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destiny2 4 - Optimized Bounties For 2021/2/5

Deer Quiz: The extinct moose is the largest deer in human history, weighing over 1,000 pounds!

Step 1 – Don’t feel bad about giving up your New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

Step 2 – Get the following dailies. You can find the dailies here. Don’t forget that you can use the application!

Tower bonuses:

  • Zavala Daily – The more they fall, the more they kill – 10 enemies on strike
  • Zavala Daily – Long-range plan – 10 snipers killed in attacks
  • Zavala Daily – Make them see the light – 5 deadly super attacks
  • Zavala Daily – They were champions – Kill 5 champions in Ordalina
  • Shaxx Daily – Burn Bright – Throw 2 Supers into a jar
  • Daily Shucks – High Energy – 5 Energy Weapons Kill in the Crucible
  • Shucks Daily – Boosting – Collecting a heavy bullet in the Crucible
  • Daily – Live Fighting – Full 1 Match Clash
  • Banshees – Bow, Handgun, Machine Gun, Rifle Calibration

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The planets:

  • Raven – Win with a bow, sniper rifle, thrower, draw skill.
  • Eris Morn – Filamentarium, My Dear Spirit – Collecting 5 helium filaments on the moon.
  • Eris Morne – Immortal Machine – 15 quick shots with the automatic rifle
  • Eris Morn – Undefeated Death Row – 10 gunshot wounds.
  • Eris Morn – Cut the anchor – Kill the 25 people who fell into the anchor of light.
  • Sho Han – Crowd Control – Kill 50 enemies in the spaceport
  • Shaw Khan – Outrageous – Kills 20 people who fell into the EDZ.
  • Sho Han – Leaving nothing behind – 5 dead from firearms in the EDZ
  • Sho Han – Bread and Butter – 20 kinetic weapons kill in the ZED.
  • Devrim Kay – Defend the front line – Kill 30 cabals in the EDZ.
  • Devrim Kay – Mark’s Man – 15 sniper rifles killed in the ZED.
  • Devrim Kay – Salines de Trashman – Loading of 5 crates in the EDZ
  • Infallible – Precision – 10 murders with great precision on Nessus
  • Failsafe – Friend or Foe – Kill 30 people who fell on Nessus.
  • Face Security – Zero Information – 30 Zero Murders on Nessus

Step 3 – Follow these steps :

  1. Fly to Tangle Hill and grab the Raven’s Bounty.
  2. Check the map of the kosmodrome to see if there is a public event planned in the Steppe. If so, take Shaw’s bonus and record it. If not, go to step 3 and just check the cosmodrome between steps. (10 minutes.)
  3. Fly to Ness, take the silver from Failsafe, then launch the Ordeal 1220, with an overloaded automatic rifle, a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher, at least one of which is Void. Also use the Void subclass. (15 minutes)
  4. Play a shock game and another crucible game if needed. (10-20 minutes)
  5. Put the automatic rifle and the machine gun in the Anchor of Light, and when you have killed all the Fallen, go to the Altars of Pain to pack the rest of the deadly weapons. (10 minutes)
  6. Fly to the EDZ, grab Devrim’s bonus and aim for the Chest Ghost Detector mod. Destroy each lost sector with your sniper rifle, then disappear behind the vaults. (10 minutes)

Total amount of premiums paid: 30 Dailys

Total duration: 55-65 minutes

Scholarships per minute: 0.5


  • 180,000 XP (unchanged)
  • 12,000 XP for the week
  • 20 Vanguard coins, weekly 4/8 Vanguard challenge
  • 20 crucible tokens, 4/8 weekly crucible challenge.
  • Modernize 4 cores
  • 8 Luxury components
  • 20 strands of helium
  • 20 Metal in rotation
  • 15 Shards of the Sunset
  • 15 Data

Seasonal odds in an hour: 1.8

Source: Original link

  • Optimized costs for 2021/1/2.

Deer: even in busy urban areas like the Bronx and Staten Island, deer can be found in parks and green spaces. Some deer have even been seen swimming from New Jersey to Staten Island. Step 1 – Go deer hunting. Step 2 – Pick up the following daily newspapers. Daily newspapers can …

  • Optimized rate for 2021/1/4

Information about deer: Catnip is a natural repellent for deer. Step 1 – Convince your feral cat to sell him the grass. Step 2 – Get the following dailies. The dailies can be found here. Don’t forget that you can use the application! Tower Bounties : Abuela Daly – Happy Precision – 50 Precision kills Abuela Daly – Holiday

  • Heading optimized for 2021/1/23.

Information about deer: In 1927, there were about 27,000 deer in Virginia. In 2017, there are more than a million. This is largely due to urban development, which is increasingly keeping predators (such as bears and mountain lions) away from deer, as deer become more adaptable. Stage 1 – Zootopia. Stage 2 – Take the following steps ….

The station has optimized the loads for 2021/2/5 for the Destiny 2 game.

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