Best Battle Video Slots to Play in 2021

Best Battle Video Slots to Play in 2021

Gaming is a big adventure that has no limitations meaning that it is extensive in scope. This wideness provides a space for every game lover to play the type of game they so desire. One of the most sort after games is the video slots game. The reason is the different games’ avalanches that the game providers have developed to feature in this type of game. Playing video slots is also lively and very interesting; either you want to play alone, or you decide to play with other players.

The core aspect of computer games has been dedicated to different games which have to do with wars, fights, and battles. The mission in these games is to defeat the enemies. This type of game is the most lively and fun type of game. The passion, the suspense, and the enthusiasm to complete the mission and win helps to relax the brain and nerves after hectic working hours. With the online casino games, the battle video slots have been given a new phase as players can now play for fun and win real money with the game played as well. According to this game review page with free slots Pompeii, battle slots are available in different gambling software providers’ collections. In battle slots games, you don’t kill anyone, which makes the games much more peaceful and loved than most computer games. What is expected of players to do is to spin the reels and get the winning combinations. In partaking in the battle video slots, there are some things to know before playing it.

Knowing about battle video slots

Battle of slots is a multiplayer casino slots game that allows you to enter into competition or tournaments with other players looking to play slots games. The video slots also allow players to socialize with other combatants and test out new slots. The battle you are entering with other players is in the spinning of the reels. To play these video slots, players will be placed in the game lobby with other players who are also going into the tournament and go head-to-head with the core mission of earning more cash in the game than other players you are competing with. The player that wins in the tournament takes the largest of the prizes available for winning. The available prize ranges from the free spin, which players can further use to play other slots and cash prizes. However, the reward that players will be getting has to do with the type of battle they participated in. In the battle slots, you don’t need to pay a registration fee before playing to win. But, to win amazing prizes, you will need to partake in the paid battle slots.

The platform provides an opportunity for players who don’t want to put in money to battle in the video slot to claim amazing prizes and win cash. To get the benefits, you must have made a minimum deposit of $20 and gambled on a minimum of $200 within a week.

Getting started with the battle of slots

To start the battle of slots, you will need to navigate to the main lobby and click on the red “battle of slots” tab on the right-hand side of the screen to open it. In the main lobby, you can see all the battles are in process. In this section as well, you can filter between the scheduled and Sit n Go battles. To check the battles which you have signed up for, click on “My Battles.”

The scheduled battle commences at a designated time once a minimum of ten players signs up under it to battle. While for the Sit n Go, battle commences once there are enough players who have signed up for it. To check the status of your battle video slots, you can do that in the main lobby. Here, it will be listed as either upcoming, registering, or finishing the battle.

To sign up for battle, click on the battle you want, then click on the “Battle lobby,” marked yellow. Information about the game will be displayed here; buy-in fee, the total amount of spins that contestants will make, the betting amount for the slot, time limits, and so on.

If you are registering for battle, click on “Register,” a popup window will come up; click on Register again. To make deposits, click on the “Deposit” that is marked in green. To get back to the battle lobby, click on cancel, which is marked in grey.

Video slot games one can play in the battle of slots

Here is the top list of those games that are available in the battles. Though they are not limited to this, the list here tops the rotation.

  1.  Wild West Gold
  2.  Fruit Party
  3. Wolf Gold
  4.  Dead or Alive 2
  5. Gonzo’s Quest
  6. Gonzo’s Quest Megaways
  7. Pink Elephants 2
  8. Hall of Gods
  9.   Gladiator
  10.  Victorious

Battle video slots variations

In the battle of slots platforms, different types of battles do take place in the games. Most of these battles are from the big fish game providers. Those battles are in variation; the scheduled battle, Sit n Go, and battle events.

Best Battle Video Slots to Play in 2021

Scheduled Battle

  • Normal battles: this works in line with the scheduled battles. It starts once the assigned time is due and there is the minimum number of players.
  •  Guaranteed battles: this battle has a guaranteed prize pool to be paid out. If the prize pool exceeds a certain amount, the prize pool will continue growing normally.
  • Online freeroll tournaments: players are allowed to enter the battle here without paying the entry fee. Some requirements are to be met here.
  •  Re-Buys: during this battle, you can buy more spins if you are out of spins. As long as there is remaining time, you can re-enter the tournament.
  • Freezeout: in this battle, you could only make a single buy-in, which goes for other players. Once the number of spins is exhausted, such players enter either win or lose.
  • Wild West: this is similar to the re-buy battles, giving each player maximum of 25 re-buys.
  • The joker feature: this is placing players who pre-register for the battles in a draw to become the joker of the game. If the joker wins the battle, the prize will be doubled.

Sit ‘n Go Battles

  • Scheduled battles: the battle kicks off once it is full. For players who are after the quick game, this one is suitable for them. Sit n Go battles are available for 3 or 5 players.
  •   Heads up: you battle against one player here. There is the chance for more buy-ins. The battle will be over once the time is up, or the players are out of spins.
  •  Jackpot chases: this is otherwise known as jackpot battles. Here, you are hunting for the jackpot with other players. The jackpot chases either share winnings equally among players or have a pre-set ladder that may differ from one battle to the other.

Battle Events

  •  Frenzy Mondays: this involves a frenzy of unceasing sit n Go battles on four different games, and it usually takes place every Monday at 18:00 GMT.
  • Tuesday Madness: this is a single battle that comes up every Tuesday. It has a prize pool of €15,000 with an increase of €1 for every buy-in.
  •   Epic Thursday: this battle is due to lapse for four hours every Thursday. Players battle for some extra spins. It does commence by 18:00 GMT.
  • Mystery Fridays: this is not static; that is the reason for the name mystery. Every Friday, there is always a new battle concept, and the battle type and prize are always revealed that same day. There are different rewards attached to this.
  • Saturday Madness: the joker feature is added to this battle, and it has only five winners with an added prize pool of €5,000, and it increases upon every buy-in.
  • Sunday satellite and Grand final battle: on every Sunday, there is a satellite freeroll battle. It has a prize pool of 75 entry tickets for the Grand final battle that always holds at month-end. It has a stable prize pool of €30,000.

How to win in battle video slots

To win in the battle is not a complicated task. To get rewards, you don’t necessarily have to finish first. But your winning has to do with being lucky than other players with your spins to finish first. Additionally, respect the timer for each of the competitions you participate in and don’t let the time go against you. If you haven’t exhausted all your spins till the time-lapse, you may not have any winning at the end of the tournament. So the rule is to use all your spins before the time is over, and you may be on the lucky side.

Can players earn real money with the battle video slots?

Earning real money in the battle of slots has to do with the way you want to play. Those battle slots variations that demand you make a cash deposit to play can earn you real money through them depending on your final position and the outcome of the competition. The basics of the battle allows every member to partake, which makes the reward for being restrictive. You can only earn real money with the free events if you make it to the leaderboards. Therefore, earning real money requires participating in the paid battle, which is expected to take between 30-40% of the pool when the competition is over.


Playing battle video slots is extremely fantastic, lively, and fun-filled, and it is also a good way of getting rewards on the battle tournaments played. One good side of these video slots is that you may decide not to put in your money, which means you have nothing to lose. With the freeroll battles, you will earn lots of spins which you can use in turn to play other astounding games. Playing battle of the slots, you can leverage on that to try out new game modes. They are always good to try out.

If you are participating in the tournaments, you should have it at the back of your mind that all slots and games have rules guiding them. These important rules are to be known before entering into the competition. No matter how basic such a rule is or no matter the years you have been playing games, get yourself familiar with it whether you will be putting in your money or not. To partake in these games, you must be above 18 years of age because this is gambling, and it is strictly for adults. 

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