Medieval Dynasty Update Patch Notes, Download

Update of Medieval Dynasty has been released and players are very curious about the changes made with this update and want to download the latest version of this game. We have brought this article to explain all the details of this update and the changes it entails.

Medieval Dynasty Update

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Medieval Dynasty Update

The latest version of this update is available for download, players can simply download the update. In this update a lot of bugs have been fixed and new functions have been added.

Medieval Dynasty Update Patchnotes

Here are the full patch notes for the game to help you explore all the changes made with this latest update:


  • A new building shed has been added.
  • A new animal shelter has been added.
  • Players can use the new dialer function.
  • Developers have added new game features such as Challenges and Kings.
  • In the update of the Medieval Dynasty, new characters such as the Herald have been added. ANCs distribute problems.
  • With this update a new cleaning tool has been added for the stone-sickle and iron-sickle.
  • There’s new equipment for the horse.
  • You can explore the building on the map.
  • The price of animals can be influenced by talent.
  • There are graphic settings for content shadows.
  • Sounds added for horses and sickles.
  • New sounds added for the skinning of knives.

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  • The building limits for canton, village, town and urban development will be raised.
  • The visibility of spirits during construction and destruction is currently limited to one area.
  • Ukrainian, Russian, French, Turkish and Hungarian.
  • The terrain is more rocky and low foliage, especially in the mountains.
  • The stones are automatically equipped after throwing, identical to the spears.
  • Animation about fake threshing for farmers.
  • With the update of Medieval Dynasty, HUD tutorials can now be closed with a single mouse click, and you can also change the gamepad entry.
  • There are several map filters available.
  • Rendering optimization is now available.
  • The animals can now do complete damage.
  • The terrain is more rocky and low foliage, especially in the mountains.

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  • The sheepskin is too dark.
  • There are not many fields in detective mode.
  • If there are broken objects, clearly indicate how many are still in the inventory.
  • Now there is a note in Resource Warehouse II about the excavation of Sarai II.
  • When you start a new game, the keyboard arrows and gamepad D-pad in the main menu do not respond until you click with the mouse on the window.
  • There was no message when there was no free memory.
  • The wrong type of material on the roof of the goose house caused poor sound reproduction.
  • There was a spelling error in Caroline’s dialogue during Yuniegosta’s quest.
  • Animal rehearsals in hunting expeditions.
  • You can now zoom in on the map with the mouse wheel.
  • There was an empty space between the input buttons in the options menu, which was solved with the update of Medieval Dynasty.

We have explained a summary of this update. If you want to explore the detailed patch drawings, you can go to : Source:


This is the complete update guide to the Medieval Dynasty. We would like to end this article with the hope that you have received all the information about this update. If you have any questions about this update, please feel free to contact us in the Comment section. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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