Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Although they are an integral part of most people’s lives, grandparents have always had a rather small place in The Sims 4 on laptop, PC or wherever you like to play.

By the time the simulation reaches the senior level, most players are ready to move on and focus on the younger generations. I think it has to do with the fact that the seniors are not really as advanced as the other levels.

So we miss all the little things that make a grandparent a warm, comforting, welcoming person. We want to turn their home into a place they will never want to leave.

Well, user generated content is there to make things better, like grandma always did.

1. Grandma’s nightgown

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

Grandmother fashion can be very unique, as classic nightgowns like this one prove.

There are 35 examples in total, both solids and patterns. They all satisfy the grandmother.

It’s a beautiful thing.

You can say what you want about nightgowns, but they are a neutral nightwear option that you can always find in a million different styles.

Older people always prefer function to form. But they need not be mutually exclusive. It all depends on the owner.

Can a grandmother wear anything more elegant? Yes, of course.

Do you have to? No way. Not at this stage of life.

2. Grandmother’s knitted cardigan

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

It’s a style that was popular years ago, and needs to be revived. …. At least for my grandmothers.

Crocheted clothing only seems to be gaining in popularity. Which I’m sure the grandparents aren’t too happy about.

It’s so satisfying to make something functional that you can carry with your own hands. And contrary to popular belief, I don’t think crocheting is just for the elderly.

It’s not the same as knitting either.

A crocheted cardigan is a great way to complete your Senior Sim’s wardrobe, especially when it comes in a variety of colors like this one.

3. Grandfather’s property

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

Being a grandparent can be an important part of a person’s life.

And this feature of Snovia95’s mod reflects that.

Giving your Sims this feature really gives them a new purpose in life, as grandchildren often do.

It has a lot of great features that will make your Sims look a lot more like grandparents.

Sims develop social skills faster with toddlers and children, interact with family more often, and gain many new quirks.

Like many grandparents, your Sim will often want to buy things for their grandchildren, for example. B. Toys or furniture.

So now you can cuddle the little ones, help them with their homework and teach them skills. Good.

4. Sweater cardigan reel

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

While sweaters are not the exclusive domain of grandparents, they are kind of the iconic grandfather look.

The colors of these Cats & Dogs sweaters are perfect for any well-dressed older man.

Nothing makes someone more likable, more approachable, and like a bunch of good stories.

Although I like the cats & dogs package, I have never used many CAS items because they are too specialized.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with a vest covered in dog bones. But Argyle?


5. Granny apron

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

Aprons seem to be another thing that gets scarcer with each generation.

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen one for sale in my life. And I don’t understand why.

An apron is the perfect way to protect your clothes when working in the kitchen.

And these personalized aprons from Linzlu bring a retro touch to Sims wardrobe, which is also fun for grandparents. No one can say they’ve used the same item for three or four decades, but chances are every grandmother has at least one item they’ve kept for years.

All the patterns here are good complementary colors.

There’s even an apron with little sprigs of holly in red and green, perfect for the holidays.

6. Spend the weekend with Mod

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

It’s something I’ve desperately wanted to do for several installments of the Sims franchise.

Allowing Sims children to spend a weekend or a few days with another family shouldn’t be so restrictive or permanent.

I understand that the short life span we often play with has something to do with it. They don’t want the kids to spend most of their childhood with Grandma.

But it’s hard to keep the family together when it’s so hard to get Sim to stay somewhere for more than a few hours.

Thanks to LittleMsSam, you can send sims freely with this mod.

Children can go to their grandparents’ house until you lure them back with a simple phone call.

7. Granny’s Refrigerator

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

Maybe it’s just my nostalgia, but I think it’s one of the most beautiful CC articles ever made.

If you want to make sure someone is a grandparent, look in their kitchen. Nothing tells me I have grandchildren, like mere scribbles lovingly scattered on the refrigerator.

Our Sims’ refrigerators have been ordinary for far too long.

Honestly, even if you’re not a grandma with a completely empty fridge? None.

But I don’t think anyone has a refrigerator decorating set similar to Grandma’s.

These adorable designs and magnets will really help bring the grandparent feeling into your older Sim’s home.

8. Grandma’s comforting soup pot

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

We all know that grandma’s food can cure anything.

And the lack of menu variety in The Sims certainly doesn’t reflect that.

Now your Sims can also use grandma’s cooking skills to feel better.

This soup cures all of Sim’s diseases and makes him hungry. There is a wide variety of designs, which is nice, especially since simulator food can be so boring (but we have mods for that too!).

The best thing here is probably a slow-cooker-like device, because we all know the slow-cooker is Grandma’s best friend.

9. Progressive Aging Kit

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

In real life, a person can age in different ways.

Maybe you have no wrinkles at all, or maybe you have a lot.

You can go grey at 30, or not go grey until 50, or (if you’re lucky) never go grey at all.

And anyway, the signs of aging probably won’t be limited to your face and stature like in The Sims 4.

And this progressive aging wrinkle set from Onlyjustaname helps fill in the gaps in our older Sim’s appearance.

There are different levels of wrinkles you can apply to your Sim’s face to change their aging, and even some details that can be applied to your hands!

Seriously, I don’t know how I played without him.

You can almost always tell a person’s real age by their hands. They carry the weight of almost everything we do in life.

Show that experience is not a bad thing!

10. Grey hair strands

Sims 4 Elderly CC For Your Sim Grandma & Grandpa –

Look at this CC

If you need proof that old people don’t get enough attention in The Sims 4, try adding gray hair to most hairstyles.

Salt and pepper are almost never right.

That sounds like a one in ten chance.

Most styles in the game, even those in the new packages, don’t look good unless you’re fully committed to the grey.

Well, this accessory is perfect for that.

If you want to give your sim that spicy essence without getting worked up, just apply it.

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