How to #*@(% up the game something fierce. Requires Far Harbor

How to #*@(% up the game something fierce. Requires Far Harbor

  1. Start with enough stamina to take Aquaboy/girl and enough intelligence to take Science 1. You can use your special offer for one item in each category.
  2. Don’t bother talking to Codsworth. Take the science as fast as you can. Destroy everything in the sanctuary and loot the basement. This should give you enough material to build an industrial cleaner and a generator or two. Make sure you can block everything before you start demolishing, because the XP is good. Also kill all humbugs and radar flies. Head in the direction of the consensus, but stick around as soon as you see it on the map, and stop at the red rocket first to get some dog meat. Once you’re south of Concord, continue south and you’ll come across Carl’s garbage room. Go back to the sanctuary and do not give permission. Don’t try to go to the drum room to find Carla, because that’s where they start ordering and there’s a language test. Although it should have happened earlier on the road.
  3. Try to get some purified water. Buy, trade everything you need to build more cleaners. Have an aqua boy/girl after your climb. Head east toward the alliance, but once you reach the source of the river, jump and swim south and around the bend to unlock the bunker mound. Go back into the water and continue west until you come across a wreck (I forget the name, but you’ll find it in the middle of the bridge over the water). Get out of the water quickly, then cross over to the south and keep walking south until you reach Diamond City. Talk to the bagpiper and go inside to unlock the vending machines. Of course, if you survive, get to the bridge instead of going fast.
  4. Go back to the shrine and you should have purified the water. Take it and trade it for everything you need to build more industrial cleaners and generators. You can use the traders you have unlocked. If you need more water to generate electricity, do a side project like a Starlight Drive In, Abernathy Farms or Tenpin Bluffs. I’ll say it again. Trade water for extra supplies. It will eventually become self-financing, meaning that water pays for the supplies needed to build more treatment plants, and then more.
  5. Talk to Codsworth. He should be your companion by now. Take him away and release the dog meat into the sanctuary. You can use the cod to carry extra water by throwing it on the ground and asking it to pick it up, bypassing weight control and allowing it to carry an unlimited amount of water. It’s your mule now, and you can use it to carry water, buy merchants, and make lots of money so that you can make enough purifiers in the shrine to buy whole loads.
  6. You should now be able to reach level 10 by creating and buying equipment. Go to the bunker mound, cross the bridge to the south, then continue east along the dike to the gate. Go through the door and you will find yourself in the picket gallery. fight the looters. keep going east until you come across a red truck trailer. Drive south on the right side of the trailer until you find an alley. Take the alley and you’ll find the old church of the North. Go to the entrance. Fight in the crypt in the basement until you reach the Freedom Trail dial on the wall. Get in the railroad. Go through the rest to start the mission, the trade. Then I left the church and went to Starlight Drive. Go from there to the deacon. Complete the trade mission and head to Boston at nightfall. Talk to Pam. Clear the camp and build a shelter for the mercenaries. Contact Pam, and she will give you the secret mission of the CIA. Do that and then talk to Tom, first about the MILA, then again. This time he will talk about the ballistic polymer fabric and breaking it down. Grab your armor and upgrade your ballistic suit. If you find a news story, weave it into… Grind to about level 20.
  7. Then head towards the coastal cottage, past the Grientop Nursery and Slogan. I usually start with Tenpine Cliff. There you will find an elevated road to the east and follow it north, then towards the coast. Walk along the shoreline past the ghoul (ghosts) and continue along the shoreline path past the outhouse and finally to the location of the nanako. go to the harbor house – not the main house. examine the picture frame. get the key, open the safe and play holotype. go to the house and talk to your parents, open the remote harbor. A voyage to a distant harbour
  8. Go to Acadia (I’m not worried about Longfellow). Complete the first three strips of best-preserved oblivion – don’t kill the tectus. Go to the hiding place of the windmill park’s cut-off switch and pick it up. Go to the wind farm and use the code from terminal 3, which will destroy the back gate. Report it to Tektus to get the Inquisitor/Crusader Atomic Bonus. Make sure the atomic jackets you obtained at Best Forgotten are in your inventory, but don’t equip them yet…. Go under the submarine and next to some barrels and start drinking water until you are almost dead (over 900 barrels). Now, put on your robes, and take good care of yourself! it will help, but your health meter will be almost completely red. check your pee boy’s STATS screen to see your real HP. They are now immune to radiation and double the damage on all attacks. Attach a ballistic cloth to the dresses.
  9. Collect all the drugs you want. Buy a gun addict, try to understand the character, then get addicted to all drugs. With a shotgun addict (for example), drop everything in one fell swoop on a wasteland.

You’re a god now. You can live comfortably in a shining sea, completely immune, and you do incredible damage. You have all the quests except the one in the far port, and you pretty much destroy everything in your path.

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Send as #*@(%) the game a little heavy. Requires Far Harbor for the Fallout game.

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