the place of departure is the parking lot, you can choose any costume you have unlocked for the mission. All costumes, with the exception of camouflage, are cosmetic changes to Agent 47’s only standard costume.

  • Enter the invitation
    Talented Mr Rieper Hitman 3

Go to the middle of the parking lot with the cactus plants. There will be a guest smoking there. He held the invitation next to him. Select the invitation to display it at the main entrance.

  • Go to the next level

You must use the stairs and go to the upper level of the reception. You must wait here for Diana and Tamara Vidal to arrive at the party. Once inside, they will go to the reception and then up the stairs that you used. You will need to talk to Diana about three times on this level.

  • Talk to Diana.
    Hitman 3 Mr. Rieper

When you see that Diana and Tamara have reached the top of the stairs, go to them and you will be invited to talk to Diana. Speak to her and introduce yourself as her former colleague Tobias Reaper (“The Talented Mr. Reaper”). Diana will recognize you and introduce you to Tamara. Then they will excuse themselves and leave.

  • Talk to Diane again.
    Hitman 3 The Talented Mr. Rieper Talk Diana

Wait a moment while Diana and Tamara talk among themselves. You can even sit at the table. As soon as they start walking, go to Diana and you will have the chance to “talk to Diana Burnwood”. This time Tamara will be more interested in you and find out more about your profession. Agent 47 will reply that he is a corporate liquidator and the conversation will end.

  • Talk to Diane a third time.

After the second conversation, Diana and Tamara come to the railing and talk some more. After waiting a little longer, you can approach Diana and get a clue to talk to her. But this time Tamara Vidal will be very suspicious. She will tell you that she has already checked your social media, which seems to be blocked for questions. She will then ask you to accompany her because she wants to discuss something about the TC (i.e., secret or confidential). This will bring you closer to completing the Mr. Rieper Hitman 3 Challenge.

  • Go with Tamara Vidal.
    Talented Mr Rieper

You have to follow Tamara and now a new bodyguard joins you. She will take you to a movie theater where four other bodyguards are waiting for you. She will tell you that she knows Mr. Reaper is Agent 47. And he’s her golden ticket to becoming Ernest. That’s why she took him to the theater, to kill him.

  • Kill Tamara first.
    Talented Mr. Rieper Tamara

After the exchange, the five bodyguards in the room will start shooting at you. Make sure you kill Tamara first, or she will escape from the room.

  • The challenge of the talented Mr. Reaper Hitman 3 is complete.

Before the shoot, when Tamara asks you, “Okay,” no more bullshit. Who are you really? ” you get a pop-up that says your Hitman 3 “Mr. Ripper Talent Challenge” is over.

That’s all you need to know to take on the Talent Mr Ripper challenge in Hitman 3. Also read our Murder on a Mission challenge guide to learn how to get an enemy NPC sniper to shoot Tamara Vidal. While you’re here, check out our other Hitman 3 guides as well.

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