Best Sims 4 Sweatpants & Joggers CC (Guys + Girls) –

Best Sims 4 Sweatpants & Joggers CC (Guys + Girls) –

These days, comfort is a priority when it comes to clothing.

In the past, people often sacrificed this aspect for looks, but that doesn’t work anymore.

Everyone understands that life is too short to wear uncomfortable, itchy or embarrassing clothing.

There’s nothing wrong with putting on sweatshirts. From streetwear to sportswear, people of all backgrounds and ages have turned to these soft, casual pants.

And our Sims are certainly no exception. There is a reason why sweats and runners can be used in the base game for almost any tackle category.

With this list, you can significantly expand the horizons of Sims wardrobe. This would certainly make the game even more exciting when you play it on any of the laptops recommended for Sims 4.

1. Angels skating

Look at this CC

Colored runners hit differently, don’t they?

A nice change from the typical gray sweat you usually see…. While I’m actually sitting here in a gray sweat typing this.

Well, the skates on this SS are way cooler.

They are characterized by the fact that they are very powerful.

With real people, you can usually pull your pants up to where you want them.

Sims, however, is tied to the size of the net.

Fortunately, these pants that sit so high offer a lot of possibilities with a top.

If, like me, you don’t like Sim showing too much of your upper body, you can choose from a much wider selection of halter tops, t-shirts and tank tops.

2. Comfortable runner

Look at this CC

Keeping Sims happy is not easy.

In fact, the most common emotion with my Sims is discomfort.

It’s just hard to meet their needs sometimes.

Hunger, bladder, energy, fun. They expect so much.

But I think the least we can do is throw them a bone now and then and dress them up in something nice.

These handy skates seem to have been named accordingly. Your Sim will be ready to take on the world, even when hungry and exhausted.

The texture of the cuffs flows into each other at both the waist and ankles, which really gives it a casual sporty feel.

3. Lazy pants

Look at this CC

It’s true that clothes don’t really make a man (or woman), but sometimes you want to spend the day in front of the TV in your favorite sweatpants.

Aptly named loafer pants, the CandySims sweatpants are a great choice for simple yet stylish pants.

Your Sim will thank you for the day you spent in this house.

It’s a chore to go running or go to the gym, but come on….. give them a chance!

4. Baggy sweatshirts

Look at this CC

It seems like a lot of the pants in the game are geared towards sleepwear. And frankly, many people think sweatshirts and running shoes should only be worn indoors.

Well, these people are crazy.

I wouldn’t survive if I didn’t go to the grocery store in sweatpants from time to time.

But if you prefer sweatpants to jeans, it doesn’t mean you’re sloppy. There are many ways to wear them as part of a larger outfit, and a good place to start is with size.

As with all clothing, make sure the pants are not too big or too small.

But there is something to be said for them being a little wide.

These pants are the perfect compromise, with a close-fitting waist and loose pleats on the legs.

The colours are excellent too, from classic black and grey to more colourful shades of yellow, pink and blue.

5. Comfortable Training Trousers

Look at this CC

We’ll see more sophisticated projects later in this list, but for this QC we’ll keep it simple.

Sometimes all you need is a pair of soft pants to get by. This job is about making sure your sim looks cool and comfortable, of course.

You bet your ass these damn sweatpants do.

They have a very soft texture, and I especially love the soft lacing.

It’s just a nice little detail that can really add to the aesthetic. Nothing is more casual than laces with a bow.

6. New York Clean Sweatpants

Look at this CC

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cozy CC article.

Your Sims son will be very happy to know that these sweatshirts are available in many bright colors.

They also look pretty bland. You can almost feel it, I swear!

Unlike girls’ pants, these are slightly looser around the ankles and wrap around your sim’s legs.

No exposed skin, no cold ankles.

7. Slim cardigans

Look at this CC

You probably already know that there are different types of sweatpants.

I always thought if you saw one pair, you saw them all… but clearly you didn’t.

These Peacemaker sweatpants are a little more tailored than most we’ve seen.

They envelop your simulation in all the right places, with shadows and wrinkles, making it look really realistic.

And I think most men don’t like high-waisted pants, so it makes sense for them to be very low-cut.

8. Dalla’s panties

Look at this CC

If you want unique designs, Trillick is the place to be.

It just proves that sweat can be a fashion statement, just like everything else.

If you want to stick with the classics, this CC set offers the usual grey, white and black options.

However, there are dozens of creative examples that are too good to pass up.

There are many camouflage, abstract and animal prints for these brave Sims. If they want something more fun and cheerful, galaxy, floral or banana pants are perfect.

And that’s not all, far from it.

I’m telling you, it’s like the holy grail of CC sweatpants. This may sound crazy, but I’m serious!

9. Drive-amplifier

Look at this CC

Now we have comfortable sweatshirts with minimal size, and perhaps best of all: pockets!

I know, I know. Sims don’t even need bags.

You have an inventory that includes a lot more than pockets….. at least in women’s pants.

But bags are always a beautiful thing!

Here you can choose from different models. First of all, these are solid patterns that all have a nice, bright color.

There are also some with a simple stripe running down the legs, like many sports pants.

Finally, your Sim can wear a pair of striped sweatpants with the name of the designer, Trilliki.

It’s the Sim version of designer clothes, if you look closely.

In real life, we rely on well-known brands like Nike and Adidas when it comes to finding cool clothing. Our sims depend on custom content creators.

10. Izme sweatpants

Look at this CC

We all know that Sims can be a little forgetful, at least when it comes to clothing and custom content.

With so many different things to explore when it comes to women’s wardrobes, it can be a little boring to focus on the pants and tops that make up the bulk of men’s wardrobes.

These Lleisenheimer pants are an absolute must.

Seriously, they are so new and fresh and combine streetwear style with unique striped accents.

There are two options: solid black or dark camouflage, and both are fantastic.

They suffer from hemiplegic seizures but are still relaxed enough to work as they do every day.

11. Sweatpants

Look at this CC

Dude, running and sweating for men actually take different forms.

It’s a very different style from the ones we’ve seen on this list.

They’re a bit floaty and have zippered pockets on the hips, as well as a rough, crinkled texture along the hips.

Your Sims will definitely have the best sports equipment in town thanks to this CC.

There are a total of ten designs, mostly in dark brown or blue tones that clearly say slim, medium, weightlifter.

They will be a great addition to any casual outfit.

The only thing it probably won’t work for is evening wear.

12. Narrow runners

Look at this CC

Oh, I love the wrinkles!

This only applies to clothing of Sims. As far as I’m concerned, or anyone else’s… You know, let’s move on.

The way these shapeshifters gather around the knees and calves is another example of how KC wants to be realistic without straying too far from the gameplay.

The texture of this CC seems very silky and smooth.

They may be thin, but no one will ever say they’re too tight.

Each of the designs has three stripes along the legs, mainly in white, but also in green, red or blue, depending on the color of the pants chosen.

13. Slim-fit sweat pants with cuffs

Look at this CC

These dark boys jogging pants now have a wide waistband and ankle cuffs for a hard-wearing look.

You’re not going anywhere.

Don’t worry about them falling off or stepping on your shoes.

Not that our Sims really need to worry about that, but still. It’s always nice to see pants that are sure to last.

Red and white patterns are available in this kit.

14. Fault vein color block Track Pants

Look at this CC

You won’t find anything more stylish than these sweatpants.

This CC has the most unique designs we have ever seen!

Wide two-tone stripes run vertically along one leg, and a colored stripe surrounds the other leg.

I would say they are very bold and contrasting colors at best. Yellow and blue against orange, or red and white against black.

These can be combinations that you would never normally put together….. But the designers at Shung clearly knew what they were doing, because these pants are truly amazing.

15. Holographic pants

Look at this CC

Well, we’ve seen just about every type of sweatpants you can imagine – the traditional black and grey, creative color combinations and crazy prints.

So what’s left?


It’s easy to see why this design has become so popular in recent years.

The swirling mixtures of bright pastels are simply stunning. These patterns are sometimes found in art, but apparently they work great for pants too!

And really, it’s practically a work of art.

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