How to Beat Ho Oh Pokemon Go? Best Moves, Counters, and Weakness

How do we beat Ho-Oh Pokémon? Ho-Oh returns to Pokemon Go in early 2021, and you’ll have some time to catch this legendary Pokemon in 5-star raids. Ho-Oh will only appear for a very limited time, unlike other Pokemones that appear for at least a month. We’ve got all the details about Ho-Oh, and if you want to get him, you need to know how to beat Ho-Oh Pokémon Go?

How can I beat Ho-Oh Pokémon Edie?

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Ho-Oh is an iconic Pokémon released this month from the 1st to the 5th. January will appear. Ho-Oh is only available from 13.00. PT on 1. From January to 5 January. January appear. So you only have five days to catch this rare Pokémon. Ho-O will appear in 5-star transports during the event. If you want to catch that legendary Pokémon and don’t know anything about counters and weaknesses, just follow this guide.

Here’s a complete guide to how to beat Ho O Pokemon Go? What are the best pawns, movements and Ho-O weaknesses, see the guide.

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Ho-Oh is a strong and powerful Pokemon, and to catch him during the tournament, you need to know the chips and weaknesses. So if you don’t know these things, look at Ho Oh’s weaknesses and chips.

Vulnerability: Ho-Oh is a strong Pokemon and very hard to beat, but every Pokemon has a weak spot, no matter how strong he is. Ho-Oh is therefore weak against electrical, water and rock movements. Ho-Oh is a Fire and Fly type Pokemon against which you don’t have to use the Beetle, Fairy, Wrestling, Fire, Grass, Earth and Steel types.

So what can you use? Take a look.

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To represent Ho O Pokémon: Counter and best movements

When you compete against Ho-Oh, the best Pokémon to use against him are Rhyperior, Rampardos and Terrakion. Now tell us more about this Pokémon.

Rhyperior: Rhyperior is a rocky, earthy Pokémon, and it also has a lot of weaknesses, but not Ho-Oh, so you can use Rhyperior against Ho-Oh. Rhyperior has an attack of 241 and a defence of 190 and has a maximum CP of 3.33. Also note that Rhyperior can use a shot to move quickly and then use a rock crusher to move the load.

Terrakion: Terrakion is a Rock type fighting Pokémon and can do most of the damage with Rock, Ho-O attacks. What’s more, Terrakion is more defensive than any other Pokémon, with a maximum horsepower of 3698, an attack of 217, and a defence of 163. You can use the slapstick for fast movements and the melee and stone sledge for loaded movements.

Rampardos: Rampardos is a rocky Pokémon and has no protection. You should use the Rampardos without being charged with assault by Ho-Oh. He has a maximum CP of 3298, attack 244, defense 97, endurance 184. You can use an arrow to move fast, and you can use a rock slide and a flamethrower for loaded moves.

After successfully beating Ho-o, you must catch him with Prime Balls. And if you’re lucky, you might catch a shiny ho-oh.

So it was a matter of defeating Ho O Pokemon Go and identifying his pawns, his best moves and his weaknesses.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to How to Beat Ho O Pokemon.


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