How to Make Barley Flour in Valheim

How to Make Barley Flour in Valheim

How to Make Barley Flour in Valheim

Barley flour is a processed barley-based product and is used in many meal recipes in Walheim, which is good for health or stamina.

This ingredient will come in handy later when you need to make better food, and will be a big help when you make a large quantity.

To make a lot of barley flour, you need barley, which can be grown on the plains of the biome and then on cultivated land.

For a guide to growing barley, see our guide to growing barley in Walheim.

What do you need to make barley flour?

How to Make Barley Flour in Valheim

To make barley flour, you must first get barley from the lowland biomes or by growing barley that you have already harvested.

You also need to build a windmill, which you unlock after defeating the moderator (the fourth boss) and creating the crafting capital.

The requirement to beat mustard makes barley flour a fairly late or end game food ingredient, but it pays off later when you have an abundance of supplies.

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Processing of barley flour

How to Make Barley Flour in Valheim

The windmill can have a capacity of 50 barley and will process it into 20 barley mills.

If you don’t empty the windmill, a stack of barley meal is stored there and is not released until it reaches 20 stacks.

At 50 barley, the mill unloads two flour packets of 20 barley, and the remaining 10 barley is released at the end of the job.

To turn the barley into barley flour, go to the back of the windmill and interact with the input area to place the barley.

A good place to make barley flour would be the Plains biome, since you can grow barley there and process it continuously.

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Uses of barley flour

Barley flour is mainly used for the preparation of some following meals that greatly improve a character’s health and stamina.


  • Blood Pudding (90 health and 50 stamina plus 4 health per tick for 2400 seconds)
  • Bread (40 health and 70 stamina and 2 health per tick for 1800 seconds)
  • Fish Wrap (60 health and 90 stamina plus 4 health per tick for 2400 seconds)
  • Fox meat pie (80 health and stamina and 4 health per tick for 2400 seconds)

The pudding is ideal for players who prefer health over endurance, and can be combined with other foods to get even more health and endurance buffs.

Wraps and fish breads are meant to increase the endurance of the characters and offer a decent health buff to those who consume them.

Salmon pot pie is one of the most nutritious and sustainable products for lovers. It gives players an equal amount of health and stamina.


How to Make Barley Flour in Valheim

Barley flour is one of the main ingredients you can get later in Valheim.

To defeat stronger enemies, you need to make special food from barley flour that can improve your chances of survival.

Players tend to cultivate this resource later, after defeating the Moder, but you can start cultivating it as they advance and prepare for such a battle.

frequently asked questions

Can I make my own barley flour?

You can make barley flour at home by putting hulled barley or grain barley through your grain mill. Barley flour has a lower gluten content than wheat flour. Therefore, when making yeast bread, you should not add more than 50% barley flour to your wheat flour. … Barley flakes are also an ideal ingredient for muesli.

What is barley flour made of?

Bobs Red Mill barley flour is made from 100% premium pearl barley. Barley flour has a sweet, nutty flavor that enhances the taste of pancakes, bread dough, quick breads, rye bread, etc. Add it to your favorite baking recipes to take advantage of the vitamins and minerals in whole wheat barley.

Can barley flour be used for baking?

Stove: Use barley flour to replace half of white flour in muffins, pancakes, shortbread, cookies and waffles. For best results with yeast breads and pizza crusts, substitute only a quarter to half of the total flour with barley flour.

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