Genshin Impact Floral Freefall | Windblume Festival

During the Wind Dust Festival there are several events you can participate in, and the Genshin Impact Flower Festival is one of them. As the name suggests, the idea is to jump from a height with the wind gliders and catch the flower bulbs. It’s a fun task, and the more you collect, the better! You want a high score? Find out how to complete this mini-game.

To unlock the Fresh Flowery Pleasure challenge in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Floral Freefall

  • Make sure you have activated the Wind Energy Festival (Wind Energy Invitation).
    • You must have an adventure rating of 20.
    • You must have finished the prologue: Act III – Quest Song of the Dragon and Freedom.
  • Then you go to Moon City.
  • Get the assignment Ode to Colour and Cloud.
  • Perform the search first.
  • How to unlock Floral Freefall in Genshin Impact, which you can get in your journal.
  • Talk to Lizzie who is standing by the Moon City stall.
  • She’ll explain it to you.
  • After talking to her, the first class, Falcon Shore, begins.
  • Three more will be released after that. To launch an event, all you need to do is communicate with the scoreboard.
    • Falcon’s Bank (immediately unlocked)
    • Wind Rising (22 March)
    • Bright Crown Canyon (25 March)
    • Stormer’s Lair (28 March)

Genshin Impact Floral Freefall

How to eliminate free fall colors with a high score

Genshin Impact Floral Freefall

Your goal is to collect a large number of bulbs before the time runs out. If you hit the ground, the event is over. Different bulbs are worth different amounts of points. Players must constantly soar through the air while collecting different bulbs and earning points.

  • Green fluorescent balls (35 points)
  • Orange honeycomb crowns (200 points)
  • Finish line pendulum (400 points)
  • After crossing the finish line, 10 points are awarded for each remaining second on the stopwatch.

While you’re at it, make sure you slide to get a lot of bulbs at once and move on quickly to the next batch. Look for the honeycomb wreaths, as they give you the most points. Hang in there, get the finish line from Garland and get a high score. This way you get the maximum rewards and the pure fall of the fresh flower in Genshin Impact.

Flower prices in free fall

Here are the rewards you will receive after completing all courses/problems:

Falconer Bank

Kaya needs 1,000 points as a reward.

  • Primožemymy x 30
  • Greeting card x 100

Fischel Award – 2000 points are required.

  • Helden CV x 2
  • Greeting card x 100

Amber needs 3,000 points as a reward.

Increase in wind

Sacharose Award – 1,000 points required

  • Primožemymy x 30
  • Greeting card x 100

Klee Award – 2,000 points required.

  • Helden CV x 2
  • Greeting card x 100

Venti price – 3000 points required.

Brightcone Gorge

Reward Noelle needs 1,000 points.

  • Primožemymy x 30
  • Greeting card x 100

The Albedo 2000 classification is required

  • Helden CV x 2
  • Greeting card x 100

John Reward 3,000 points required

Storm Pub

Barbara’s reward of 1,000 points requires

  • Primožemymy x 30
  • Greeting card x 100

Diona’s reward is 2,000 points.

  • Helden CV x 2
  • Greeting card x 100

Mona’s reward is 3,000 points.

Holiday tour tickets and event shop rewards can get you a commemorative Wind Blossom Festival balloon, a Windsong lyre, talent enhancement materials and more.

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