The Largest and Most Popular USA Lotteries You Can Join


The United States has Powerball and Mega Millions, the largest lotteries with sizeable prizes. There are also state-run lotteries with smaller jackpots, which may have better winning chances. Some US lotteries welcome international players, allowing you to purchase tickets anywhere.

Lotteries vary in excitement and winning odds. Let’s dive into the American lotteries you can play.

Lottery #1: Powerball

Powerball is an iconic American lottery with jackpots forming at $20 million. Its top prize climbed to $2.04 billion in 2022. Participating is straightforward. Players win the jackpot by matching six numbers during the Powerball drawing, including one red Powerball. Fortunately, partial matches can still win significant amounts of money.

Lottery #2: Mega Millions

Mega Millions is another national lottery with a $20 million jackpot. Its winning chances are similar to Powerball at 1 in 24 odds. It may not have the same fame as Powerball, but it is a strong contender. It draws countless hopefuls chasing life-changing wins, and its frequent hefty jackpots are captivating.

The game is quite similar to Powerball. Players pick five white balls and a gold Mega Ball. If you match all six numbers, you win the main jackpot. Getting some numbers right can still win you small cash rewards.

Lottery #3: Lotto America

Are you looking for something new? Lotto America emerged in 2017 and brings excitement across states. You can grab tickets for just $1 each, with draws happening three times a week – it’s accessible and rewarding. While it isn’t available everywhere, Lotto America’s consistent draws and straightforward format win over new enthusiasts daily.

Lottery #4: California SuperLotto

The California SuperLotto entices participants with a $7 million jackpot, all for a $1 ticket. With draws twice a week, you get double the opportunity to win big in the Golden State. Whether you live in California or are captivated by the state’s reputation, the California SuperLotto is a compelling choice.

Lottery #5: Lucky For Life

If you’re weary of the usual lottery setup that pays out a single large sum, check out Lucky For Life. It adds a fresh twist. The top two prizes come as annuities.


The main winner gets $365,000 yearly for life (with a guarantee of 20 years). In contrast, the runner-up nets $25,000 each year. This lottery is ideal if you’re looking for stability over time.

Lottery #6: New York Lotto

The New York Lotto is only available to state residents. It has far less competition than other lotteries, and the prizes are lower. However, it remains popular with New Yorkers. The jackpot likelihood is only 1 in 45 million. These odds are significantly better than other state and nationwide lotteries.

Lottery #7: Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas receives attention from international lotteries due to its jackpot of $5 million and its strong reputation for winning. Many USA lotteries are held in Texas, including Texas Two-Step, Cash Five, and Lotto Texas Extra. Lotto Texas, however, has the greatest reputation as the one most lottery players focus on.

Lottery #8: Florida Lotto

Like the New York Lotto, the Florida Lotto is only available in Florida. However, it is one of the better lotteries with a high chance of winning a ticket. It adopts many of the same frameworks as the New York Lotto in terms of limiting participation.

Anyone in the state of Florida can buy a ticket. They can try their chance at one of the most popular USA lotteries there is.

Lottery #9: Cash4Life

Cash4Life is a multi-state lottery held in ten state lotteries and drawn nightly. Its sales began in 2014 in New York and New Jersey. Cash4Life is known by its name, advertising a $7 million cash prize equivalent to $1,000 per day for life. It is particularly popular on the East Coast of the United States, but it is growing domestically and abroad.

Lottery #10: All Or Nothing

With All Or Nothing, you choose eleven different numbers from 1 to 22, attempting to win a top prize of $250,000.


You can win the top prize by matching all the numbers or none – hence the game name. Draws occur twice daily, and tickets are $2 each. The concept originated in Texas but has since been adapted in various formats by other states.

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