WoW Season of Mastery vs. Classis World of Warcraft – What’s the Difference

WoW Season of Mastery vs. Classis World of Warcraft

Surely, you would be familiar with changes Season of Mastery has made to the Classic World of Warcraft to offer thrilling gameplay and fast-paced leveling experience, along with a challenge feel when raiding encounters. Though World of Warcraft Classic was released back in 2019, many changes were made via Season of Mastery by developers to give the game a new life. A new currency WoW Classic SoM gold, was introduced for Season of Mastery, offering you a chance to purchase premium items of your choice to make progress faster than average. The majority of players are curious to know about the differences between the Season of Mastery and WoW Classic, as the SoM was opened for players to play on 16 November 2021. We’ve compiled a list of differences that have been released with the Season of Mastery. 

Faster Leveling and Several Improvements

The first prominent change that has been made is the leveling system, as now players from worldwide are capable of achieving the higher level in a shorter time. In short, the objective behind introducing the faster leveling system is to keep the focus of players on quest XP, which may increase the chances of getting rewarded for completing challenging quests. Surely, it’s a good move because many players didn’t seem happy with the system introduced in the classic version as it’s a bit slower than SoM. So, the main difference that takes place between these two titles is Leveling. 

WoW Season of Mastery vs. Classis World of Warcraft

Besides, you can now obtain a mount with a cost of 45 WOW Classic Som Gold, including the mount training. Making in-game gold isn’t easy as it may put your crafting and level completing skills to the test. 

Meeting Stones 

With the release of Season of Mastery, the replacement of Meeting Stones with Summoning Stones became possible. It makes it easier for players to summon heroes of their choice in dungeons without using the Warlock feature to display and farm Soul Shards. Besides, several changes have been found in herbalism and Mining Nodes.

WoW Season of Mastery vs. Classis World of Warcraft

The main purpose for introducing these modifications is to make the leveling more fluid and bring people to level 60 easily. With the introduction of Season of Mastery, PvP players don’t need to wait anymore for Phase 3 or 4 anymore. 

Raids and Raid Bosses – Season of Mastery vs. WoW Classic

Expecting the world of “Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer” won’t go in your favor as it has been removed inside Raid Instance. Additionally, you can’t kill Onyxia while rushing to Orgrimmar. In World of Warcraft Classic, developers have made raiding a bit easy, especially the early raids, known as Molten Core or BWL because of a few reasons as follows: 

  • World Buffs
  • The Talents Trees

The addition of Season of Mastery has fixed a few issues with the introduction of a few new mechanics making the boss raiding a bit easy. Furthermore, Lucifron has been introduced with four ads rather than two. Apart from that, Baron Geddon is now capable of placing the Living bomb on three players instead of one. Similarly, the abilities of Shazzrah have been revised as now he can leave the clones after blinking. 

WoW Season of Mastery vs. Classis World of Warcraft

In short, all these changes are made to help those players searching for an intense experience while playing the Season of Mastery with their Gaming Taste. 

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