Best Mage Gear For Your Next Build –

Magical assemblies are an essential part of all Dark Souls facilities.

Wizards are known for their crazy ability to inflict damage, and are often considered an easy way to play.

But they’re fantastic to me. They require a good sense of timing and distance to be executed efficiently, and produce some crazy shots as a reward!

But which devices should you use? Today I’m going to go through a list of the best options for a smart body!


Wizard on trial

The Court Wizard's Team The Dark Souls 3

The Court Witch is the best catalyst for pure intelligence.

It has the largest spelling footprint and has a persistent vocal art that filters out spelling damage by another 10%!

For general use and for a varied battle, the Court Wizard should be yours once you’re in the final game.

Where’d you get that? In the church of the centipede, nestled in the swamp just outside the desecrated capital.

Preacher on the right

Judge Ecclesiastes of the Dark Souls 3

For magicians who focus on the melee, Preacher is a fantastic choice.

It excels best in PvP, but can also be used in general, especially in combination with a slower main weapon.

The spell is still just as great and just under the 50+ intelligence of the court magician.

And the skill of the weapon of Revelation creates a super-fast, short-range, high-spam attack that does decent damage!

Where’d you get that? Found in an encircled urban swamp, to the right of a giant judge.

Weapons specialist

Aquamarine Dagger

Screenshot of Aquamarine Dagger Dark Souls 3

In my opinion, one of the coolest weapons in the DLC’s Ring City, the Aquamarine Dagger, caused a surprising amount of disgust when it came out.

Although it doesn’t have the ability to anaesthetise, it does a lot of damage to dex/intelligence hybrids and is incredibly fast, allowing it to get in and out of the fight.

The flash factor comes into play when you think of your weaponry with a crystal blade that increases the range of a dagger like a straight sword, while maintaining the speed of the dagger’s swing and making a great new walker!

Don’t fall asleep with this weapon, it’s incredibly fun and surprisingly powerful.

Where’d you get that? At the beginning of the DLC Periphery town, guarded by a knight of the Harald legion, at the top left of the stairs.

The great word of the moonlight

The moonlight, the great sword, the dark souls 3

The Great Lunar Sword is one (if not one) of the iconic weapons of the Soulsborne series, present in all games – even Bloodborne!

Since it is a big word, you might think it is a strength/intelligence weapon, but because of its pathetic E-strength scale, it is essentially a pure weapon of intelligence.

Yet it has the highest magical damage of all the weapons in the game, incredibly flashy movements and weapon skills, and a beautiful aesthetic to surpass it all.

He’s a fan favorite for a reason, and I can’t recommend him anymore.

Where’d you get that? A soul transplant with the soul of Ocheiros.

Immersion tube

Immersion tube in DS3

A weapon you probably don’t see very often, but which is tragically underestimated.

A hellbeard/catalyst hybrid that does cause fire damage and completely destroys traction (Leo’s ring!).

It has a large range and exchanges its heavy attacks for the ability to cast a chosen spell.

He’s actually very good at casting spells, and at a high level of intelligence he’s only a few points away from becoming a court wizard.

It also has a D/C/A scale in terms of power/dec/intelligence, making it ideal for hybrids, and has an impressive weapon of skill that calls for fire to detect your enemies!

Where’d you get that? Leaving the witches from the fire in Irithill.

Witchcraft series

Crystals Core Lance

Dark Souls' Crystal Soul Lance 3

The crystal spear of the soul is considered to be the ultimate link for all spiritual physics.

And because of the intelligence requirement of 48, you have to be at a high level to use it!

As a reward for your investment in stats, you’ll get the most powerful remote spell in the entire game, which pierces through enemies and requires only one location to adjust!

It is difficult to use in PvP because of the obvious lead time, but it is a basic element in the game in general.

Where’d you get that? When Orbeck sold it, he got a crystal scroll from the Grand Archives.

Farron Flash Sword

Screenshot of Farron Lightning Sword Dark Souls 3

For a more PvP-oriented option, it is difficult to go wrong with the Farron keyword.

This spell calls up a magic sword with the speed of a dagger that you can wield on your enemies. It has an incredible range and disrupts the enemy’s actions!

Because of the low development costs, it can be heavily sprayed, but be careful because the catalyst can be terribly clothed.

It fits perfectly with many tools, such as the preacher’s right hand or the decapitation table!

Where’d you get that? Buy from Orbeck when he’s in Firelink.

Pathetic Big Word

The Great Sword of the Dark Souls 3

Lightning Sword’s big brother and another big PvP charm.

The soul of the great word conjures up an even greater magical sword and makes it spin in the great expanse in front of you.

The obvious wind makes it easy to dodge, but it has a great ability to catch rolls and does a lot of damage.

Although not exceptional in itself, it can be used in the middle of a combo to catch your opponents being unguarded!

Where’d you get that? Sold by Orbeck as soon as you send it to Firelink.

Magic Crystals Weapon

Magic crystal weapons in DS3.

Crystalline Magical Weapon is a fan of witch weapons.

Use it to hide your weapons in sharp, magical gems, and add a ton of damage depending on the fan catalysts of the weapon.

Basically, any buffalo weapon with intelligence does that.

This is particularly impressive for hybrid designs and allows you to saturate the weapon of your choice, whether sharp, strong or superb, while incurring impressive intelligence-based damage!

Where’d you get that? Bought it in Orbeck after you gave him a crystal scroll.


Schematic pattern

The shaving pattern of dark souls 3

The Crown of Twilight is the return of the original dark souls and is essentially a passive grooming tool.

This increases the magical damage inflicted by 10%, but in turn increases the magical damage inflicted.

It is quite easy to ignore the increase in incoming damage compared to the constant increase in crown damage, and it is worth taking this into account at all times.

It is a popular choice for all magicians!

Where’d you get that? Found at the foot of an ivory tree in the Farron swamp.

Dragon beam ring

Dragonscraper ring in DS3

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Ringing the bell increases the damage of the spell by 20%.

That’s all there is.

If you’re doing witchcraft, you can’t go wrong, and this ring should be on your finger at all times.

Put this on your magi, over.

Where’d you get that? Located in the dungeon of Irithil, behind a door that is unlocked with a prison key.

Sage ring

Sage Ring Dark Souls 3 Screenshot

Sage Ring is another spell that is needed unless you use a hybrid dex-built.

What you may not know is that your spelling rate is affected by your Dex values, which are 50 Dex.

But if you’re not building a dex, don’t worry! The Ring of the Magi offers an impressive 40 virtual dexes, in its strongest version +2.

This significantly increases your Dex level and thus your casting speed, without having to compile statistics yourself, which means that you only need 10 Dexes to reach the spell’s speed limit.

Where’d you get that? The basic version is located in a dilapidated room in crab infested waters outside the Farron farm. Version +2 (NG++ required!), found on a broken staircase in the royal garden exhausted.

Lloyd’s Gravity

Lloyd's Sword Ring in Dark Souls 3

Lloyd’s Sword Ring has been made practical for long-range attackers who want to stay out of the line of fire.

Or players who can prevent damage without fail.

It increases the damage caused by all sources by a good 10%, as long as you’re all full of HP.

This is ideal for wizard constructions, because they are usually real glass cannons and their magical range allows them to stay away from enemies.

But it can also be used on Mele-oriented constructions, provided that the timing of the rollers is respected!

Where’d you get that? Found in the Dieptekathedraal, on the ground next to the first giant meeting.

Magic coupling ring

Magic Dark Souls Coupling Ring 3

Finally, with regard to the prevention of damage, there is the controversy about the magic clutch ring.

Magic Grip increases the magical damage by 15%, but reduces the physical absorption by 10%.

It can be considered a more durable version of Lloyd, because even a single movement doesn’t eliminate him, but the movements hurt a lot more!

In PvP it is not worth using this ring – the damage buffer is smaller and the incoming damage is higher.

If you’re sure about your evasive skills or you want to try your skills, let’s give it a try!

Where’d you get that? In the enemy defeat zone before the battle Pontifex Sulvan, behind the Illusionary Wall.

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